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Infant gets a second shot at life in Mumbai after heart stops for 45 minutes

A three-month-old was given a new lease of life on Wednesday after his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Doctors from Mumbai’s Wadia Hospital managed to revive the infant by connecting his heart to an artificial mechanical circulatory support systemthat stabilised the organ. The child is fit now, and can lead a normal life, said doctors.

Aaradhya Wagh, who lives in Dhule, was born with a hole in his heart. Immediately after birth, he had started turning blue. Doctors say such babies, born with limited capacity of the heart to pump fresh blood in the body, are popularly called ‘blue babies,’ due to low levels of oxygen in the blood.

“Aaradhya’s heart had a hole and the blood outlet from it was too small. Doctors told us that it made the heart unable to pump enough blood and provide oxygen to his body. The chances of him surviving with this condition in Dhule was slim and so why we came to Mumbai with high hopes,” said Ravindra Wagh, father of the child.

A BT shunt surgery – which is an emergency procedure, performed to increase oxygen supply to the body — was performed last week. But 24 hours after the procedure, Aaradhya’s blood pressure dropped and his heart stopped functioning. This was when the medical team at Wadia hospital sprung into action.

“It took nearly 26 hours for the heart to start beating normally. We tried artificially resuscitating the heart for 45 minutes, but it remained non-functional. Throughout that period, I was slowly massaging it so that it started pumping. It was a great relief for the team once the heart started working,” said Dr Biswa Panda, chief paediatric cardiac surgeon at Wadia hospital.

He added that Aaradhya’s heart problem had been diagnosed in the womb. “There are very few mothers who decide to go ahead and give birth to a child with such a condition. After delivery, the he got critical as his blood had only 50-60% oxygen. A chest infection made the scenario worse,” he said.

In the next two days, Aaradhya’s body started functioning normally. He could urinate as usual and his heartbeat was normal. He started feeding and was out of the ventilator in a few days. The hospital didn’t charge the parents considering that they were underprivileged.

“We will always be grateful to the hospital and especially Dr Panda who gave our son a new life. We are very simple people and struggle to make ends meet. Thanks to the support of the medical team at the hospital, which treated our son like their own,” said Ravindra.

Minnie Bodhanwala, chief of Wadia hospital, said the institution was glad to have helped Aaradhya. “Our modern equipment and a well-qualified team helps provide such facilities for children,” she said.

'Mowgli Girl' found in UP forest walks on fours, screeches to talk, was raised by monkeys

‘Girl Mowgli’ found in UP forest walks on fours, screeches to talk, was raised by monkeys

She is possibly eight, prefers to walk on all fours, and screeches to express herself — much like the monkeys that raised her in Uttar Pradesh’s Katarniyaghat wildlife sanctuary until she was “rescued”.

At the district hospital in Bahraich, where she is learning to be human, the child is lovingly called the “girl Mowgli” — after the much-adored, wolf-raised protagonist of Rudyard Kipling’s iconic children’s tale The Jungle Book.

She was first spotted by villagers foraging in the forests of the sanctuary’s Motipur range in January.

The child was naked with a mop of matted hair, tanned by exposure to the elements, and claw-like nails. She was with a troop of monkeys; and was at ease with her wild family.

The locals informed police about the unusual sighting and a team brought her to civilization.

But the rescue was not easy as the monkeys put up a stiff resistance.

The girl was scared of humans and screamed at anyone approaching her.

“She had wounds on her body. Our priority is to give her proper medical care and look for her parents,” additional superintendent of police Dinesh Tripathi said.

Two months at the Bahraich hospital has helped the girl overcome her fears. A little, of course.

“She was unable to communicate or understood any language. She has spent many years with animals and, so, behaved like them,” said chief medical superintendent DK Singh.

“Now she understands signals and is able to identify the ward boy, nurse and other medical staff. It seems the girl had been abandoned in the forest area at an early age.”

Singh said he had sought help to put the girl in an institution where she could learn human behaviour and language. “But the authorities turned down my request.”

The child is adapting fast to her new environment, though she often gets down on her all fours to move around the ward.

“She recognises hand signs,” said Renu Devi, a health worker looking after Ms Mowgli.

Real-life stories similar to Kipling’s famous tale abound around the world.

A woman in England said last year she had been brought up by monkeys in the jungles of South America after being ditched by child traffickers.

