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Accountability and Reforms are Needed, says Irfan Khan

Irrfan Khan's Dil Kabaddi releases this week but he's "angry and cynical" about what's been happening in the last few days. Reluctant to talk, the actor later agrees and says, "The basic ground rule for any such incidents should be accountability and transparency."

Who's responsible?
He adds, "There have been so many situations in the past, so many lives lost... but who has been held responsible or punished? It's not just the responsibility of the government. Every department who knew about what was happening should be held accountable and punished! Jo nuksaan hua hai woh bharna padega. And I am not talking about the government paying — that will be covered by the insurance companies."

The actor feels that though Home Minister Shivraj Patil has resigned because of the attacks, it's not enough. He says, "It doesn't matter. Those accountable have to pay through their noses till the rest of their lives. We have to understand that we have been surviving on British laws for more than 200 years and are these laws really helping us or should they need to be changed? Is having a democracy paying us or do we need to change everything — from the basic system to the political structure?"Irrfan's also upset that we borrow everything from the USA. He says, "Are we intellectually so bankrupt that we need to do that? The politicians are so bankrupt that they have to woo us with religion. We should take lessons from China and learn how to function and protect ourselves."Irrfan adds, "The common man is dead. Yeh jo log Mumbaikars spirit bolte hai it makes me disgusted! People have no choice but to keep working. Yeh logon ki majboori hai, unko kaam karna hai padta hai. We are a dead society." Irrfan is also all for police reforms. "That's the only way to eradicate corruption. We have to pay them good salaries and improve the quality of their working conditions. What we give them is pathetic. We are still following the British Raj."

Pahlaj Nihalani Plans a Special Event to Laud the Bravehearts

On behalf of the Mumbai film and television industry, a special event is being planned to honour those who valiantly gave up their lives during the terror ordeal in the city.

Says producer Pahlaj Nihalani, "We are working out the details but it will be held shortly. It will be our eloquent 'tribute –salute' to all the bravehearts who saved Mumbai. We expect everyone who is part of the industry, and in the city on the day, to attend which will recognise the daring actions of the commandos, the police-officers and constables, fire-brigade personnel, and the hotel staff."

Nihalani had worked closely with the late ATS chief Hemant Karkare during the annual Mumbai Police Welfare Diwali Melaava film stars night every year.

The producer remembers Karkare as an ever-smiling person with a calm demeanour, "For the past four years, I had been interacting with him. This time, on November 2, he was actively yet discreetly supervising the arrangements at the Diwali Melaava, which had a turnout of over 50 showbiz celebs. So overwhelmed was he when artistes like Dharmendra, Shah Rukh Khan. Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra turned up for the event that he asked me to convey his personal thanks to all those who he could not get to meet." The event which began with Karkare lighting the traditional lamp on stage, is expected to be telecast this month-end.

'If not an actor, a police officer'
Dharmendra was emotionally charged when he addressed the Mumbai cops and their families at the Diwali Melaava this year. He told the kids of the cops, "Whenever your papa goes on duty, I am sure you must be very apprehensive, about his safe return. May God eliminate this nagging fear from your minds. Allow me to salute the brave warrior cops. Honestly speaking, had I not been an actor, I would become a police officer.

Some Reactions From Bollywood On the Mumbai Terror Attack

Ashish Chowdhary
In The Darkest Hour - Aashish Chaudhary

Among the many Mumbaikars, who went around searching for their loved ones on the night after terrorists struck, was Ashish Chowdhary who went to Trident Hotel last morning to search for his sister who was trapped inside the hotel. He waited outside the hotel like many others, in vain. We spoke the actor around 7:30 pm and he had still no news of his sister.
Update at 04:00 PM: Actor Ashish Chowdhury's sister, who was among those trapped in the Trident Hotel standoff, dies in the hotel.

Some Bollywood Personalities React On the Mumbai Terror Attack

Imtiaz Ali
“It's time for us to understand that we can't be scared. This happened to us because we have taken it lying down each time. And we raise no questions, we are letting all this happen to us. We need to question the people in power and take responsibility ourselves to bring the right people to power. What has happened to the city is completely unimaginable. Instead of pointing fingers and finding faults, we need to wake up and take charge of the situation, nipping the problem at
the bud.”

