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Gorgeous Tabu Graces the Cover of Vogue (January 2009)

Within a few hours, we will bid adieu to 2008 and usher in the New Year 2009. The year 2008 saw a host of Bollywood beauties grace the cover of various fashion and lifestyle magazines and by the looks of it, things are only going to get bigger and better in 2009.
The first cover girl of the New Year is an actress par excellence, who unfortunately didn't have a single film release in 2008. Known for her drop dead gorgeous looks and impeccable acting skills, this tall beauty is on the wish list of every filmmaker. In case you are still wondering who we talking about, let us reveal the suspense and tell you that we are talking about the one and only Tabu.

Tabu is seen gracing the cover of fashion magazine Vogue in their January 2009 issue. The gorgeous actress is seen in a lovely silk dress embroidered with Swarovski stones. The issue is a must have as Tabu is caught having a free-wheeling conversation with director Homi Adajania (of Being Cyrus fame). Tabu talks about everything, right from her growing up days in a haveli in Hyderabad to her making the big screen debut opposite Rishi Kapoor (an actor much shorter than her in height) to what she believes are her best performances till date.

It's not every other day that you get to see, hear and read so much about Tabu. It is, hence, this issue of Vogue ends up being the perfect New Year's gift for all die-hard Tabu fans.

Is Aditya Chopra’s Preference For Privacy Turning Into a Worrying Obsession?

Why is Bollywood‘s Mr Powerful fleeing like a trapped animal?

Aditya Chopra rushes into his car after watching Ghajini

For Aditya Chopra, a trip to the movies, one of his favourite pastimes, turned into a nightmare on Wednesday evening when he found himself surrounded by a press posse.

Aditya almost pushes the cameraman in an attempt to stay away from the media glare. While running, he accidentally drops his mobile phone, which he rushes to pick up before dashing towards his car again

The 37-year-old reclusive producer director who is fiercely protective of his privacy was at a suburban theatre to see a paid preview of Ghajini, the film that's pitted against Chopra's own Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. But what stunned onlookers and has sparked some concern among Chopra's close-knit group of friends is his reaction upon seeing media persons at the venue. While most would have grimaced or tried to ward off the media, Chopra, who exited the
cinema hall through the back entrance, pulled down the sun visor of the car and covered his face with his arms, looking terrified. All through the few minutes that it took to negotiate the car, Chopra refused to look up and when he did get off, head lowered, he just started fleeing from the cameras like a trapped animal.

While his driver reverses the car, Aditya puts his hands over his face and pulls down the visor. Curious onlookers are of course bewidered on seeing his desperate attempts to avoid being photographed

Chopra desperately covers from the cameras

Still hiding his face but the signature mustache is a give away.

So is the bossman at Yashraj, and one of the most powerful men in Bollywood, letting the fear of being recognised affect his day-to-day life?

People who have known him for long say Chopra wasn't always like this. There was a time when he would talk, even if somewhat hesitantly, to anyone who visited his father's office at Vikas Park Juhu. But the more successful he became, the more fiercely protective of his anonymity. Ironically, he would draw far less attention to himself if he were not so fanatical. The media's interest really lies in the stars of Aditya Chopra's movies.

However, a close friend of Chopra describes him as a "regular guy who is just an introvert."

Santa Khan, Salman Khan Wows Kids on Christmas

Fifteen kids of the Smile Foundation — a national level organisation working on children’s health and education in 21 states of the country — had a whale of a time as none other their ‘favouritest’ actor Salman Khan gave them gifts on Christmas eve. However, they did not anticipate the double-whammy when Preity Zinta joined them a little later — which was a pleasant surprise. She had dropped in to visit Salman on the way to a shoot.

It is true that pictures say more than a million words. On Christmas eve, After Hrs had taken some kids from the Smile Foundation to meet their favourite actor Salman Khan. What came unexpectedly and literally as Santa’s gift to the tiny tots was another smiling visitor who proved to be the surprise package of the day. Preity Zinta, dropped in to meet her good friend and share lunch with him on the sets of his film, Veer.

