Happy Birthday: Decoding Uday Chopra By tweets, Instagram posts

We know quite a lot about Uday Chopra — he is the younger son and the brother of celebrated filmmakers late Yash Chopra and Aditiya Chopra, he’s starred in a few of his home productions including the Dhoom series, for which he is best known, and he’s dated actor Nargis Fakhri for a while. But do you know enough? Why should you care even if you didn’t? Because the actor turns 44 today. Also because there is a lot more to him than a series of flop films.

We scanned the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the younger Chopra to find out more about him. And he didn’t disappoint. A few minutes on his page and you’d know that being born in an illustrious family isn’t always a blessing. At times it brings ghosts along — disguised as comparisons, expectations, pressure, public scrutiny — ghosts you weren’t prepared for, ghosts that never leave you.

A non-believer and a fitness enthusiast, Uday has the whims, doubts and humour of an adolescent. And just like teenagers, he posts on social media too frequently and without care. Refreshingly and quite unlike other star-sons, he doesn’t want to impress. He tweets about everything and nothing at all — his love for caffeine, Game of Thrones and Apple products, he tries to talk with British accent, he cracks awfully bad jokes, questions the existence of God, and the feeling of being stuck — all of which we know only too well.
So here’s more about this guy next door, who is trapped in an ivory tower.
Everyday observations and worries
I love to see drama unfold; even the sight of cold butter melting on a hot piece of bread. Actually, especially that!

Being curious or British or whatever

Bad jokes, anyone?
I realized early on in life, that I’m not funny. I’m just mentally deformed in a way that amuses people.
It’s Yoga day, so naturally I’m going to eat Goan prawn curry. Like, duh!
Who wants to hear a really bad joke?

What did one Gecko say to another when they wanted to get out of there…
I think Ive lost my sense of humor (humour). Though my humerus bone is still intact.
See I’m not funny anymore. That was a bad joke. HELP!!!

Ummm... Well

Love for zombies
I wish zombies existed. I can still understand an undead being only interested in eating people. I cannot understand this mindless killing!
If I had a dating profile, it would read “searching for zombie killers and anyone who looks hot in zombie blood splatter”
A sociopath
I’m going to invent a language that only I can understand and only speak in that for the rest of my life
Fond of a good vocabulary
Miasma is such a lovely word, I love the sound of it; yet it has such a vile meaning. I wish it didn’t.
The existential quest
Have you ever been stuck in a feeling. In the middle of it, as a prison, unable to get out. Screaming and shouting yet unable to hear urself
For all those stuck in the darkness; remember, the light comes from within you. The darkness is always there. You bring the light.
Depression is just another tool to achieve greatness.
We were given fear for a reason, but we use it for much more than we should.
Straight lines only exist in mathematics. Mathematics is just a guide, we are all curved and wonky, trying to achieve perfection.

I like to be broken; not cause I want to be fixed. No. I find it far more fascinating to see the pieces of myself, rather than the whole.

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