Mahesh Bhatt
“Terrorism is here to stay and that is the grim reality we have to face. And if we thought it happened only in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and that we were wellprotected, that delusion has now crumbled. We now have to face the fact that terror is also in Vile Parle. We have to understand that our politicians are singularly incapable of restoring peace, and that by choosing to be a war tool of the US, we are paying a very high price. The only peace we will now see is the peace between wars. Let me tell you, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Rohan Sippy
Rohan Sippy's My President is Coming, which was due to release today, has been postponed indefinitely owing to the unrest caused by the terrorist attacks. Rohan had to even stop the special preview of the film midway on Wednesday at Fame Adlabs, Andheri. Rohan Sippy said, “I am yet to come to terms with what has happened. Watching a heritage hotel like the Taj burning
(on television) was heartbreaking.”

Rahul Bose: Enough! We don't have 9 lives
The absence of duty on part of the politicians is the sole reason for this tragedy. We don't need new terror laws to stop a ship-full of grenades and guns from entering our city, we simply need to do our job well. We get frisked and our cars get checked, but how did these terrorists waltz into these hotels with AK47s? Why is our anti-terror plan not in place? This is the largest psychologically damaging blow on our city, but we will recover, simply because we have no choice. But, the time has come to ask for another choice. The people are not going to tolerate an event of such intensity, again. Politicians should not take us for granted. We are not gifted with nine lives.

Pooja Bedi: Please Implement Enough is Enough now
The city has been subjected to non-stop acts of violence, first by political parties like the Shiv Sena and the MNS and now by armed terrorists. I wish the government had taken a stand a long time back, stating that enough is enough and taking appropriate action against the perpetrators of violent acts. However, it's never too late for the government to implement this slogan — starting now.

Suchitra Krishnamurthy: We need better-trained security
It's deplorable! The government is not equipped to handle a handful of terrorists. I am not discounting people who have worked hard, kudos to them. But we need better-trained security personnel.

Uday Chopra Will be Re-Re-Launched by Yash Raj Films in a Love Story Directed by Jugal Hansraj

Jugal Hansraj has been given the responsibility of resurrecting Uday Chopra’s flagging career. A source close to Yash Raj Films said, “Aditya Chopra is extremely fond of Jugal. He has given him roles in Hum Tum, Aaja Nachle and several other Yash Raj films and also encouraged Jugal to turn director (Roadside Romeo). Now when the family is concerned about Uday’s career, Aditya has given Jugal the responsibility to do the needful.”

The film will be launched early next year and will be a very unusual love story. According to a close friend of the Chopras, “Yash Raj is done with conventional films. Now Aditya Chopra is looking at doing path-breaking work with directors who would like to grow with the Yash Raj empire and not just use the banner as a stepping stone.”

This film requires an ultra-glamorous leading lady. Apparently Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have been approached.

Jugal Hansraj said, “It’s too early to talk about the film. It’s still in the planning stage. I’ll talk about it once everything is in place.”

Rahul Knew Ashu Would Win…Says Zulfi Syed, After Almost Winning Bigg Boss

Now i’m free! Zulfi Syed (left)

Rahul knew that Ashu was going to win…
…says Zulfi Syed, after almost winning Bigg Boss

Zulfi Syed was among the final three to leave the Bigg Boss house. He talks about his time within, his housemates and much more...

How is life after Bigg Boss?
Life's great, its nice and very positive.

Is it difficult coping?
Yes just a little. I am spaced out but it is all perfectly fine.

Did you ever think that Ashutosh would win the show?
I knew beforehand that Ashutosh would win it. When Rahul exited the house, he told Raja and me that he would make sure Ashutosh would go on to win it and not either of us. He went out at the right time (five days before the show ended) and it looks like he did what he had promised. I was the first one to get out of the house. I told Shilpa Shetty four hours before the final results were declared that Ashutosh would win. She didn't ask me any further questions. I feel it was not fair because we guys were staying in the house for as long and Rahul had already got the results before the announcement was made. It is a little strange, don't you think?

Why were you not present at the Sanjay Nirupam party?
Sanjay invited me for the party. But before I could leave, I asked my friends (Debojeet Saha and Ehsaan Qureshi) who were already at the party. They told me about the Raja controversy and I decided to stay away. That's why you didn't see me there.

Who are the people you will continue to stay in touch with, from the house?
I will stay in touch with Debojeet, Ehsaan Qureshi, Ketakiji and Sanjay Nirupam.