Salman Khan and Preity Zinta Giving Away Gifts to Kids

The kids named Fie, Sameer, Mithilesh, Pooja, Mayuri, Jyoti and Amrish were excited and thrilled to bits as they also got to take a look at the sets of Salman’s forthcoming film, Veer. Salman asked them, “Where are the rest of the guys? I was expecting more of you. Have they all gone to see Ghajini?” As a gesture of gratitude, the kids gifted him a lamp with a candle and sang, May God Bless You while Salman beamed and joined in with the chorus. Preity Zinta remembered, “I learned this song in school.” It was a touching day for the kids, the stars And, of course, us. Here’s to a Merry Christmas!

Source: DNA India

Salman Khan's Painting of Aamir's Ghajini Look Unveiled By Asin

Asin, the leading lady of “Ghajini”, Wednesday unveiled a painting of Aamir Khan’s “Ghajini” look by Salman Khan here.She showed no signs of tension about the uncertainty that prevailed throughout Wednesday afternoon about the movie’s scheduled release Dec 25 as she unveiled the painting at the INOX at Nariman Point in South Mumbai.

The painting was special for Asin not only because Aamir is her leading man in the movie, but also because it was the work of Bollywood’s painter of leisure, Salman Khan, who has created a life-like portrait of his colleague based on the “Ghajini” look.She said she was “highly impressed” by the creative talent of the star “who can paint so well”.

Asin, who makes her Bollywood debut with “Ghajini”, is all set to create a strong foothold for herself in Hindi movies and Salman Khan is among the stars she may soon be paired with if everything goes as planned.

Akshay Kumar Smooches Hollywood Starlet Denise Richards in Kambakth Ishq

Pictures from Akshay's upcoming film, Kambakth Ishq where he smooches Denise Richards. Kambakth Ishq is directed by Sabir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. The project features Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles along with Aftab Shivdasani and Amrita Arora in supporting roles. Hollywood actors Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh will be appearing in cameos, reportedly playing themselves. It is slated for a release in June 2009.

'The Idea That I am Selfish is Absurd' - Aamir Khan

Your Ghajini pumped up look is the buzz of the nation now. So is everyone as conscious as I am of my sagging gut when they meet you nowadays?
(Laughs) You look fine to me ya. You shouldn't be! Just to make you more comfortable, I haven't worked out in the last seven months because I have to become totally non-muscular for Raju Hirani's film Three Idiots next month. It was quite hard; once you work so hard to get there, you don't want to lose it!

What attracted you to Sanjay's character in Ghajini?
When I saw the Tamil film, I was really excited. It was a great watch; so many twists and turns. But I still hadn't made up my mind. When I met the director (Murgadoss), I did. He mentioned that when he does make the remake, he wants to change the last 30 minutes. I felt we were on the same page. The other thing is his personality. He is child-like, a lot of innocence in him. He's like a kid who has got a toy to play with. Murgadoss's energy attracted me to the project. The short-term memory factor was the novelty. The catch of a patient who can't remember beyond the last 15 minutes looking for someone; that's an impossible, monumental task.

Did you know it was similar to Memento?
Actually it's not. Have you seen Memento? There have seven-eight films with short-term memory loss like 50 First Dates.

But looking for a killer with a short-term memory loss?
But in Memento, it turns out he himself killed his wife; it's a very confusing film. There's absolutely no similarity except for the concept. Ghajini's story is different, as is the screenplay; Memento moves backwards, but Ghajini is linear, even though it's in flashback. I can't remember one scene similar between the two.

The tattoos?
That's not a scene; it's the concept. I didn't even feel I was doing a remake of Memento; it's not an adaptation of it.

