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Coronavirus updates: Total Covid-19 cases in India rise to 854

Coronavirus cases in India crossed 800 as the Indian government unveiled a Rs 1.7 lakh crore stimulus to help those hit by the 21-day lockdown. The number of deaths around the world from the novel coronavirus cases has crossed 27,000.

With over 800 coronavirus cases in the country and 17 deaths, the rise in the number of coronavirus patients has seen a sharp rise this month. The administration is leaving no stone unturned in bolstering its response against Covid-19.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ministry of Health as well as members of Covid-19 task force maintain that the community transmission of coronavirus is not happening at the moment, however, preparations to tackle such a situation have already begun.

On Friday, in a press briefing, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that his administration is equipped to handle 100 Covid-19 cases in a day. He said that the Delhi government is now working on the plan to tackle stage 3 of Covid-19 outbreak.

“At present, things are under control, but in case it slips out of hand where the number of cases increases exponentially, we have to be ready with all the arrangements. The 5-member committee of doctors - which was set up to give us an action plan that would kick in if the city enters stage 3 of the coronavirus spread - has submitted its report,” he said.

The panel has recommended an action plan in three stages. Stage 1 where the number of patients is 100 per day, stage 2 where the number of patients is 500 per day and stage 3 when the number of patients is 1,000 per day.

“Delhi is prepared till stage 1. This means, if we start getting 100 coronavirus patients per day, our hospitals will be able to take the load. What we are now preparing for a scenario where the number of patients is 500 or 1,000 every day. The requirement of isolation beds, ventilators, ICU beds, testing kits and tests to be conducted, ambulances, doctors, nurses, their transportation and accommodation - everything is being worked out. We have the SoP ready now. We are already working on a plan for a stage if have 1,000 patients a day. Hope such a situation does not arise,”

6 new Coronavirus positive cases found in the state of Maharashtra in the last 24 hrs - 5 in Mumbai and 1 in Nagpur. The total number of positive cases in the state rises to 159: Maharashtra health ministry

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