"What SRK did was hitting below the belt, what Ranveer did was in good taste": Manoj Kumar REACTS on his mimicry.

We all know what happened when Shah Rukh Khan tried to imitate Manoj Kumar's trademark hand- on-the-face pose! Unfortunately, he was taken to court. And now when Ranveer Singh tried to do the same, Manoj Kumar has a different reaction. He posted a picture on Instagram captioning it as, "Workin' the Manoj Kumar [sic.]"

Talking to Mumbai Mirror, the veteran actor said: "I have seen the snapshot. He has done a good job of imitating me. I laughed a lot when I saw the picture. Ranveer is on the right track. What Shah Rukh did was hitting below the belt, what Ranveer did was in good taste. Ranveer is a fine artiste. My good wishes are with him. I have seen his film, Band Baaja Baaraat." Manoj Kumar also claims that he has acted with Ranveer Singh's grandmother, Chand Burke, in a film called Pehchan. For those who don't know, in 2007, Shah Rukh Khan's Om Shanti Om (OSO) had a scene in which he covers his face with his palm. However, Manoj Kumar didn't take the matter lightly. Feeling insulted by the representation, he eventually demanded that the scene be omitted from the film. Manoj Kumar took Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to court. But the matter was later resolved and Kumar withdrew the case after SRK and Farah apologised to him for hurting his sentiments.

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