Do you feel you are alienating children audiences with the U/A rating and violence?
Ghajini is straight after your Taare Zameen Par.Maybe, but I don't think of all that when I do a film. It's a script I've fallen in love with and in my opinion, after a long time, here's a film with a universal appeal. It has the potential of entertaining the length and breadth of the country; big cities, towns, small villages.

What do you feel about the idea of revenge? Are you vengeful?
By and large, I'm not. But like every human being, I too feel upset and angry about someone who's harmed me or played dirty with me. At that time, I feel like revenge (grins). Like you do with the media?(Laughs) No, no. I feel mad, but because my parents have brought me up well, I don't do anything. But a good revenge film is satisfying for the audience because none of us can really go out there and start beating up people. We can live out our fantasies.

One of your profiles called you ambitious. Are you?
I'm not sure what you mean by ambition, because people have different connotations of ambition. I think I'm really ambitious about doing stunning work. I want to outdo, reinvent myself and reach new levels of performances. I want to better myself. Surprise myself. And to take cinema to higher and finer levels in entertaining people.

You recently did an interview with Karan Johar for a magazine. But Karan has said that he'd called you on his show several times. Why didn't you want to do that?
(Thinks, then laughs) Just. I didn't feel like.

Isn't it like a regular interview?
There were certain aspects of the show I didn't like. It had a certain format and sensibility. It didn't appeal to me. That's why I didn't do it. But I'm happy to talk to him – he's very intelligent and we have regard for each other.

What's next with Aamir Khan Productions?
Delhi Belly, an English-language film directed by Abhinay Deo. That's the first film I'm producing in which we're targeting international audiences. Of course, we'll release it in India.

And your wife Kiran Rao's film Dhobhi Ghat?
No, that's produced by Kiran. My other film is untitled; it's being made by Anusha Rizwi.

The one on farmer suicides?
It's not. That was misreported. This film is about rural India. It's about life in a village. How the local politics connects with the politics at the Centre, the role the media plays. It's essentially a satire. It takes a humourous look at all this.

You had a ban with the media once. At the time, you said you couldn't get your head around how the media had exploded. Now you're seen aggressively promoting your films. Do you know better and how to work it?
I can understand it better and work it, but that doesn't mean I fully agree with the way it functions even now. For about two-and-a-half years I didn't speak to the media. In that time, two-three things happened. My friends in the media told me not to look at everyone the same way. That's true. Secondly if there's a problem, by shutting it out, it doesn't go away. Instead engage yourself with the media. When you're unhappy, don't disengage. Bring about a change. That made sense. I still have issues, but the media will reach a level of maturity soon.

There's something difficult to understand. For a couple of stories, we got no responses from you. One was while you were filming Mangal Pandey and we did a story on the anniversary of the Sepoy Mutiny. Another was after TZP, asking you to write a letter for children as there was a rising number of children committing suicide. Do you talk only at the time of the film's release?
No. Do I increase the number of my interviews near a release, yes I do. Because I've worked really hard for my film and I want people to know it's coming. I tell my entire team to publicize the film. But this allegation that I only talk at the time of my film and that Aamir Khan is a selfish guy is totally absurd. I didn't talk for Rang De Basanti and Fanaa — they were my films! On a certain level, the media has to understand that I'm a creative person and I'm working on something. I can't stop my film shoot and start giving interviews. Have some understanding of the work I'm doing. I'm not sitting in an office and signing papers — my head is in something. At that time, I can't disengage myself. That's the kind of person I am. I don't meet my family! If my people say he can't talk, then you have to understand, he's not meeting his children! So where's the interview ya? That's how I am. I get completely immersed and can't pull myself out.The other thing is that after TZP, I was inundated with people wanting me to do things for children. Write a letter, come here, do that. All valid requests. I can't do everything. It's not possible. Just stop and think — I'm asking him to write a letter, he spent two years making a film on it for chrissakes. How many people do that? As a creative person, it's not possible. The fact is I'm not available to even the film industry (laughs). I'm famous for that! Aamir ki film chal rahee hai, there's no way we're going to get through. I'm perhaps one of the few guys who opens myself out. I never say, 'You only ask me about Ghajini.' If I'm doing that, I'm selfish. I'm doing the interview and deciding what goes in it. Nor do I make phone calls and get stuff written about me or ask for a good review. I don't do that. I don't get favours out of the media. I'm aware other actors get good things written about them and bad about others.