A Ukrainian woman, Oxana Malaya, was rescued from a kennel after being raised by dogs when her alcoholic parents abandoned her as a child. Called a feral child, she behaved like dogs — running on all fours and panting with her tongue out.

This is what Sunil Grover tweeted after reports of his return to 'The Kapil Sharma Show'

Following a spat with comedian-actor Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover says that his intentions are to act and entertain people with dignity.

Sunil was part of the hit ensemble of comedians on Kapil's popular show "The Kapil Sharma Show", until came the news that Kapil allegedly assaulted and abused him in an inebriated state while on a flight.

"My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can't be the only reason to do something, or not to do something," Sunil tweeted on Wednesday.

The comments of the comedian, who featured as Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi on the show, came after the news of Sunil returning to the show started doing the rounds.

It was reported that both Sunil and Kapil have decided to sort out their issues and work together. Some even suggested that he was bound by a contract and hence, would have to be a part of the show.

Oops! Did Kajol take a dig at Karan Johar?

Bollywood actress Kajol has seemingly taken a subtle dig at friend-turned-foe Karan Johar.

When the 'Dilwale' actress was asked about her side of the story on the controversy, she told DNA, "I think that the best thing for me to do right now, as far as this entire topic (the fallout with Karan Johar) is concerned, is to stay silent. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. When and if I choose to give my opinion on this particular topic, I will make sure the world hears of it."

Kajol further added, "Well, I think there's a lot of fake honesty going around as well. I really do. There are a lot of people going around and saying, 'You know I'm being honest' and actually, it's just for selling books, or movies and ratings. I don't know, there are a lot of reasons for faking in front of the camera. Or in front of the public, for that matter. I think honesty has been abused over time and space."

Kajol also told the website, "Well, I think relationships are like that. Relationships are about working things out. So I do believe that if they are worth it, two people will make the effort to work through it."

Karan Johar opened up about his fallout with Kajol in his autobiography. The book, 'An Unsuitable Boy', revealed that Kajol and KJo's friendship ended prior to the release of his and Ajay's films 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' and 'Shivaay'.

"We had nearly 25 years of our friendship. Sometimes chapters end, books end, relationships end," Karan Johar said earlier.

Virat Kohli named Wisden's Leading Cricketer in the World for 2016

Kohli amassed 1215 Test runs at a stupendous average of 75.93 last year. 10 ODI appearances fetched him 739 runs at 92.37, while he scored 641 T20 International runs at 106.83.

Only six batsmen have ever scored more international runs in a calendar year than Kohli but none of them have come close to the Indian captain's average.

"Virat Kohli, who features on the cover of the 2017 edition of the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack, is also the Leading Cricketer in the World for 2016, an accolade put in place in 2003 when Ricky Ponting became the first honouree," Wisden announced.

Owing to his phenomenal run with the bat, Kohli had won the prestigious 'Polly Umrigar award' presented to the 'International Cricketer of the Year' at the BCCI Annual Awards.

Kohli has already been declared Wisden India Almanack's Cricketer of the Year for the second time in its 2017 edition. Two Pakistani cricketers -- Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan -- have been named in the list of the five Cricketers of the Year for the first time since 1997.

With Misbah and Younis making the list, the total number of Pakistanis to have been chosen Cricketers of the Year went up to 14, one less than India's tally of 15.

Mohammad Kaif and wife Pooja are proud parents of a baby girl

Mohammad Kaif and wife Pooja are proud parents of a baby girl

Former India cricketer and Gujarat Lions' assistant coach Mohammad Kaif and wife Pooja became parents of a baby girl yesterday. They already have a five-year-old son, Kabir. The 36-year-old tweeted: "We are proud to announce the arrival of the newest member to our family. Pooja and I, have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl." Congratulatory messages for the couple poured in from all quarters.

Sachin Tendulkar, Anil Kumble, Virat Kohli, Irfan Pathan, RP Singh, Aakash Chopra, Boman Irani, Suniel Shetty were among the others who wished the couple.