Was the show everything you expected it to be? Or was it different?
I already knew the format of Bigg Boss so I think that part stayed true. But what really happened at the end of the show was really not fair.

At any time during the last few weeks did you think that you would win?
Yes, I did get a little confident that I might just win this when I was in the last four and then in the last three. But then, Rahul's comments made me think otherwise…

Why did Rahul say what he did to you?
Rahul said that he didn't want the money and that he was going to do it out of charity for us. I told him to stay true to the game and play it all the way out and not leave the house. I think he wanted to get the audience's sympathy or whatever. If you remember, when Ashu was handed the trophy, the first thing he said was that 'yeh meri jeet nahin hai…yeh Rahul Mahajan ki jeet hai…' I think that proves everything.

Do you believe that the Payal-Rahul romance was only for the camera?
I think it was something personal between the two. I can't comment on it.

Do you think Rahul's exit was a planned one, like everyone believes?
Before Rahul left, I told him that he was doing the wrong thing and he should stay back and continue with the game. To which he told me that he was doing the right thing and that he had to do this. I knew something fishy was going on!

Will you ever return for the next season?
I would, surely; but only if it is a fair game.

The one thing you didn't like while in the house?
The one thing I didn't like was the use of abusive language in the house. Because we all knew that all of India would be watching the show. From families to kids — everyone was going to be watching it —why talk in that manner?

Who do you think will benefit most from the show?
I don't know.

Fatafat 8
  • The Most genuine person in the house: Debojeet.
  • The most innocent: Ehsaan.
  • The most wicked: Rahul.
  • The biggest liar: I don't know!
  • Your best friend(s) in the house: Debojeet and Ehsaan.
  • Your worst enemy in the house: None
  • The person you were most uncomfortable around? Not any person; mostly the abusive lingo.
  • The person you think deserved to win? Debojeet
Name Feeling
  • Raja - Anger
  • Sambhavna - Anger
  • Ashutosh - Clever
  • Rahul - Smart
  • Monica - Confused
  • Diana - Clueless
  • Ehsaan - Innocent
  • Debojeet - A good boy!
  • Sanjay - Gentleman
  • Jade - Happiness
  • Ketki - Nice
  • Payal - Good girl
  • Alina - Clever
  • Rakhi - Nice girl

Shilpa Shetty's Beau Raj Kundra Buys Two Floors In Mumbai Building at Rs 24 Crore!

The place in question: Fortune 10 building (pic/ Rane Ashish)

Shilpa Shetty's boyfriend Raj Kundra has bought the ground floor and first floor flats in Fortune 10, a building along Juhu beach at around Rs 24 crores. The building, close to the ISKCON temple, is one of the most expensive areas in Mumbai. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar and wife Twinkle Khanna had bought the ground floor and first floor flats in the sea-facing Prime Beach apartments off Gandhigram Road in Juhu (barely 100m away from Shilpa and Raj's new place).

Perfect space
According to an estate agent (Vijay from Bandra) who negotiated the deal, Shilpa Shetty's beau, London-based Raj Kundra bought 8,000 sq ft space in a Juhu building for a whopping Rs. 24 crore (approx) last month. The building named Fortune 10 is situated in the prime locality of Juhu and is sea-facing. Vijay says, "Raj bought the ground floor and the first floor of the building. According to the broker, Raj bought the space around a month back and is currently reconstructing the structure. Raj and Shilpa have been looking for a good place. This one was perfect for them, especially now that Raj wants to shift base to Mumbai."

Sangeet Kumar, another real estate broker from Juhu, confirmed that the deal had taken place. He also claims that this property was eyed by many. "This is an exclusive piece of land; nowhere in Juhu is such a huge property with sea view available. This deal also indicates that people do pay a good amount for their dream home," added Kumar. Sources tell us that Hrithik Roshan's wife Sussanne (she designed Priyanka Chopra's new flat in Versova) is designing Raj and Shilpa's apartments with Shilpa looking into the minutest of details. "Shilpa is taking personal interest and care as this bungalow is very special for her. The interior designing will take a couple of months after which Raj will shift in."
Source: mid-day

Pictures From Ameesha Patel's and Beau Kanav Puri's Private Album

Photo romance

Today, Ameesha Patel and Kanav Puri are one of B-Town's most talked about and much-in-love couple. Talk-ing about the lovey-dovey pictures Ameesha says, "Kanav has made a collection of some of our most special memories through these pict- ures. It's almost like our own personal diary. Kanav's a wonderful guy who surprises me with the most romantic things."Here's looking at Ameesha's diary...