You read reviews?
Some of them. Honestly, I'm concerned about three things – my opinion, my audience's opinion and the opinion of certain close family and friends. My own opinion matters a lot; whether I'm happy. There are a few critics that I think write well. I look out for their reviews.

Talking about the short-term memory idea in Ghajini, what is your own memory like?In real life?
My memory is very selective.

Oh, that's the best kind!
(Laughs out loud) In certain areas, it's very strong. I rarely forget faces, but I'm very bad with names. As far as my films are concerned, it's strong. When I hear a script, it's encoded in my head. If you change three scenes, I'll know about it. As far as my professional side is concerned, I remember dates. In my personal life, I'm absent-minded. I can never remember birthdays and anniversaries.

What about your kids' birthdays?
That I do. May 8 and June 2.

By: Shradha Sukumaran
Source: Mid-day

Sonam Kapoor Goes Global, Joins Aishwarya Rai to Represent Cosmetic Giant L' Oreal

After debuting in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Saawariya followed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's Delhi 6, Sonam Kapoor is now set to make a mark on the international modelling circuit. Anil Kapoor's daughter has signed her first endorsement as brand ambassador for the international cosmetic brand L' Oreal.

A youthful fit

Says a source in the modelling circuit, "Though Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan has been the brand's ambassador for more than three years, the company wants a more youthful face to launch its new range of products. Sonam fits the brand. She has already shot for her first ad which will be launched in January 2009." Big moolahContinues the source, "Sonam was signed for a huge amount commensurate with what the actresses of today like Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are charging. The deal was brought about by celebrity management company, Atul Kasbekar's Bling."

The source adds, "Aishwarya hasn't been replaced. She will continue to be the older face of L' Oreal representing a woman in her 30s while Sonam will be the face of the younger generation. It's what they have in the USA too like when they had chosen Diane Keaton for their Age Perfect Pro-Calcium Restorative Hydrating Cream and Age Perfect Skin Supporting and Hydrating Make-up. This is Sonam's first ad and she's choosy about what she does. She's in a wonderful
place to be, having done films with Bhansali and Rakeysh Mehra — two of the top five directors in India."

Layered persona

A source in Bling feels that Sonam also fits the space of "the elegant, sophisticated, elegant, classic beauty. Sonam's not sporty —neither is she only plain beautiful. She's intelligent, articulate, with many intriguing layers to her persona, has a great pedigree, wonderful parents, is very smart and being well read can hold her own in any literary conversation. That makes her not just a national but international brand fit too."Atul Kasbekar says, "I can't comment at this point on Sonam. At Bling, we don't believe in altering perceptions. The perception is that she's almost 6 ft tall, elegant, a beautiful and timeless beauty so we have portrayed her at the correct fashion spaces, hit her with a bunch of magazine covers. She's very well informed and well read. I gave her an autographed copy of Amitav Ghosh's latest novel Sea Of Puppies and she was thrilled! Good things are about to begin for Sonam."

Aamir Khan Remembers The First of Many Things That Mark His Life

Aamir Khan remembers

We often measure life by our big firsts: first car, first salary, first house... A week away from the release of his film Ghajini, in which Aamir Khan has short-term memory, the actor remembers his personal milestones.

The first car I bought…A Maruti 800. It was white in colour. I remember taking a loan to buy it.

My first watch was…A Titan. Really. I bought it.

The first movie I remember seeing was…A Laurel and Hardy film. They were trying to climb over a wall. One was trying to get over the other and his pant tore. I started howling, crying away! I was feeling really bad for them because I felt they were in trouble. I was the only kid screaming in the hall. My aunt had to carry me out. I was disturbing the entire screening.

