Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan Love Story in Kareena's Words

Kareena in an interview to Hello! India, for its latest issue has finally put an end to the world’s curiosity about how Saif Ali Khan, her live-in boyfriend of five years and husband-to-be, uttered the three magic words to her. “Actually, he never really said it… he isn’t that romantic,” says Kareena

Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan

So, did she just move in one fine day even though her boyfriend hadn’t declared his feelings officially? “Nooooo, not like that! We’d been dating for a couple of months, and he said, “Look… I’m not 25 years old, you know. I can’t keep dropping you home every night. So, he came and met my mother and told her, “She’s my woman, I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We want to live together…’ My mom was pretty cool about it. I just got my stuff together and that was it. No fuss.”

The ultimate sign of commitment came when Saif got her name tattooed prominently on his arm, says Kareena “It means far more to me than a piece of paper. What bigger commitment can a man make than that? I have never doubted Saif…”

Actor Kareena Kapoor recalls the moment when she fell in love with beau Saif Ali Khan. “We were in Ladakh to shoot Tashan. I had just broken up with Shahid Kapoor. Even though I had met Saif socially, we hadn’t spoken much. When I spotted him near the hotel pool, he was tanning on a lounge chair, clad in just jeans. I told my friend, “Oh my God… he’s so hot!”

After our first shot, we chatted and he made me laugh a lot. I hope it always stays that way. Today, we are best friends. I hope marriage only adds to what we share,” she said.

Ask her about ripples in their domestic heaven and she says, “He sleeps too much! Also, he takes much longer to get ready than I do. I wait for him patiently."

And what bugs Saif about her? “He yells ‘Put away that damn phone…’ as I am constantly BBM-ing. Other than this, we don’t really argue or fight,” admits Bebo.

Saif dons the apron while Bebo sips wine and waits for his masterpiece. She admits he’s the better cook.

Although the actors are slated to get married on October 16, Kareena says they have lived together as husband and wife for five years. “We both knew this was going to be a commitment for life. In fact, we check into hotels as Mr and Mrs Khan. We want the wedding to be really small. Just our close friends and family. After the small signing ceremony, we’ll get into our jeans and ganjis and chill out!”
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