This was taken at L'Avenue Café on Avenue Montaigne in Paris. We are having a really late lunch and a bottle of champagne after our visit to the Louvre. I made Kanav behave like a tourist. I am a museum junkie, so I dragged him to the Louvre and see the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Kanav wasn't much impressed by it and said 'Big deal! I would rather look at you instead. I wanted him to see renowned works of art and he would say I am much more beautiful. He's very naughty. I made him climb the Eiffel Tower after a heavy lunch because I wanted to show him the exact spot where I wanted him to propose to me and kiss me.

At Maldives on my birthday (June 9). It was again a surprise as I thought we were going to Goa when Kanav whizzed me off to Maldives without divulging any information. He had taken a private villa with a pool. It was lovely and secluded.

Dinner at Olive, Bandra. This was our first time together in Mumbai and Kanav surprised me on his birthday. We brought it in Olive. He wasn't supposed to be in India. Suddenly, he landed up at my home and took me out for dinner. It's also the first time that he met my friends. The rose in his mouth is because Kanav is trying to do the tango. I was wearing an off-shoulder dress and Kanav said I looked very hot.

At the Louvre in Paris. Paris is my favourite city and I have visited it many times as a child. This trip was special as Kanav drove me down to Paris his yellow Ferrari, for the first time. I had gone to meet him in London and he said, 'Let's drive down to Paris on Friday and stay over the weekend. But I think he was more excited about the car than me!

At Kanav’s Delhi home where I met his family and friends for the fist time since our courtship. I am wearing a Versace dress while Kanav’s wearing a blue Armani shirt. We popped a bottle of champagne and then all of us went out for dinner.

It’s at the LakmĂ© Fashion Week when we made our first public appearance together in March. I guess that makes it kind of special…

Priyanka Chopra on the November Issue of Music Magazine Blender

Priyanka Chopra on the Cover of Music Magazine Blender

When the 'King Khan of Bollywood' calls someone as 'The Sexiest Indian Actress', then she better be someone who is out of this world. The lady in question is not just 'merely' out of this world, but she is a Miss World herself. Well, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the one and only Priyanka Chopra, who has beaten, not just the 'blacks', but also the 'blues', to be the 'Numero Uno' artist in the newly launched supercool music magazine 'Blender'!

All this while we had known Priyanka as the actress and the heart-warming eye-candy. But the super-enthusiastic guys at 'Blender' have portrayed her as a performer and this 'portrayal' has put Priyanka Chopra in the top spot, thus surpassing greats like Metallica, Kareena Kapoor, Mariah Carey and Amy Winehouse (it's a global compilation, you see).

With the recent back-to-back smash hits like Fashion and Dostana, can life get any better for this chic? Sometimes, we wonder if Lady Luck herself must be jealous of Priyanka's Luck! Way to go, Priyanka!

Source: Indiafm

Katrina Kaif On the Cover of December 2008 Issue of Vogue Magazine

Katrina Kaif on the latest Cover of Vogue

Kareena Kapoor Talks About Going From Size Zero to Sexy in Kambakht Ishq

Inspired by Sex And The City star, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bebo goes from size zero to sexy for her role in Kambakht Ishq.

Kareena Kapoor has ditched the (supposedly Victoria 'Posh' Beckham- inspired) size-zero look she had in Tashan and is to get curvy (inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw) for Kambakht Ishq.

Glam and chic yet simple

Talking about her new look, Bebo says, "My looks in KI will be something audiences haven't seen before. It's completely different from Tashan, Golmaal Returns and Jab We Met. I play a surgeon and a supermodel in Kambakht Ishq and my styling has been done keeping my character in mind. I always discuss my roles with Lolo (sister Karisma Kapoor) and when I asked her about Kambakht Ishq, she told me to get inspiration from Sarah Jessica's Parker's look in Sex And The City. Lolo loves watching the TV serial and Sarah's cool, chic, glamorous and yet simple styles."

Designer Aki Narula went shopping for Kareena's clothes in Paris and Milan. Kareena adds, "My character is based in Los Angeles. I have gone in for different hairstyles. My look is more voluptuous and sexy in Kambakht Ishq so I had to go on a different diet and exercise regime. My carbohydrate intake went up but my exercise routine was cut down. Though I was still doing yoga it was milder and from seven days a week, I now exercise only three days a week."