Honeymoon turns into a nightmare for Bandra couple in New Zealand

Newlyweds, robbed of almost all their valuables and travel documents in New Zealand, allege complete police apathy, gush gratitude towards Indian High Commission for immediate help

Honeymoons are meant to be cherished and enjoyed. But for childhood friends Hemant Manglani (28) and wife Bani (28), residents of Bandra (W), theirs was nothing short of traumatic. The couple had reached New Zealand for the home stretch of their 33-day honeymoon, where they were supposed to spend 13 days, but they were forced to cut short their trip and return to India, losing their pre-paid travel arrangements, not to mention their belongings.

How it happened

After arriving in Auckland on March 25, the car the two had been travelling in to move from city to city was stolen around 8.10 pm on March 26, and with it went most of their valuables, including phones, documents, passports and a lot of their luggage, at a popular mud bath in Rotorua.

They had arrived at the mud bath site around 6 pm and parked their car in the resort's parking lot. "Before entering the mud bath, the staff provides everyone with the exact same black plastic container to keep their valuables in, and advises the tourists to 'keep an eye' on their containers," wrote Hemant in an online post.

"After putting all our belongings into the container, we realised that since the location didn't have any lockers for us to store our valuables — including both our iPhones, passports, wallets and wedding rings — we thought it would be wiser to safely lock all our valuables in the car." This turned out to be their biggest mistake.

The car already had three of the couple's bags on the back seat because the boot only had space for two bags. Around 9 pm, when they were walking back to the car, Bani noticed a window of their car smashed and their belongings missing.

No empathy from cops

When the two ran back inside to notify the spa staff, the latter allegedly said they had noticed the break-in at 8.10 pm and called the police. When asked why no one had showed up yet, they were allegedly told that the NZ police had deemed the situation as one, which is not an emergency.

Repeated calls and even going to the police station late in the night yielded no different result.

The last straw

The same night, they decided to track the robbers. To their shock, their location showed the thieves were a mere five minutes away from the hotel the couple was staying at. When they called the police again with this information, they were once again told that theirs was not an emergency.

Speaking to mid-day, Bani said, "We were on a 34-day honeymoon. We cut the trip short because we had lost faith in the authorities and were too shaken up to continue the trip." Hemant said although there was "no hint of racism", there was definitely "a lack of empathy and a beyond-casual approach to the matter".

"We returned on March 29 after getting in touch with the Indian High Commission via Twitter," said Hemant. "Officials there gave my wife her emergency passport in less than 30 minutes and booked our flight tickets. Our belief in our country coming to our rescue has been reinstated, even though our sense of security has been shaken."

Fab at 45! These Pictures of the Gorgeous Lisa Ray will Take Your Breath Away

Fab at 45! These photos of Lisa Ray will take your breath away
Indo-Canadian actress Lisa Ray, a cancer survivor, who was last seen in Ram Gopal Varma's 'Veerappan', turns 45 today. On her birthday, take a look at some of her stunning pictures!

Lisa Ray, a cancer survivor, made a comeback to Hindi cinema after 13 years with the 2015 film 'Ishq Forever'. All pictures courtesy: Lisa Ray's Instagram account @lisaraniray

Lisa Ray has been part of films like 'Bollywood/Hollywood' and 'Kasoor'

Lisa Ray was last seen on screen in Ram Gopal Varma's 'Veerappan'

Lisa Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009 and became cancer-free a year later after receiving a stem-cell transplant

Lisa Ray prefers to spread a positive message on cancer survival

"It is not necessarily a death sentence. You must get preventative check-ups and you must not be in denial and if you catch cancer at the right stage it is completely curable," says Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray was also part of the critically acclaimed 'Water' directed by Deepa Mehta

About what prompted her to make a comeback with 'Ishq Forever' in 2015, Lisa Ray said: "One of the most important things is that you look at the script, and the fact that Javed Jaffrey was there and also the producer Shabbir Boxwala is a very old friend of mine, so many different factors."

Lisa Ray was also part of films like 'I Can't Think Straight' and 'Let the Game Begin', among others

Shah Rukh Khan: I can’t wait, as I like to keep working. I can’t sit at home

Shah Rukh Khan says he has always wanted to do different films, and that’s what he has tried to maintain through his 25-year-long career.

He has been on the top of his game for 25 years now, during which he has successfully taken up different kinds of films. Even now, as Shah Rukh Khan seems to be mixing up his roles successfully, especially with his last three releases, the superstar says it “wasn’t a concerted decision”. In a recent interview with HT, Shah Rukh talks about films, cooking and more.

