Katrina and Ranbir Scribble Sketches At Rajneeti Promotion Event (Images)

A serious film needs serious promotion but not a somber cast. On Saturday evening, Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor looked like just any two costars sitting comfortably together and interacting with the media in Mumbai at Raajneeti Promotional event. However, everybody realised much later that there was much more to the secretive smiles the two gave each other through the evening. Though it looked like Katrina and Ranbir were seriously talking to media persons, fact is that Ranbir was up to some mischief.

Ranbir Kapoor's sketches of Katrina Kaif

Does my face look puffy asks Katrina to Ranbir upon seeing what he drew.

Ranbir Kapoor was seen scribbling on paper. Katrina, who was sitting next to him, looked visibly amused on seeing what he was writing. She too couldn’t resist doodling on the same paper. The proud doodlers then showed off their artwork to director Prakash Jha. Curious photographers later saw what Katrina and Ranbir had scribbled when the event ended and they left the piece of paper on the dais. So we have a rather funny drawing of Ranbir, a kite, a fat lady (Katrina), a Christmas tree and, of course, a fairly good drawing of Prakash Jha. Do Katrina and Ranbir want to tell us exactly which ones were made by who?

Does the cast of Raajneeti have politics on its mind? Priyanka Nahata cut the red tape to get the facts from its key players


“I would never join Indian politics, but it definitely interests me,” says actress Katrina Kaif, while promoting her new film Raajneeti. She plays princess Indu Sakseria caught in the realm of politics. “It is like the issue of poverty, which I hear and read about, but don’t know to resolve,” she says.

In the movie Katrina will be wearing crisp cotton saris, an attire she is new to. “In Indian politics, I admire Sonia Gandhi and I think she has done tremendously well for herself,” she says, denying that her role was inspired by Sonia. But she would love to portray Sonia Gandhi, if given a chance, she adds.

Though the actress continues to struggle with her Hindi diction, she emphasises that it is getting better by the day. However, when requested to speak in Hindi during the promotional event, Katrina was hesitant as she didn’t want another Bhopal-like goof up. The poor lass wanting to connect with her audiences there, mispronounced ‘haal ba’ (how are you in Bhojpuri) as ‘halwa’ (the sweet variety). The movie she says has been a lifetime experience. “If the audience comes out of the theatre and says the movie is great, without mentioning my name I will believe that my job is done,” she remarks. Sweet, indeed, we say!


“I admire Dr Manmohan Singh. I only hope there are more like him,” wishes actor Ranbir Kapoor who plays the role of Samar Pratap in Raajneeti. But the actor maintains that he is best suited to acting, though he relays the role of a politician with ease. Ranbir points out that he learnt a lot about politics during the course of the movie. “Victory is most important in our democracy. There is no place for coming second,” he points out.

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