Simply healthy

Kareena adopts a healthier and sans make-up look for Rensil's film. She says, "As I leave for Karan Johar's film (directed by Rensil D'Silva) in Philadelphia, it's for the first time in one and a half years that I won't be carrying any diet or trainer with me. Karan has strictly forbidden me to exercise or diet during an outdoor shoot. It's snowing there so I won't need to work out. I will burn calories in any case because of the freezing cold. Karan wants a healthy and chubby look from me as I play a Muslim girl. KJo wants me to look real so I won't be wearing any make-up in the film." Kareena adds, "It's very important for an actor to keep changing his/her looks. It's a challenge to keep experimenting with your looks according to your role – as Aamir and Shah Rukh are doing. After my size-zero look in Tashan it's a sexier, more real and natural look that I am going in for now for Kambakht Ishq and Rensil's film."

Kareena joins her beau Saif Ali Khan in Philadelphia. She laughs and says, "This is our first film together where we are paired romantically opposite each other. In Tashan, I was with Akshay and in Omkara, I was with Ajay Devgan." Playing favourites

Says Bebo, "I have told Saif that I will be giving him points while working with him for Karan's film and only after the schedule is over will I decide whether he has become my favorite co-star or not. I love the story as it's set against a different backdrop. My favorite co-star is Akshay Kumar as there's a great comfort level while working with him. Lolo and I are also very close to Akshay's wife Twinkle who is designing Saif's and my flat in Bandra."

Stills from Kambakht Ishq

Celina Bought in Her 27th Birthday on Monday With an Illness in the Family

B'day wishes

Celina bought in her 27th birthday on Monday with an illness in the family. Says the birthday girl, "My puppy Gooblee was unwell the whole day. She swallowed plastic, and the entire day before my birthday the vet was trying to pull the plastic out of his throat."

Celina is getting herself a BMW to cheer herself up this birthday. "I need that boost. I've been working hard and Golmaal Returns is a hit. So I need to indulge myself. I know a girl's best friend are diamonds, but she needs a posh car to get to the jewellery store. So a BMW. I've chosen a silver coloured one." None of her family members are in town for her birthday, "so it's not a very happy birthday for me." Her birthday wish? "I am unlucky in love, so maybe for my 27th birthday, God will grant me romantic love. It's about time I got

Priyanka Chopra in Her Flamboyant Goddess of Atlantis Costume

Too Fluffy (left) - Priyanka Chopra in her Goddess of Atlantis Costume
Priyanka wasn't at ease with her flamboyant costume at the Atlantis launch
It was a bit of a touch-and-go at the launch of Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai when Priyanka Chopra arrived to see her 'Goddess Of Atlantis' costume coordinated by Colin Cowie Lifestyle. The elaborate flamboyant costume with headgear, feathers and other finery made her look like a modern-day Cleopatra.

Priyanka apparently baulked at the costume. Says a source, "Priyanka likes to dress in minimalist clothes and make-up. To her, less is more. Her ideal look is a short and sober dress with minimum accessories. The elaborate carnival-like costume for the the Atlantis opening in Dubai had Priyanka nervous and anxious. It isn't her style at all." The actress had been rehearsing for the event for two months trying to get comfortable with the flamboyant outfit.

Recalling the evening, Priyanka says, "I had never worn anything like this. We had been working on the costume and details of the evening for two months. The designer had even flown down to Abu Dhabi when I was there for the film festival last month for a film festival. The costume was a bit too extravagant for me with a big crown and a floating dress…. very melodramatic for someone who likes minimalist dressing. Fortunately, I felt fine once I wore it. I reached there only a few hours before I was to officially open the hotel and I had to get all the technicalities right."

Katrina Kaif Reveales Salman Khan's Biggest Secret

Sallu's biggest secret

Katrina Kaif has revealed Salman Khan's biggest secret. She giggles, "He likes to act tough but it is so easy to win him over. Anyone who wants to get close to him only has to act defenceless, play the underdog and say, 'I have no friends and no one loves me. Bas, Salman will adopt that person." Lekin VO, somehow we don't think this will work for you.