Actually, I have another memory also from when I was five. I was watching Pyaar Ka Mausam. In that, my brother Faisal was playing little Shashi Kapoor and there was a sequence where he goes into a house and it catches fire. Again, I was screaming my head off. I was shouting, 'Faisal, Faisal' and was scared he was stuck in that house. My mother was saying, 'Faisal tere paas hai, mat ro, mat ro.' He was next to me! They had to take me out.

Aamir Khan's Brother Faisal Khan

The first time I went abroad was…Quite late in life actually. This was just after QSQT released. I was 23-24. My ex-wife Reena's parents lived in the UK that time. I had gone to visit them. This was probably 1989.

My first recollection of going on a holiday was…To Panchgani when I was about five years old. I think Caravan was being made that time. My uncle was directing it, my father producing it. We were staying at the Il Palazzo hotel. I remember I fell down and hit my head. I still have a scar just above my eyebrow. I fell on a stone and was bleeding. Everything's on the ground floor, but on a plinth. So I climbed up these stairs. There was blood flowing down and I couldn't see properly. They were all sitting on the verandah. And they saw me and came rushing. I was bundled off to the doctor in Asha Parekh's car — she had a huge old Impala at the time. At the back, she had these toy dogs, poodle-types. Quite a good memory I have!

The first movie star I remember meeting was…Shashi (Kapoor) uncle.

Shashi Kapoor

I remember we had gone to Mahableshwar for a holiday – this was with Nasirsaab and everyone. We were at Fredrick hotel and Shashi uncle was also staying there — he was shooting for something. His kids Kunal, Karan and Sanjana were also there. I must have been eight or nine. My uncle had bought a caravan. We had gone there in it — a jeep in front towing the van. It was parked at Fredrick hotel. We were all in it and suddenly Shashi uncle's face came on the glass window. And he kind of squished his nose against the windowpane. He was being friendly, peeping inside. His nose had become flat, like a pig's! I remember that visual even now. We were all laughing.

The first house I bought was…In the building I still live in. Virgo Co-Operative Housing Society — it has two buildings Marina and Bella Vista. I've grown up in Marina, where my parents live. Flat 11 in Bella Vista was the first flat I bought myself. I lived there for a good seven-eight years. Now I live back in Marina.

The first salary I got was…Rs 1,000 a month for assistant director to my uncle (Nasir Hussain) for Manzil Manzil. I had been earning money from before that from winning tennis tournaments. I got a whole lot of prize money and gave it to my mom.

The first product I endorsed was…Hero Puch. It was a moped kind of thing. I think that was the first ad I ever did.

The first big premiere I attended was…Yaadon Ki Baarat. I was acting in that. I think I wore some kind of a bow for it. We have photographs somewhere.

The first time I heard that I was going to be a father…Reena and I were in Las Vegas in 1992. I had gone to the US for shows and at the end, we'd gone on holiday. So we were in Las Vegas because I'm very fond of gambling. I don't do it often, but I enjoy it. Reena had a budget for it. I'm telling you a long story, but there's a point to it! Reena said, 'If you lose this much, you have to stop.' I forget the amount, but I finished that in half hour (laughs)! And we were there for three days. So instead, at our hotel Circus Circus, an entire floor was like a carnival with lots of skill games. For two days I played that. I was so into them. I won some 40 stuffed toys!Reena said, 'What are you going to do with them?' I said, 'I'm going take them back home.' She said they wouldn't fit in the suitcase. I said, 'I'll buy a new one, but I'm going to take back every one. I won them for our first kid.' When we came back to India, in a week or two, we got to know Reena was expecting a baby. It was coincidental because when I said that, he had probably been conceived by then, but I didn't know that.

My first best friend was… Lalit Gwalani from school. I have a number of them, but I'm picking my earliest best friend. We were in St Anne's School, Pali Hill. I was there from Class 2, so since then. We're still friends.

