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Photograph of Monica Bedi With Abu Salem

Picture: Love lost - Abu Salem and
Monica Bedi in happier times
Monica Bedi, the glamorous former girlfriend of jailed gangster Abu Salem, says the don wants her to get married.

"Salem holds nothing against me. He told me to move on and get married if I wanted to," Monica said, soon after flagging off a vintage car rally in the Capital on Saturday.

This was her first public appearance following her exit from Bigg Boss. Monica was vehement in her protestations that there was nothing between her and Salem anymore.

'It's over'
"I feel no fear, love or anger towards him, and I hope to completely move on, soon. We're not in touch and things are over from his side, too," she said.

On reports of her romance with Rahul Mahajan, Monica said, "We're just good friends. We have been through a lot of trouble of the same kind, so he understands a lot. When I broke down in front of the camera, it wasn't planned, it was all natural."

Monica is planning to move into the Andheri apartment that MP and Bigg Boss co-star Sanjay Nirupam has arranged for her, and says she will move in with her mother in a few months.

Her family, she says, gets "hurt" at her public outbursts, but has always been there to fall back on. And what does she have to say to soap star Ketki Dave's allegation about the Bigg Boss being fixed? "No. By my experience, it was all spontaneous. I don't think it's fixed," she said.

Source: Mid-day

Arshad Warsi

I was born on: April 19 and my sun sign Aries.

I did my schooling from: Barnes School, it's a boarding in Devlali, Maharashtra.

My fav actor: Amitabh Bachchan.

A flick I am never tired of watching: Most of the Zucker Brothers' flicks.

The most embarrassing moment: Recently, it was during the National Awards that I got many calls and messages from friends who thought I'd win, and I replied with thanks, but finally, didn't win!

I love being in: New York, Goa and Thailand.

Prized possession: My kids.

I am comfortable wearing: Custom made pyjamas with Chinese T-shirts.

My best friend in the industry: Dia Mirza.

If not an actor, I would have been: A director or a restaurateur.

Shilpa Shetty in a Bridal Outfit With Beau Raj Kundra

Here comes the bride…
Shilpa Shetty wore a bridal outfit as the showstopper for Tarun Tahiliani's fashion show at the HDIL Couture Week

Shilpa Shetty who strutted about in bridal finery as showstopper for Tarun Tahiliani's show at the Couture Week was spotted with beau Raj Kundra post the show. We caught up with Shilpa and asked her if it was a dress rehearsal for her big day (sometime soon?).

Haven't decided
Shilpa laughs it off, "Well, I was meant to look like a bride! Since walking the ramp for Tarun, I've been asked this question a million times after I wore this particular outfit. Well, let me tell you that I haven't decided my wedding date but I do hope to wear such a beautiful outfit on my wedding day, whenever it happens."

Was she nervous walking the ramp? "I was a bit scared as the ghagra was slightly loose and kept drooping every time I walked. I told Tarun it felt airy but fortunately, there were no wardrobe malfunctions. I am never nervous walking the ramp and wish I could've become a model. I always walk for Tarun. In fact he's the only designer I walk for."

Shilpa has kept away from the endorsement bandwagon. "I did endorse Romanov (a vodka brand) at one time. Maybe that spoilt my chances with other drinks but I am open to endorsements, provided I am convinced about it. I have my own brand too — my yoga DVD and own perfume. I am one of the fortunate few to have my own brand. In endorsements, it's also about being the flavor of the season. Maybe some companies can't afford that, so when it works both ways financially I will sign up for a brand."Dressing a bride ain't easy!

According to Shilpa, a lot of effort goes into wearing a bridal outfit. "I was put off by the dress a bit as it's coupled with the tons of jewellery and elaborate hairdo. The outfit also turned out to be extremely heavy. The ghaghra is a beautifully crafted piece of zardozi and brocade but weighed almost 10 kg. I pity the brides who have to wear such heavy lehengas on their wedding day," she grins.

Dimple Kapadia and Daughter Twinkle Khanna at Rose Day Event for Cancer Society of India.

Making their day rosier:
Yummy mommies: The reticient Dimple Kapadia along with daughter Twinkle Khanna's (Akshay Kumar's wife) were at the annual Rose Day event held by the Cancer Society of India.

The normally taciturn Arjun Rampal and Sonu Niigaam were also there having a blast with the children. Guess kiddies bring out their paternal side!

Koena Mitra and Kangana Ranaut Spotted With Similar Bags

Koena Mitra turned up for the premiere of Saas Bahu Aur Sensex with a Fendi bag dangling from her hand. A while back Kangana Ranaut had been spotted with a similar bag at the premiere of Haal-e-Dil. Both the B-Town actresses seem to covet the same designs! Hopefully, it ain't a hand-me-down…

Sonali Bendre With Her Hair Chopped Off

Hair and now

Sonali Bendre recently chopped off her long tresses for a chic shorter cut. This may be more manageable, but it does not suit Goldie Behl's wife one bit. She has such an Indian face, that short hair just does not go with it. Weren't her tressess her biggest asset? Whoever told her to cut if off?

