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Interview: Pregnant Shilpa Shetty Talks About Her IPL Obsession and How Everyone’s Pampering Her

‘I’M CHEERING FROM HOME’: A very pregnant Shilpa Shetty talks about her pregnancy, IPL obsession, missing Shane Warne, and how everyone’s pampering her.

Pregnant Shilpa Shetty

Team Rajasthan has won two matches; you are eight months pregnant — one of the happiest phases of your life?
Life has always been good. But right now, there is a lot of excitement as we await the arrival of our baby. Then we have the IPL and my spa. So, yes, there is a lot happening, and I am happy and enjoying this phase. I’m also really loving all the attention that our families and friends are showering on me.

Are you feeling bad that you will not be able to attend most of the matches in the fifth edition of IPL – does that make you feel bad?
Fortunately, I am pregnant and unfortunately that does not allow me to travel, but I am watching every match and cheering from home.

Last year at the IPL you wore two watches for luck — what are your plans for this season?
All of us want to take credit for every run scored and get superstitious with every wicket lost. We just realize it’s so futile after the IPL season is over.

You have Rahul Dravid in the team, both as a captain and coach. Are you a satisfied owner?
Of course, Rahul Dravid is a legend and a capable captain. He is a great inspiration to all the youngsters in the team. Everyone’s going to learn and grow individually under his guidance, which will help the team on the whole.

Will Shane Warne be missed? Do you seek his advice regarding the team?
Warnie will always be missed. He has sent the team his good wishes and will always be a part of our family.

Will your team compromise in terms of the game and popularity with Warne missing?
Nothing depends on one person, it’s the team that works in totality. I am proud of this year’s squad and the additions and subtractions will make a difference in the overall performance.

Do you get time to interact with the players and what advice do you give them?
I do interact with them regularly, but this time, I will meet the team once they come to Mumbai as I was not present for the practice matches in Jaipur. However, I think I am not the right person to advise them. All I tell them is to put their best foot forward and give every team a good fight.

Besides cricket, you’re also busy with the movie T h e D e s i r e – A J o u r n e y O f A Woman ...
Of course, I am, and the movie has won quite a few awards at various film festivals. It’s an Indo-Chinese film produced by my mother, starring me, and I am very proud of it.

Are you taking a complete sabbatical?
Yes, I’m taking a sabbatical from acting for a while, but work still continues as I just shot for a few commercials. Also, there is IPL and my spa, so there is hardly any time.

After your delivery, when will your fans see you acting in movies?
As soon as I think the time is right.

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