We don’t have bad sex: Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput were on fire on KWK

Filmmaker Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee with Karan was on fire Sunday night when Shahid Kapoor appeared with his wife Mira Rajput. The couple looked deep in love and made the atmosphere all romantic.

Shahid was candid as was Mira in the interview and here are some of the most fun-filled moments from last night’s episode:

Mira put in a spot but aces it:

During the rapid fire round, Karan asks Mira to choose from four deal-breakers in marriage: cheating, interfering in-laws, bad sex and boredom. Mira chose cheating. “I don’t have interfering in-laws, we are not bored, we don’t have bad sex, so, cheating,” she said with confidence.

Mira thought she was supposed to marry Shahid’s younger brother

Mira and Shahid revealed that both of them were uncomfortable with the idea of a spouse with a 13 years’ age-gap. When the two families met the first time, Mira thought that the ‘rishta’ for Shahid’s younger brother Ruhaan. “Shahid was eliminated because of his age,” Mira told Karan.

Shahid’s brother told him never to marry a girl 10 years younger to him

Shahid revealed that when he working with Alia Bhatt on Udta Punjab, his brother Ruhaan told him, “I understand you romancing a girl 10 years younger to you (for a movie) but don’t ever marry a girl who is a decade younger than you! I would be uncomfortable.” Ruhaan and Alia were in the same class in school.

What brings people close in arranged marriages

Shahid and Mira revealed that it was during her pregnancy that the couple got closer. “The process of falling in love happens after marriage,” Shahid said.

Mira claims Shahid had no baggage of his past relationships

It was rather disappointing to watch Mira claim that she never saw any of his past relationships lingering on her marriage. Was she being truthful or was she simply being right?

Why Shahid married Mira

During a discussion about their age, Mira claims Shahid married her just to feel younger!

Mira makes Shahid feel ‘uneducated’

Shahid revealed that Mira, a literature student, makes him feel very uneducated. He also said his father-in-law doesn’t read the entertainment section of the newspaper.

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