Raveena Tandon With Husband Anil Thadani

Sweet nothings: Raveena Tandon was spotted cosying up with husband Anil Thadani at an event. Check out Anil’s little ponytail-in-the-making. Inspired by Imran Khan, wot?

Celina Jaitley's Breasts Were Enhanced (Digitally) to Send Out a Message to Protect Elephants


Sex sells. It is an adage as old as mankind itself. This recent advertisement for PETA, which is yet to appear in publications, and something that we got hold of in advance (as we always do), goes to show how little the world changes. This picture that you see here is that of actress Celina Jaitley. Notice something different?

Well, we can't quite call you sick, coz we noticed it ourselves!

Celina's breasts have obviously been enhanced digitally to attract attention towards the issue. In a tight t-shirt that would put Samantha Fox to shame and grey hot pants straight out of Archie's comics, Jaitley is shackled with chains: all this now to represent a grey elephant. Our source, who has worked on the PETA campaign, tells us, "One needs to do these things to attract attention to a glaring issue. We have deliberately done this."

Responding to the jumbo size of her assets, the actress was completely calm when we called her on the telephone. "I was not aware of it, but now that you tell, yes, my breasts do look different. But I have done it for a good cause. I don't think it should be much of an issue," said she.

Two thumbs up for Celina's environmental passion.

In the past, PETA has not shied away from using the power of seduction to bring forth issues of environmental degradation and endangered bio-diversity in our tragic times. For instance, Rakhi Sawant and Sherlyn Chopra might have made a career out of the outré, but have also been featured in PETA campaigns. The two of them in fact went to the extent of becoming caged tigresses for a live audience.

Guess Celina will have to make do with being a jumbo! Haathi Mere Saathi, we approve!

Mahima Chaudhary Covers Thighs With Clutch

Clutch To Rescue
Mahima Chaudhary turned up at an event to felicitate Olympic champs in a short black dress that showcased her thunder thighs. Somewhere down the line she realised that too much was on display and covered up her thighs with her clutch!

Amul Ad on Singh is King

Amul but er…
The recent Amul hoardings which projected Akshay Kumar as the number one hero, rated over Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, has raised questions in Bollywood

The Amul hoardings recently seen across town, created quite a few murmurs in the film industry. The hoardings projected Akshay Kumar as the number one hero, while the two Khans - Shah Rukh and Aamir - are shown handing out buttered toasts to Akshay with the tagline saying, ‘Singh is King’. Apparently, this running down of their numero uno position has not gone down well with SRK and Aamir.

Upset at this unwarranted assessment, an industry insider close to both the Khans said, “There have been spoofs made on films like Taare Zameen Par and Om Shaanti Om, but why are the two actors made to look small in the ad, and on what basis? Whose idea was it to compare the actors and rate them?” We contacted Rahul DaCunha, head honcho of DaCunha Associates, about the concept of this particular ad. He said, “For the moment at least, after the release of Sinngh is King, Akshay was considered to be the number one and people too have accepted him as the number one hero. Even the newspapers clearly declared him as the number one hero, it’s not as though it’s our take entirely.”

But it’s true that there have been rumblings in the industry questioning the concept. DaCunha said, “Nothing has reached my ears so far. Audiences take such ad campaigns more like a joke. People have to be sporting enough to laugh off these matters.”

Jay Bhanushali

I was born on: December 15 and my sun signis Capricorn (??).

I did my schooling from: BPM High School in Khar, Mumbai.

My fav actor: Akshay Kumar.

A flick I am never tired of watching: Waqt starring Akshay Kumar and all Mallika Sherawat flicks, especially Murder.

The most embarrassing moment: Can't recall.

I love being in: London.

Prized possession: My brother.

I am comfortable wearing: Jeans and a tee.

My best friend in the industry: Actually, two of them — Jatin Shah and Ali Merchant.

If not an actor, I would have been: A struggler !

Priyanka Chopra Made a Visit to Siddhivinayak Temple on Thursday Morning

Priyanka Chopra Made a Visit to Siddhivinayak Temple on Thursday (11.9.2008) Morning, in the company of some members of the cast of her forthcoming film Fashion

Cartoon On The Jaya - Raj Thackeray Controversy, Featuring Amithab Bachchan

'Rahul Mahajan is Not My Kind Of Guy' - Monica Bedi

Monica Bedi bares her heart to Vedika Tripathi on love, Rahul Mahajan and life after Bigg Boss-II

What next after Bigg Boss –II?
Films. Definitely films. I have got a few offers for leads. I have not had the time to think about them though.

Will you accept itemnumbers?
I don't mind doing item numbers, but not at the start. Today, all big heroines are doing it.