The first words my children uttered…For Junaid, it was Dada. I was most pleased about it. The thing is he said Dada only once and then he switched to Mama, so no one believed me. For Ira, I don't remember.

My strong memories of my uncle…He had a great sense of humour. We were constantly at his house. So at night, when he was really sleepy, he used to get up and say, 'Acha bhai, bahut khushi hui aapse milke.' That was a hint to leave!He knew I was interested in acting, but I never put the pressure on him or my dad to produce a film for me. So I used to never discuss the topic. One day, after assisting him for nearly three years, we were at Fariyas Hotel at Khandala for Zabardast's shoot. He met someone after long. So the friend asked him, 'What are you making next?' My uncle said, 'A love story. This guy's in it. My nephew.' I got a shock. I didn't even know if he was serious. But I never asked him. I decided to treat it as a joke. A month after Zabardast released, he called me and said, 'I'm working on a love story and I want you to act in it. That was QSQT.'

Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla in A Scene from QSQT

The first camera I owned…I never owned one! Even now. Kiran has a camera, she clicks. I used to have a video camera when Junaid was born so we got Ira and him on video. But I'm a person who never takes pictures. It's not like we don't have pictures because other people do take them. I don't. But I should have one!

The first actor I idolised…Dilip Kumar. While I was a teenager, we used to watch films every Sunday on television and a lot of them that came on were his. I've been a fan of his since then. Then video came in and I actually could choose what to watch. Ganga Jamuna was my favourite, then Ram Aur Shyam. Then Azaad, this film in which he was on a horse.

Akshay Kumar at the Pogo Kids Awards, in His Chandni Chowk To China Attire

Akshay Kumar was in his element at the Pogo Kids Awards at the Vrindavan Studio, Malad, over the weekend. Dressed in his Chandni Chowk To China attire, first the action hero took a backseat while young Shaolin monks gave an impressive performance. He then went on to impress us himself! Madhur Bhandarkar and Ahmed Khan gave away awards. Good going, kids! pic/ pradeep dhivar

Deepika Padukone With Kids

Madhur Bhandarkar

Deepika Padukone

Bappi Laheri

Aamir Khan Spotted Wearing Salman Khan's Being Human T-Shirt

Aamir Khan was at his trainer Satyajit Chourasia's Barbarian gym at Seven Bungalows on Sunday. Interestingly, the friendship between Aamir and Salman Khan seems to be deepening by the day! Aamir was wearing a Being Human tee, the NGO that is Sallu's brainchild. Gawd, talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve — or should we say chest?

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A Collection of Salman Khan's Being Human T Shirts

Dosti, Dil Se - Aamir Khan with Satyajit Chourasia.

Salman Khan Sporting a Being Human T-Shirt

Esha Koppikhar on the Cover of FHM Magazine (December 2008)

'Bollywood's Sweetheart' screams the headlines of the latest edition of the super glossy and super sexy magazine FHM. If there is one guy, whose Voodoo doll, the rest of the guys will be pining at, its none other than Akash Shrivastava, the luckiest photojournalist who made best use of his hands and not just interviewing but also by photographing the one and only Eesha Koppikhar! This issue of FHM offers you an insight on the global phenomenon called Eesha.

Move over the voodoo doll; enter the real-life Barbie doll, in the form of Eesha, who is all out in the interview, speaking about everything under the sun, which includes her journey to Bollywood (yawn!), her being stereotyped as the item girl, her definition of fun, her take on Girlfriend, her idea of an ideal guy, her mischief with cockroaches, her mantra for success, etc...etc...etc...

Well, the overall success ratio of this issue is more than hundred per cent! Buy this mag and preserve it for a lifetime. You will surely know the reason why when you are taking your last breath!

