Rahul Mahajan Talks About Wife Dimpy Ganguly and Future Plans

Being put to loyalty test on UTV Bindaas' Emotional Atyachar by a woman he has vowed to spend his life with… that must be a tough one? Not for Mr Mahajan! He supports his wife in doing that. "I am not hurt that Dimpy did this. I came out clean and now the world knows the truth."

Till the time Rahul is cool about the recent loyalty test, all's well in the paradise. They have just returned from Shirdi and Rahul cannot stop praising his bride. "Dimpy has gelled so well with my family. She did not take any time to fit in. She and my mom are more like friends. They go shopping together and do all kinds of fun stuff."

Clarifies Emotional Atyachar Wasn't Staged

Rahul's appearance on Emotional Atyachar had many eyebrows raised. While some dubbed it as publicity stunt others felt the entire affair was staged. Rahul defends himself by saying, "I am not publicity hungry and I don't need to do this for the sake of publicity. I am a celebrity and we get enough media attention as it is. I got enough coverage when my father died. I don't need more publicity."

Well, what about the show being staged? "No way was it staged," says Rahul, now a little agitated. He further says, "What you saw on the show was real and that's the kind of person I am. It is not staged. There have been so many couples and other celebs who have been on this show. They were not questioned then why me?"

On the show Dimpy said that she trusts her husband and she is doing it to prove it to the world that Rahul was totally trustworthy. "I have just come out clean as Dimpy expected."

We wonder why does it matter to Mrs Mahajan as to what the world thinks about her husband? But the images of Rahul Mahajan from Bigg Boss flirting with Monica Bedi and Payal Rohatgi are still fresh. Sure Rahul can defend that too. "You only saw some clips of the pool and Krishan Lila but I was there for 92 days. They were never aired," says Rahul Mahajan.

On is Future Plans

In the future where are Mr and Mrs Mahajan headed? "There are a lot of offers in hand right now but I can't talk about them," says Rahul. Politics or reality shows? "There is no either this or that here. Both are on the radar. But politics will happen in 2014. I will serve the people when I am ready for it," he adds. Movies? "Never say never. I don't know what may come my way. Maybe movies."

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