Videos of Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy on Emotional Atyachar

Rahul and Dimpy Episode of Emotional Atyachar: Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly appeared on The Last Episode of Emotional Atyachar - Season 1 on UTV Bindaas. Nikunj Malik was the under cover agent and Rahul Came clean.

Emotional Atyachar, Episode with Rahul and Dimpy Mahajan: Part 1

Part-2, Dimpy talking to the show host Angad Bedi and Priyadarshini Singh joins Dimpy Ganguly in the Studio.
Under cover Agent Nikunj Malik Meets Rahul at the Hotel she is staying.

Part-3, Another Under cover Agent Priyanka Nandi joins Rahul and Nikunj.
And on Day 2 of the investigation, one more under-cover agent Chestha Bhagat meets Rahul at the swimming Pool on the roof of the hotel where Nikunj is staying. Rahul Tries to drag Nikunj into the Pool. Nikunj and the other girls get Rahul into the pool. One of the girls asks Rahul to kiss her and he refuses.

Part-4: After swimming they all go for lunch. Over lunck Rahul talks about Dimpy and says hat they are the best couple. One of the undercover agents invites Rahul for her birthday party the next day

Part-5: Dimpy meets Rahul at the party in a night club and tells him about Emotional Atyachar. Priyadarshini Abuses Nikunj Malik.

Watch Videos and pictures of the Rahul and Dimpy Episode of Emotional Atyachar on UTV Bindas

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