Did filmmakers look down on you?
Bilkul nahin. They are all nice to me. They were hesitant for sure, as they did not realise my position then. But after Bigg Boss, people's perception has changed.

After losing so many years, do you think you will be able to compete with the new heroines?
I have confidence in myself. I know God is with me. I know he will give me the chance to improve and prove myself.

Would you want to be in a relationship with Rahul Mahajan?
Rahul is not my kind of guy. I can't see him as a life partner. He can't be anything more than a friend.

Will love ever happen again?
I hope to fall in love again. But love can't be planned. It will happen when it has to.

Has Sanjay Nirupam helped with your house hunting?
He called to say that a flat was ready for me. His efforts are laudable.

Do you ever feel insecure or have you ever been threatened?
It's actually the other way round. People get scared of me because they think I am still with Salem.

Have your parents ever criticised you?
The most amazing part of my life is that my parents have never questioned me. I am grateful that they have forgiven me.

Any regrets?
I only regret not sharing my life with my parents. If I had shared my problems with them, they would have bailed me out long back.

If you are taken back in time what changes would you make?
I don't say that I was not at fault, but only I know my compulsions. I think any other girl in my place would have done what I did. Only I know how Salem has cheated me.

Is Salem keeping a check on you?
He can't keep tabs on me. Jail is a place of suffering.

Will you ever go back to Salem?
NEVER! That chapter is over.

How do you see your life five years down the line?
It is difficult to predict what will happen, but I am sureI will be able to clear the blot on my character and my family by then.

Source: Mid-day

Sanjeeda Sheikh

I was born on: December 20 and my sun sign is Sagittarius.

I did my schooling from: Little Flower High School, Ahmedabad.

My fav actor: Salman Khan.

A flick I am never tired of watching: Mani Ratnam's Bombay.

The most embarrassing moment: Too many to make a note of.

I love being in: Mumbai.

Prized possession: My house.

I am comfortable wearing: A pair of jeans and tees.

My best friends in the industry: Aamir Ali.

If not into the entertainment industry , I would have been: A dance instructor.

Mouli Ganguly, Actor

I was born on: A Saturday and the date was December 15. So I am a Sagittarius.

I did my schooling from: Mahadevi Birla Girl's Higher Secondary School, Kolkata.

My fav actor: Shah Rukh Khan.

A flick I am never tired of watching: The Sound of Music.

The most embarrassing moment: Obviously, I don't want to talk about it.

I love being in: Goa.

Prized possession: A family picture, which was taken a long time back.

I am comfortable wearing: Denims and a T-shirt.

My best friend in the industry: Mazhar Sayed.

If not an actor, I would have been: Doing something related to the media.

Riya Sen: Time for 'hole'abaloo

She has been making news for being the object of attention of several high profile men (After all, getting a biggie like Salman Rushdie spinning around her tiny finger is no mean job!). So when a radiant Riya Sen came visiting apna city for the launch of the seventh edition of Mcdowell's Signature Club Championship at Delhi Golf Club, we had a mass jaw dropping session happening.Dressed in a revealing corset top and a pair of denims, the petite actress kept asking her cues when she marked a promotional shot only to end up saying, "The hole is in the wrong place." Well, darling, we surely can't comment on the hole but your sports skills are certainly not in the right place!

Grand Finale of 10 Ka Dum Features Rani Mukerji and Lara Dutta

Salman Khan and Rani Mukerji

The grand finale of 10 Ka Dum features Rani Mukerji and Lara Dutta. It was a study in contrasts: the leggy Lara loomed over the petite Rani. While Rani was her chatty self with the audience and crew, Lara spoke strictly when required to. The show belonged to the Bengali actress. She didn't want to waste any time in the lead-up, "I have been watching it and I know the rules!" she quipped. When quizzed about her appearance on the show, she said, "Anything for Salman — I'll even do a mujra right now if you ask me!" she said to a thunderous applause from the studio audience.

Guess who’s taller? Rani Mukerji and Lara Dutta

Raveena Tandon Shows off Her Lost Pounds

Raveena Tandon has been showing off her lost pounds at every event in town. But ever notice how she keeps her arms covered? It was a Bitchy Bee who pointed out, "Ravs always had the arms of a wrestler. That's been her problem areas, even when she was thin. I will believe she has trimmed down when I see those arms come out of those drab kurtis she insists on wearing. Unless of course they are designed to help her look leaner than she really is!" Jeez, there's just no pleasing some people!

Monica Bedi Visits Lalbaugcha Raja

Former Bigg Boss housemate, actress Monica Bedi, arrived at the Lalbaugcha Raja pandal at 11.45 pm on Wednesday (10.9.2008). Ousted after three weeks at the BB house, before she could manage an image makeover, the former moll probably needs the Lord's blessings to make it big.

Juhi Chawla Was the Chief Guest at the Launch of The Dermalogica Store in Mumbai on Tuesday

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