Raees Vs Kaabil: Box Office Report, Figures for the Opening Show

Raees took a huge lead against Kaabil in the morning shows across the country with collections more than double in many cities. The gap was bigger in the single screens where Raees took one of the best openings for a Shahrukh Khan starrer in recent times.

Raees is looking at huge numbers in Gujrat, Nizam / Andhra and West Bengal. The collections in East Punjab and Delhi city were not as good as the rest of the country probably because its a Gujarat based film. Kaabil has a lot of work to do the opening is on th lines of films like Shivaay and Mohenjo Daro which also clashed with other films and came off second best. But here Kaabil is likley to lose by much wider numbers than those films. The plus is that it is a big holiday tomorrow and that should give a lift in the evening. Below are the admit figures of first shows with the cinema counts taken from each centre listed next to the city.

Mumbai (45 Cinemas)
Raees - 7,521 admits
Kaabil - 2,543 admits

Delhi (25 cinemas)
Raees - 3,531 admits
Kaabil - 1,520 admits

Kolkata (15 cinemas)
Raees - 3,006 admits
Kaabil - 678 admits

Chandigarh (8 Cinemas)
Raees - 1,123 admits
Kaabil - 456 admits

Jaipur (10 cinemas)
Raees - 1,647 admits
Kaabil - 738 admits

TOTAL (103 cinemas)
Raaes - 16,828 admits
Kaabil - 5,935 admits

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