Friendly Ex-Files: Potshots Between Ex-Flames Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty on Bigg Boss

Apart from Roadies champ Ashutosh Kaushik bagging the Bigg Boss Season 2 crown as well, finale viewers were amused by the friendly potshots between ex-flames Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty on the show. The Khiladi even joked that who would know him better than Shilpa when it comes to his action prowess! Shilpa said "Akshay over the years people have known you for your stunts" for which akshay replied "who would know that better than you". Now if only more ex-lovers in B-Town would be as comfy as them and let bygones be bygones.

Shilpa Shetty, Ashutosh Kaushik and Akshay Kumar on Bigg Boss

Artist Rouble Nagi Talks About Painting Katrina Kaif's Yuvvraaj Look

Artist and muralist Rouble Nagi talks about the second actress on her wishlist

"Katrina has transcended to a different level in Yuvvraaj. She is truly an artist's vision," beams well-known muralist-artist Rouble Nagi. The 28-year-old, whose clientele boasts of several Bollywood A-listers, social-ites, leading MNCs and hotels, has created a mural panel of Kat. The art work has found many admirers with the most ardent one being Salman Khan. In a quick chat with HiTLIST, Rouble speaks about her works, Salman and her muse, Kat.

The mural

Katrina seems to be an inspiration...

She is — especially her resplendent look in Yuvvraaj. Her character has such an aura to it. The mural takes a cue from the shot where Katrina is playing a cello with her eyes closed.

Did the panel need a lot of preparation?

I had to work doubly hard to do justice to her beauty. I just couldn't have gone wrong. The panel is a 3-D mixed media creation and is made of fibre, cold ceramic, fresco and stone.

Did you meet Kat before creating her image?
I have met her several times. She is an extremely warm person and is beautiful from the inside.

Did your friend Salman Khan coax you into creating the mural?
Salman is family. Our association goes beyond professional commitments. But making the murals was entirely my choice. In fact, the idea began on an informal note. Salman, Subhashji (Ghai) who is also a very dear friend, and I were discussing Yuvvraaj over a meal. I saw some photos from the film and it was then that we decided to go for the creations.

Salman, we hear, loves the murals.
(Smiles) Yes, he does. In fact, everyone has been complimenting the work. It is quite humbling.

Will the murals be up for auction?
Well, we are planning to do so. The proceeds will be donated to the Salman Khan Foundation. It is an honest cause and I don't see any better medium to make use of the auction money.

How do you rate Salman as an artist?
Salman's concepts are brilliant. His sense of detailing is amazing. He is very passionate and practises a lot. And his hard work shows.

Any advice for him?
I am senior to him when it comes to art but even with his experience, Salman is doing quality work. He should continue practising.

Does being Salman Khan's friend come easy?
If you're genuine, then being Salman's friend is the easiest job. The man will do anything for you only if you are true to him.

After Kat, who is your choice of muse?
I would love to make a portrait of Kareena (Kapoor). In fact, I can make both of Kareena and Katrina (laughs).

Real Deal: The Scene from Yuvvraaj

Hrithik Roshan to Play Lord Ram in Father-in-Law Sanjay Khan’s Film, The Legend of Rama


Hrithik Roshan to play Ram in father-in-law Sanjay Khan’s film, The Legend of Rama

Sanjay Khan, producer of TV serial The Sword of Tipu Sultan (1989) is set to produce a film, The Legend of Rama, to be co-scripted by Sanjay Khan and UK based author Farrukh Dhondy.

According to sources, the cast includes Sanjay’s superstar son-in-law, Hrithik Roshan as Ram, Sanjay’s son Zayed as Laxman and Amitabh Bachchan as Dashrath.

Talking about this epic project, Zayed Khan says, “Yes, my father is indeed making the Ramayan. It’s called The Legend of Rama. He has been planning this film for the last three years and looking for a perfect to play Ram. And who but Hrithik could be the perfect choice for the role?” Apparently Amitabh Bachchan had agreed to play Dashrath, but that was two years ago. As for Zayed playing Laxman the young actor, who will be seen as the pampered younger brother in Subhash Ghai’s Yuvvraaj, chuckles, “Playing Laxman in one form or another is the story of my life.”

Dhondy, who is currently in Mumbai to give finishing touches to the script says, “It’s Ramayan in modern format and the script is ready. This means it will be the Ramayan in The Lord Of The Rings genre. The screenplay has the motion, motivation and movement of a Shakespearean play. When you do a Mahabharat, Ramayan or any other scripture the danger is, it just becomes - the Gods did this, Gods did that because the Gods can do anything they like. That’s why you are taught in writing school to never include Gods in your creativity. I’m trying to rationalise the ways of the Gods. Hrithik is the perfect Ram and Zayed the perfect Laxman.”