Salman Khan Says Be Human First as He Comments On Mumbai Terror Attacks

On Mumbai’s 26/11, he was in Greece, but he felt the impact there. “I was angry, hurt and helpless, and the sad fact is that if Taj and Oberoi had not been targetted... this wouldn’t have made such big news. But I’m glad 26/11 has awakened everyone. This mass awakening should have happened long back. It could have saved this situation today. We are to be blamed. Till we lose a loved one we refrain from getting involved, we don’t want to fight for others and the country.”

He has a simple funda for Mumbaiites: “Be human first, that’s what you are, then follow the rest.. country, region and religion.” He is convinced that misusing religion is the biggest crime of all. “Don’t mix religion with terrorism. All hardliners do this to achieve their purpose. Jihaad is a call upon the people. It’s a struggle for better life, not to end lives. There is a saying in the Quran, if your neighbour is not safe with you, you cannot be called a Muslim.”

Youths indoctrinated in hatred and made into terrorists aren’t the real culprits, believes Salman. “They are just misled boys who are promised money and heaven. Go to the root of the problem. Find out where the guns came from, who sold them? Every gun has a number on it. The real culprits are those who are making the most of the miseries of innocent people and can be tracked down systematically,” he advised.

He thinks Pakistan is in a sorry state itself, that terrorism may exist there, but it’s not in the country’s control anymore. “So I don’t know where will it take us by just blaming them. Corruption is at the core of all this. Otherwise how could these people with sackfuls of arms and ammunition get into the country? Somewhere, somebody must have taken money to ferry the stuff without realising what was inside those bags.” The Mumbai Police, regretted Salman, was made a hero only now, but it was always doing a high stress job for such a poor salary. “That’s when corruption comes in,” he added.

Source: Times Of India

Lara Dutta Was Special Guest at Dino's Intimate Family Birthday Bash

pyaar aaya, pyaar aaya: Lara Dutta and Dino Morea

Dino Morea has always maintained that Lara Dutta is very special to him and that fact was proved on Tuesday (Dec 9) when she came to his Bandra bungalow to spend his birthday with the rest of his family.

The actor, who is in his early thirties, says, "This year, we decided that we would bring in a quiet birthday. Because of the 26/11 attacks, the mood of the country is sombre and personally, I haven't been in the mood for celebrations. So we decided to have a quiet family get-together at my home."

Best b'day gift
This birthday was even more special for the actor as, "Mum and dad came from Bangalore to spend time with me on my birthday. They were to come on Dec 21 but they wanted to surprise me on my birthday. It was my best birthday gift, as I haven't seen them for eight months now. "Besides his brothers, Santino and Nicolo, Dino admits close friend Lara Dutta was also with him. "But Nico's girlfriend was also there," he smiles.

Personal gifts
He's reluctant to talk about the gifts he got from his near and dear ones, "I got some stuff like an iPod and a computer but it's too personal to talk about. The presence of loved ones around me was enough." Though he is reluctant to reveal what Lara got him, a close friend of the couple spills the beans, "Lara and Dino both love gadgets and when they were in the USA, they bought a lot of them. Lara bought a Mac Airbook for Dino, a slip video and upgraded her iPod." But it was not all play and no work for Morea. He adds, "I cut a big chocolate cake, had a nice birthday lunch and then I attended three important meetings. It was a good sign that I worked on my birthday because all of the meetings were good for me. I always go to Mount Mary; I went three days ago but didn't have time on my birthday. I find a lot of peace there," concludes the birthday boy.

Harman Baweja Was the Chief Guest at the Mithibai College Festival, Kshitij.

Harman Baweja was the chief guest at the Mithibai College festival, Kshitij. The Love Story 2050 actor is an alumnus of the college. A student reveals, "We had invited Harman as he represents the youth brigade. Being such an amazing dancer, we obviously made him groove on his famous Milo Na Milo song."

Neha Dhupia Spotted With Boyfriend and Squash Champ Ritwik Bhattacharya

In Colaba, actress Neha Dhupia and beau, squash champ Ritwik Bhattacharya were recently spotted leaving a restaurant after a meal.

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