You have mixed and matched your film choices throughout your career. Of late too, you seem to be picking up different kind of films such as Fan (2016), Dear Zindagi (2016) and Raees.

You know, I had finished Chennai Express (2013), when suddenly, Farah (Khan; director) came up with Happy New Year (HNY; 2014), and I needed to work with her because I hadn’t for so long. So, I started doing that film. After doing two back-to-back happy-go-lucky, commercial films — regardless of whether they become blockbusters or not — I wanted to do a different film because I have always tried to maintain that in my career. And the same was the case with films like Om Shanti Om (2007) and Chak De! India (2007). So, more often than not, I try to do that (mix up films) unless there is no offer (smiles). If you aren’t offered a film such as Swades (2004), you can’t do it, so the offer has to come.

You’ve also worked almost without a break through your career.

Yes, and that’s because I can’t wait, as I like to keep working. I can’t sit at home waiting for six months because then I change my state of mind (laughs). After wrapping up HNY and Chennai Express, I really wanted to do something different. [The shoot for] Raees started but it got delayed by nine months due to my injury. Then, Fan was supposed to release in August (in 2015) but VFX took one-and-a-half year. We didn’t realise that it (VFX work) would take that long.

So, the plan was to have different kind of films coming out at regular intervals?

Yes, that’s why it [due to change in plans of all the films] seems like I did Fan and Raees back-to-back. Now, thank God for Imtiaz’s (Ali) film (yet untitled venture co-starring Anushka Sharma). It’s a love story. Else, people will think I’m doing just offbeat movies (smiles). It’s just about trying to maintain a mix. Some days, I’m really happy to do a HNY, or a Chennai Express. I enjoy them. They are great fun, and I like them because it’s not that I am a serious actor and I won’t do those films.

You told HT earlier that you like the process of cooking food and that you have some nice pans and pots?

I know it sounds very girlish (smiles). But then, I’m all for empowerment of women. I want to be equal to women. I want to go higher up to their level, instead of thinking that they have to go higher. But I genuinely want to cook. Imagine, if I open a chain of restaurants and stores, kitna business karunga main (smiles). Having said that, Juhi (Chawla) once asked me, ‘Why have you named your company, Red Chillies?’ And I was like, ‘just in case film-making fails, I’ll open a restaurant by the same name. Red Chillies Restaurant toh chalega hi (laughs).

People have enjoyed seeing you in different avatars in films like Chak De! India, Om Shanti Om and Chennai Express...

I love taking up different roles, and that’s why I love mad, comic capers too. I know they are unrealistic. It’s not like I am considering them to be anything else, but I like the entire idea of this ‘big film’ experience. So, I find films such as Now You See Me (2013) with all the magicians very interesting, because it’s over-the-top, weird and erratic. I also love [the] Die Hard [films], for instance. So, I like to be in that space, and then also do a little ‘offish’ film, which makes me happy as an actor. Both kinds of films require hard work.

Your last three back-to-back releases, Raees, Fan and Dear Zindagi, seem to have reinforced the fact that you want to experiment with your roles.

No, it [doing different kinds of films] is not like it was a planned decision. The actual line-up was supposed to be Happy New Year, Raees, Dilwale (2015) and Fan, before Imtiaz’s (Ali) film and Aanand L Rai’s next. So my plan was good, but as they say, God spoils all plans. I might suddenly seem like an intellectual, but I’m actually not (smiles).

You recently said that you work on your characters in secret and also keep your enactments a secret. Do you implement your ideas directly in your performances or do you share them with your directors?

I would definitely share something like what I did in My Name Is Khan (2010) or Suri’s voice (from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi; 2008) with my directors after I practice it innumerable times myself. For instance, I even prepared how I would mouth ‘Taaniji’ (in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi). When Adi (Aditya Chopra) thought about it, I gave him three or four options. I can act it out for my directors too — the way I did for Imtiaz. He is the kind of a director, who would like me to enact a scene. So Anushka (Sharma; co-star in Imtiaz’s film) and I rehearsed our scenes sometimes even till four or five in the morning, because Imtiaz likes it [that way]. I am ready to do whatever the director wants. A lot depends on the film as well. Farah (Khan) and Karan (Johar) have known me for many years, so they write it [the scripts] in a way that is easier [for me].