However, it is yet to be seen, who plays Sita and Ravan. Interestingly, Raj Kumar Santoshi had announced his version of Ramayan with Ajay Devgan, Kajol and Riteish Deshmukh as Rama, Sita and Laxman respectively. But the project was shelved. This year Ekta Kapoor’s ambitious TV serial, Mahabharat, was struggling to drum up the TRPs. Will Sanjay Khan is able to break the jinx on the epic sagas?

Pakistani Actress, Meera Lands Up at Mahesh Bhatt’s House at Midnight For Accommodation


Midnight drama

Pakistani actress, Meera landed up at Mahesh Bhatt’s house at 1.30 am to spend the night at his place, but Bhatt refused to accommodate her.

Mahesh Bhatt’s discovery, Pakistani actress Meera (who made her Bollywood debut in Nazar) landed up at Mahesh’s house in Juhu, on Monday at 1.30 a.m., asking to be accommodated in his house, but Mahesh Bhatt put his foot down and instead asked producer Sevy Ali to take her back.

The drama unfolded when there was a knock at the Bhatt’s residence at 1.30 a.m., on Monday. Mahesh’s 20-year-old daughter, Shaheen opened the door and was shocked to see Meera at their door step with Gulshan Arora, owner of the hotel Sun ‘n’ Sand. She immediately informed her father about the unexpected visitors at the dead of the night.

When we asked Mahesh if it was true that Meera had come to his home at 1.30 a.m., he said, “I was shocked to see Meera at my residence in the middle of the night. She looked disturbed and seemed to be suffering from some sort of paranoia. I surely couldn’t accommodate her in that state at my place. Meera had no business to be here. Recently, she even left Pakistan without informing her parents. Such behaviour is totally unacceptable to me. But then, I did no wrong. I took complete responsibility in handing her over to a responsible man, Sevy Ali (producer of Nazar and White Noise) and asked him to take her away.”

Meera confirmed that she did land up at Mahesh Bhatt’s house on the said night. She said, “I am a young girl who is living alone in Mumbai. One guy was troubling me and I got very scared. I had no other option but to rush to my friend Gulshan Arora (owner of Sun ‘n’ Sand). He took me to Bhatt saab’s house.”

The drama went on at Bhatt’s residence till 3 a.m.

Meera is miffed with Mahesh Bhatt for turning her away. She said, “Bhatt saab’s behaviour towards me has changed drastically. I must add that I am quite peeved by the attitude of people here. He even called up my father and asked him to come and take me home.”

When we checked with Bhatt about this, he confirmed and said, “Yes, I did call up her father. Meera has spoken a lot against me in the Pakistani press in the recent past. But now she wants me to cast her in one of my films. But I am not living under any illusion. We have a young India here who needs younger heroines. Why don’t certain ageing actresses come to terms with their mortality?”

We also spoke to Sevy Ali about the incident who said, “I took Meera to the hotel as she wanted to meet another Pakistani actor, Humayun Saeed, who was staying there. I was with her till she knocked his door.” Meera also agreed that she had been to Humayyun’s room to seek refuge for the night as his wife is her good friend. When we asked Sevy, what was Meera’s mindset, he replied, “Meera was very dazed and not in her senses.”

Hrithik Roshan Inaugurated the Audio and Speech Therapy Wing at Nanavati Hospital

As Hrithik Roshan inaugurated the Audio and Speech therapy wing at a hospital, he revisited his impaired-speech days

It was a hugely emotional experience for Hrithik Roshan on Sunday evening when he inaugurated the Audio and Speech therapy wing at the Nanavati Hospital.

Hrithik met his former doctor, Dr Ramesh Oza who had treated Hrithik for his speech impairment. In a rare recollection of his traumatic childhood Hrithik said, “All memories of my past difficulties came spilling out. When I met my doctor who treated me at age 14 for stammering I could barely control my emotions. It’s not easy to be a special child. You may be called ‘special’ to make you feel less troubled about your disability. But only a child who goes through the physical or psychological disability knows the trauma he goes through.”

