M S Dhoni Wedding Pictures With Sakshi Rawat (Photos)

MS Dhoni married his childhood friend Sakshi Singh Rawat on 4th July 2010, Sunday at 7 PM. Below at the Dhoni-Sakshi marriage photos/images.
M S Dhoni and Sakshi Rawat at Their Wedding

M S Dhoni with relatives and friends at his Wedding

John Abraham With M S Dhoni at the Wedding

M S Dhoni- Sakshi Singh Rawat Wedding Picture

Incidentally, while Dhoni now lives in Jharkhand, his family hails from a village near Binsar in Uttarakhand. Both the skipper and his bride are pahadis. Like the rest of his brethren, Dhoni is a deeply religious and spiritual person. The locals say that his long hair, and the subsequent cut, was on account of a mannat he made to a local deity for a place in the Indian team first, and gesture of gratitude later.

Sakshi's father and Dhoni's father reportedly worked together in Ranchi. Her grandfather, a retired divisional forest officer, lives in Dehradun. The couple know each other from their days in DAV School, Ranchi.

Sakshi graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad two months ago. She is currently working with Taj Bengal, Kolkata. Both Dhoni and Rawat are originally from Uttarakhand. Dhoni has been linked with a string of actresses in the past. But tongues started wagging about his involvement with the low-profile Sakshi, now 21, when they were first seen together in Aurangabad. Sakshi was also seen with Dhoni on November 19 when they went for a rickshaw ride on her 21st birthday. Such privacy is a luxury that she's unlikely to get, now that she’s married to Dhoni.

N Srinivasan, the BCCI secretary and the owner of Chennai Super Kings, which Dhoni led to victory in this year's Indian Premier League (IPL) season, was present at the ceremony. Actress Bipasha Basu took to microblogging site Twitter to congratulate the couple. "Wishing Mahi and Sakshi a very happy life together forever. Sad that I can't be there," she tweeted. Bipasha also refuted rumours that Dhoni decided to get married on the spur of the moment, saying the wedding was planned months in advance. "The wedding on Sunday night was all planned. But no one was supposed to know about it. Whatever the truth, we must all be happy for the couple. It's party time!" she said.

Shilpa Shetty also congratulated the couple, posting: "Congratulations in order to Mahi and Sakshi, wishing them all the happiness and marital bliss forever." The media was kept far away from the ceremony. The hordes of mediapersons and television OB vans gathered there were not being allowed to proceed by private security guards, around more than one and a half kilometre from the venue. Dhoni has been reported to have visited Dehradun and Mussoori frequently over the last two years. The girl's father and Dhoni's father were working together in Ranchi. Her grandfather, a retired divisional forest officer, lives in Dehradun.

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