People were surprised when you told HT that you’ve started learning to cook Italian food, and want to open a restaurant.

I have been telling my friends and colleagues that once I learn cooking, I’d love to call them over and serve them, because I love doing that. I think of acting too as ‘serving’. As an actor, when you serve and present your acting, you hope people like and enjoy it as much as you enjoyed making it [the film]. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Plus, you don’t impose yourself on people and be like accha laga ya nahi? (did you like it or not?). You just serve. I like to serve people in the house.

How Tony Stark will influence Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker’s Spidey suit will have a digital assistant similar to Iron Man’s Jarvis.

Spider-Man will have his own digital assistant like Iron Man’s JARVIS in the forthcoming film Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“He (Spider-Man) does (have a digital assistant). Which surprises him, because he doesn’t (know) until Tony deactivates that... deactivates the Training Wheels protocol. So the suit starts doing a bunch of stuff. You know, it does a holographic interface, and things like that,” producer Eric Carroll said on YouTube channel, ScreenRant.

“Most notably, it starts talking to him, and he goes, ‘Oh, this is weird.’ And he starts asking it stuff, but he’s not super slick or Tony Stark smart, who invented the OS and did all this. He is a kid. So he’s like, ‘Um, how do I get to where that thing is?’

“And it’s like, ‘Um, I don’t know. Pretty much drive? How are you going to get there?’ And he’s like, ‘Um, if I didn’t have a car, let’s just say, how would I get there?’ And it’s like, ‘Well, if you walk...’ And he’s like, ‘No, OK, alright ... I guess just give me directions and I’ll figure out the HOW I’m getting there’,” Carroll said.

Directed by Jon Watts, the remake will see actor Robert Downey Jr reprising his role as Tony Stark.

Zendaya Coleman will play a love interest and Marisa Tomei will play Aunt May. Rounding up the main cast is Michael Keaton as the evil Vulture. It is to release in the US in July.

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t care about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: BFF Chelsea Handler

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t care about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: BFF Chelsea Handler

Jennifer Aniston’s friend and TV host Chelsea Handler, revisiting the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce, says that it’s “crazy” that people think Jennifer Aniston spends time thinking about ex-husband Pitt.

TV host and friend of Jennifer Aniston’s, Chelsea Handler, has quashed rumours that Aniston is thinking about her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his now ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

“I don’t think Jen cares about what’s going on and it’s crazy that people think she does,” she told You magazine. “As if she’s sitting around caring about (Angelina Jolie). I know I don’t.”

This isn’t the first time Handler has spoken about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s separation, or for that matter, attracted controversy. In September 2016, days after the separation was first reported, Handler addressed the issue on her Netflix talk show.

“I wonder why he needed to self-medicate. Maybe because he could have been spending the last 12 years at Lake Como hanging out with George Clooney and Matt Damon, instead of being stuck in a house with 85 kids speaking 15 different languages?” she said.

In India, she became known as the naive American who didn’t know Priyanka Chopra spoke English before moving to the US for her show Quantico.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated in September 2016, and were involved in a bitter custody battle over their six children. It was reported last week that the two were in a much better place now, and were co-parenting their children away from the media spotlight.

Who does Alia Bhatt share her secrets of love with? Only her best friends

Who does Alia Bhatt share her secrets of love with? Only her best friends

Alia Bhatt talks about her friends and how they are the ones that get to know what’s closest to her heart.

Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt may not openly talk about her love life in the media but it’s one aspect of her life that she freely talks about to her best friends.

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

Alia, says her friends are always the ones with whom she shares jokes, opinions and details about her personal relationships. Here, she has shared some insights:

Inside jokes: We always reserve all our inappropriate statements, jokes and opinions only to share with our best friends. This is because you know that not only will they get your humour but they will definitely not judge you for it.

Love tales: You can’t call your friend your best friend unless they know the list of people you’ve dated or wanted to date. They are the ones who support you through the love-struck phases and help you mend the heartbreak too.

Hunger games: The whole world may not know how much you love to eat, but your bestie definitely does. From your capacity to gobbling down an entire pizza to finishing the otherwise meant to be pack of sharing, only your bestie knows what your tummy is capable of.

Instagram diaries: We all know that we all rely on consulting our best friends when we want look nothing but the best on Instagram! They are the only ones who will not shy from calling out our ugliest selfies from the best ones.