Sharing his own trauma at Nanavati hospital was quite a liberating experience for the actor. “As someone who has a certain standing I feel it’s my duty to tell kids with disabilities to chill. It’s okay guys, I got over it, so will you.’ I think it’s very important for me to convey this message far and wide and I want to do it more often.”

“It’s all very well to look after your own immediate family and care for friends. But I believe money should also be used for the larger good. That’s what I realised on Sunday evening. I feel charity is a very selfish thing. I feel so good after doing it. I’m sure those who will benefit from my donation wouldn’t feel as good about life as I do,” said Hrithik the morning after the Nanavati wing for audio and speech disorders was inaugurated.

Hrithik donated Rs 20 lakh for the wing for special children. The wing has been named after his grandmother Ira Roshan, the late composer Roshan’s wife, and Rakesh and Rajesh Roshan’s mom.

Says Hrithik emotionally, “I shared some great times with my Daadi during my childhood and growing years. Today seeing my name along with hers and being associated with such a project, she must be smiling down.”
Pictures from the Event

Hrithik Roshan With Dr Ramesh Oza

Salman Khan On the Cover of November 2008 Issue of Filmfare

Salman Khan features on the cover of Filmfare this month. He talks about a whole rage of issues and straight from the heart.

Arjun Rampal on the Cover of November Issue of MW

Arjun Rampal features in the November 2008 Issue of MW
'The Reinvention of Arjun Rampal' screams the headlines from the latest issue of MW. If the headline was not catchy enough, trust Arjun to do the rest. If we had the option of coining the headline, we would have hit the nail on the head stating 'Arjun Like Never Before...Never Ever After'. Having said so, one must admit that the current issue of MW is a killer, from
the word go!

For all those who loved to hate and hated to love the on-screen Arjun 'Mukesh Mehra' Rampal in the blockbuster Om Shanti Om, and thought that this role must have been a cake-walk for the dude, then, here's the real story. It happened on a New Year's Eve, SRK and Farah dragged him into a bathroom and told him about his 'characterless' role in OSO. When Arjun was very
skeptical about doing a negative role thinking of the impact it will have on his kids, the omnipresent SRK simply told him "Do this one film for yourself. You'll do plenty for your kids!" Can SRK ever go wrong?

Even the way Arjun bagged his role in Don is quite interesting in itself. Farhan says, "I'd earlier wanted him for a role in Lakshya, but he'd been busy. I'd seen him with his kids on holiday and thought he could draw on that for the character". Though Arjun's was ready to play Pran's role in the new Don "as long as you don't put me in spandex and make me walk the tightrope". Well, the they is history!

Each and every film of Arjun's is surely a milestone in itself. This also includes the 'cult-and-still-cultivating' landmark film Rock On. Arjun cannot express his joy in words as he says, "One of my most cherished moments after Rock On was when Amitji (the Big B) came and hugged me at the premiere of The Last Lear." All that we would like to ask Arjun is that Amitji hugging you is alright, because both of you are stars! But what about your zillions and counting fans out there, who are hoping to get a 'jaadu ki jhappi' from their Rockstar of Bollywood, Arjun Rampal!

There's surely something about Arjun that takes him places, keeps him in the good books of one and all. You will rarely (read 'never') find him bitching about any co-star or director. No wonder then, filmmakers like Farhan Akhtar, Farah Khan and Rituparno Ghosh are all praises and only praises for this dude with an attitude, an absolute positive one though! With so much going for Arjun Rampal, all that we can say is Arjun is 'Rocking' Bollywood and seems like he is going to do
that for a long time now.
Source: Indiafm

Celina Jaitly and Juhi Chawla at the Closing Ceremony of the Global Millennium Goals Summit

Starry summit
Global Millennium Development Goals Summit was held in Mumbai, India from 7-11 November 2008. It brought together more then 300 young people from around the world to study and take action on the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals ).

Celina Jaitly and Juhi Chawla were at Jai Hind College for the closing ceremony of the Global Millennium Goals summit. The stars added their bit of glam to an otherwise staid event.

Juhi Chawla

Celina Jaitly

Imran Khan's Girlfriend Avantika Malik's Makeover

Imran Khan's girlfriend Avantika Malik seems to have gone in for a makeover. The otherwise soberly dressed girl turned up for an event wearing a cleavage-baring top and a teenie skirt! Now we wonder if this lassie is trying to say something to her better half, after he has been been seen in the company of his bare-all co-star Minissha Lamba!

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