Parineeti Chopra deletes controversial video of man holding her umbrella

Parineeti Chopra deletes controversial video of man holding her umbrella

Actor Parineeti Chopra is enjoying her Dubai vacation, and is keeping her fans updated on social media. But one of her posts attracted more attention than the others, because in it, she’s taking a stroll along the beach as a man carries her luggage and holds an umbrella over her head.

Parineeti posted the video on Instagram on Tuesday, clearly oblivious to the message it was sending across. However, the post attracted more than 500, mostly outraged comments. She has since taken it down without any explanation.

“Holding your own umbrella wouldn’t make you any less of a star,” noted a commenter, according to an NDTV report. “The umbrella must have been a 100 kilos,” read another response.

But, as we all know, the Internet is permanent. Several screenshots of the image were taken. Here it is, once again.

Deleting the original video served its purpose. With it, all the original responses also disappeared.

But this isn’t the first time Parineeti has been involved in controversy. Last year, she posted a video wishing her friend a happy birthday, but also advising her to ‘eat less and become thin’ which an outraged Twitter immediately described as textbook fat shaming.
For an actor who was once applauded for refusing to conform to Bollywood norms and her non-supermodel physique, hearing statements like this was unexpected, especially for these commenters on Twitter.
Parineeti has become so obnoxious, it's obvious she's obsessed with body image. Cancelled.
eat less...become thin
my esteem for Parineeti Chopra is ZERO!
nice Birthday wish for a friend....NOT -_-

After Parineeti herself was fat shamed you'd think she'd be a little more sensitive to a poor BIRTHDAY GIRL wtf man 

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