Comfortable silence: We all love them because they are also the only people we can have the best time with even if we are completely silent.

200 US theatres to screen 1984 in protest against President Donald Trump

200 US theatres across 44 states will screen an adaptation of George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984 in protest of the Donald Trump presidency.

Nearly 200 independent movie theatres across the United States on Tuesday will screen the film of George Orwell’s 1984 novel about a dystopian future in what organisers say is a stand against US President Donald Trump’s administration.

The 1949 book, which returned to the US best-seller list in January, features a Big Brother government that spies on its citizens and forces them into “doublethink,” or simultaneously accepting contradictory versions of the truth.

Organisers the United State of Cinema said the screenings were arranged to “take a stand for our most basic values: freedom of speech, respect for our fellow human beings, and the simple truth that there are no such things as ‘alternative facts.’”

The British novel was reprinted in January, decades after it was written, following the Trump administration’s defense of “alternative facts,” a term White House official Kellyanne Conway used during a dispute over the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration.

Adam Birnbaum, director of Film Programming for the Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut, and co-organizer of the event, said Orwell’s themes were just as relevant today as they were nearly 70 years ago.

“Our concern is the idea that the only answer is the one coming from the mouthpiece running the (Trump) administration and that there’s this effort to sort of snuff out anything but that,” Birnbaum said.

The movie, made in 1984 and starring John Hurt and Richard Burton, will be screened in 44 states. It will also be shown at five locations in Canada, one in England, one in Sweden and one in Croatia.

Birnbaum, who will screen the film at the Avon Theatre Film Center on Tuesday, said a number of the theaters have scheduled post-film audience discussions.

“If nothing else, we hope that people will continue to be voices of opposition to some of the practices that are currently being employed by government,” he said.

Daniel Craig may return as James Bond for one last time

In 2015, Daniel Craig was asked if he’d be back again after finishing a difficult Spectre shoot, and replied, “I’d rather... slash my wrists... I’m over it at the moment.”

Daniel Craig is ready to sign on to return as fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond, reported. Multiple sources told the publication that Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli has “just about persuaded Daniel Craig to do one more Bond movie”.

This comes after Broccoli produced his hit off-Broadway production of Othello with actor-producer David Oyelowo.

A Hollywood source said, “Daniel was very pleased with how ‘Othello’ went and the great reviews. Now Daniel’s talks with Barbara are going in the right direction. They have a script - screenwriting duo Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (who’ve penned several Bond movies) are writing and they’ll go into production as soon as Daniel is ready to commit.”

The source added, “Plus, Barbara Broccoli doesn’t like Tom Hiddleston, he’s a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond.”

In 2015, Craig was asked if he’d be back again after finishing a difficult Spectre shoot, and replied, “I’d rather... slash my wrists... I’m over it at the moment.”

Another source said, “Daniel had such a good time in ‘Othello’, produced by Barbara that he’s ready to do a final Bond.”

Representatives for Craig and Broccoli haven’t commented on it.

Did Farhan Akhtar and Aditya Roy Kapur fight over Shraddha Kapoor at a party?

Did Farhan Akhtar and Aditya Roy Kapur fight over Shraddha Kapoor at a party?

Farhan Akhtar wasn’t happy with Shraddha Kapoor’s proximity with Aditya Roy Kapur at a party to celebrate 30 years of the Bhatt camp in Bollywood.

Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor owe their careers in Bollywood to the Bhatts who cast them in Aashiqui 2. The film became a huge hit and that just launched their career as they signed up more films. So it was natural for the two to attend a party to celebrate 30 Unstoppable Years of the Bhatt camp in Bollywood.

However, the proximity between Aditya and Shraddha, who are rumoured ex-flames, irked another guest at the party: Farhan Akhtar, Shraddha’s alleged boyfriend. A report in Deccan Chronicle suggests that Farhan didn’t like the two being close, and confronted Aditya.

The report quotes a source as saying, “Farhan was pretty upset with Aditya and things took a wrong turn from there. As soon as Shraddha got a wind of it, she jumped in to control the damage. In fact, she is at Farhan’s residence sorting out the issue as we speak.”

