Pictures of Karan Johar's Fiance Vandana Melwani

Karan Johar's Fiance thirty-one year old Vandana Melwani is an Economics and English literature graduate and after completing a brief stint as a management consultant, she went on to get her MBA. Currently, Vandana who belongs to one of Lagos’s wealthiest families heads her family’s real estate business in New York.

The love-story apparently took flight during the filming of ‘My Name Is Khan’ when Karan was in New York with mum Hiroo who suggested he meet up their old friend’s daughter Vandana. He was dreading it and decided to have a quick dinner.

But everything changed when he saw her walk in and 45 minutes later, Karan was smitten. She was gorgeous, witty and more importantly, not intimidated by his star status.

Karan Johar With Fiance Vandana Melwani

Karan Johar's Fiance Vandana Melwani

Vandana Melwani is five foot five and those who know her well describe her as a hard-as-nails businesswoman negotiating million-dollar deals, a trait she has inherited from her tycoon father. In fact, nothing excites her more than a challenge – be it in work or in life. And it was this amazing persona coupled with her outstanding academic and professional accomplishments that attracted Karan to her in the first place.

She’s also a fun person whose otherwise busy itinerary also includes party trips to clubs in Miami, Beirut and St Tropez. Chic Vandana Melwani is allegedly quite the party girl of New York society.

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