Sunanda Pushkar's Son Shiv Pushkar Menon Wants to be a Bollywood Actor

Sunanda Pushkar's 17-year-old son Shiv Pushkar Menon has bollywood dreams and is all set to join the film industry and become a star. Shiv Pushkar has been training at Anupam Kher's acting school Actor Prepares. Below are some pictures of Sunanda Pushkar's Son Shiv Pushkar Menon.

Sunanda Pushkar's Son Shiv Pushkar Menon

Shiv Pushkar Menon, Sunanda Pushkar's Son at Mother's Wedding reception in Dubai

Shiv Pushkar Menon has been training at Anupam Kher's acting school

Sunanda's Son Shiv (L) seen with Shashi Tharoor's Children Kanishk (C) and Ishaan (R) at Shashi Tharoor's Wedding With Sunanda Pushkar.

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Shashi Tharoor's Bollywood connection has now strengthened. 18 years ago when he was a practising author, Tharoor had written a tell-all novel on Bollywood, titled Show Business, in which he intended to expose a lot of industry secrets.

Today, his third wife Sunanda Pushkar's 17-year-old son Shiv, intends to become a Bollywood star. Shiv is Sunanda's son from her second marriage to a Kerala entrepreneur Sujith Menon, who died in a road accident.

The 17-year-old has been quietly training at Anupam Kher's acting school, Actor Prepares, for some months now. Apparently the newly-married Tharoors are keen on keeping Shiv's Bollywood debut a secret for now. Too late.

When asked whether Shiv is indeed a part of his acting school, Anupam says, "Sunanda's son Shiv is enrolled in my acting school. He's a good-looking, talented boy, like all Kashmiris (me included, laughs) and I'm sure he has a very bright future in acting."

It was widely presumed that Anupam attended Sunanda and Shashi Tharoor's wedding reception on September 3 in Dubai, because Anupam and Sunanada are both Kashmiris. Laughs Anupam, "That is only partly the reason. I know Sunanda because her son is a student in my school."
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