Shraddha later went to Farhan’s house to argue her side, the report said

Veteran star Vinod Khanna hospitalised, son Rahul provides update

Actor Vinod Khanna has been hospitalised due to “severe dehydration”. His son Rahul confirmed the news, adding that he is recovering well.

Actor Vinod Khanna has been hospitalised due to “severe dehydration”.

The 70-year-old, who is a Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Gurdaspur in Punjab, was admitted to Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Girgaon, Mumbai.

His son, Rahul, said the doctors are looking to discharge him soon.

“Dad was hospitalised on Friday for severe dehydration. The situation was quickly brought under control, he’s doing much better and the doctors are looking to discharge him soon,” Rahul told PTI.

“Our family is most grateful for the extraordinary care he’s been receiving at the hospital and we are touched by all the good wishes pouring in,” he adds.

Hospital sources also confirmed that the actor is recovering well and is much better.

Hrithik Roshan to Angela Krislinzki: Graceful of you to clarify and apologise

Hrithik Roshan has accepted Angela Krislinzki's apology and even wished her well for her career.

When we had begun to think that the Hrithik Roshan- Angela Krislinzki‏ issue was another controversy in the making, it seems like all is fine and settled for good.

In response to Angela’s apology that came in the evening, the Kaabil star tweeted to her saying that it was “graceful” of her to apologise and clarify.

Hrithik wrote, “Yes misleading headlines indeed. Graceful of you to clarify and apologise though. Wishing you the best for your career.”

The Polish model wrote back saying, “Thanks sir means a lot coming from you.”

Earlier, Angela had tweeted an apology saying, “I respect you a lot sir and I am sorry for such misleading headlines. Its hurtful. I have admired you as an actor just like millions others but I have been fortunate enough to work with you on two TVCs…when I say mentor I meant some who inspired my life in right direction…”

It all started when a leading daily carried a report about Angela calling Hrithik her “mentor” and “friend.”

The story had the actress claiming, “After all, he is a star who shoots umpteen ads with several young models. But he called out to me and remembered all the conversations we’d had and the fact that my dad was from Valencia. He also asked me jokingly whether the colour of my eyes was real. When I signed a movie in the South. He also inquired about the maker and assured me that this film would definitely take me places."

On the work front, the buzz is that Hrithik has been roped in for Kabir Khan’s next. After which, he would shooting for Krrish 4.

@angelakrislinzk Yes misleading headlines indeed. Graceful of you to clarify and apologise though. Wishing you the best for your career

Spanish model does a U-turn, says sorry to Hrithik Roshan for calling him ‘mentor, friend’

Angela Krislinzki has clarified her stand. The actor said she just admired Hrithik like millions of others.

Polish-Spanish model-turned-actor Angela Krislinzki recently said that she has found a friend and mentor in Hrithik Roshan. The duo had shot for two ads a year ago. However, when Hrithik Roshan read the report, he was shocked and not afraid to show it. The actor wrote on Twitter, “My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying.” Needless to say that Angela Krislinzki’s interview left Hrithik embarrassed.

And now Angela has clarified her stand. The actor said she just admired Hrithik juts like millions of others. “I respect you a lot sir and I am sorry for such misleading headlines. It’s really hurtful. I have admired you as an actor just like millions of others but I have been fortunate enough to work with you in two tvcs. When I say, mentor, I meant some who inspired my life in the right direction,” Angela wrote on Twitter.

Angela added further, “It all began with a press meet of my film when someone asked me how I thought of entering acting in spite of foreign looks, so I replied when I was shooting with Hrithik Roshan, his few inspirational words inspired me. He said work on yourself and your acting and no body can stop you. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience occurred to you.”

Read Angela Krislinzki’s full reply here: 
In an interview given to DNA, Angela said that she has found a mentor and friend in Hrithik Roshan. She said “I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed. I showed him a song from my last south release, Size Zero and he liked it immensely. Later, I even sent him the first look and trailer of my upcoming film Rogue and he was impressed.” When Hrithik read the report in the morning, he was apparently shocked and took no time to clarify his stand on the same. The actor replied, “My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying.”

Meanwhile, we got hold of Angela Krislinzki’s pictures with other Bollywood actors: 

“I told him it would be difficult for me to access filmmakers and get the right roles in Bollywood because of my international looks. He assured me that it was all about confidence and asked me to work on my acting skills and Hindi diction. That conversation with him changed my life,” she added.

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