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Twitter turns Kangana Ranaut’s claims against Hrithik Roshan into hilarious meme

A screen shot from Kangana Ranaut’s interview has become the latest fodder for memes on social media. Here’s why

Kangana Ranaut is trending on social media again. This time, however, it’s not because of any explosive revelation, but an unfiltered statement that has caught the fancy of the meme-makers.
Kangana Ranaut recently appeared on India TV’s show Aap ki Adalat making some startling claims. Mincing no words, Kangana accused Hrithik Roshan of threatening her to remain silent on their alleged relationship.
The Queen star claimed that she also approached the father of Krrish2 star, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan, for help but alleged that he went back on his words.
Meanwhile, a screen shot from the freewheeling interview has become the latest obsession on social media.
Here are some to tickle your funny bone:
When you study really really hard and crack the entrance exam but ur friend enters the college through donation quota.
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1. When your friend buy iphone
2. When your friend keeps boasting it on social media.
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Pic 1 : when you see South Delhi Girl wearing Adidas originals

Pic 2 : when you look closely and it is Abidas Originals

A war of words and a legal battle had ensued between Kangana and Hrithik after she referred to him as her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. Later, Hrithik said he would date the pope rather than her in an indirect tweet.

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