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An Interview With Salman Khan

Salman upset about Being Human Fakes ...Don’t buy ‘Being Human’ stuff: Salman

On a pleasant winter noon in Mumbai, I get ru-ba-ru with the hot Salman Khan. Its one of the beautiful days when Salman decides to not live by his larger than life star image but play a simple being instead.

Sitting in his turf, surrounded by lovely sister Alvira, gorgeous sister-in-law Malaika, and their cute-naughty-hyperactive kids, Salman Khan seems a happy man. He’s known to keep aloof when media is around, but today is different. The dude doesn’t seem to care about the world and resolves to have a great time, cycling with his nephews and playing with his dog - a 2 month old French Mastiff, whom he lovingly calls Veer.

Salman finally takes a break from all the running around and soon after its time for lunch. Yummilicious aroma of home-cooked food fills the air as the tiffins and casseroles are opened one by one. Salman gestures me to come and grab a bite and that’s when we get talking over some delicious daal-chawal.

Being a fitness conscious person, Salman prefers carrying ghar ka khana to his sets. While he savours the mom-made food, I ask him if there is one dish that he would not like to share with anyone. Salman takes a pause and replies, “I like to eat everything, but there is nothing that I won’t share with others.”

While tales of his sharing his dabba with his co-stars and film crew while shooting are famous, there’s one thing that Salman secretly tells me. “I used to cook too. But I haven’t done it since long. I guess I should cook something again. I will cook and paint now. Yes,” he lets me in.

The beefy Khan prefers non-veg but is extremely fond of veg food too. Being a complete foodie and a great fan of his mom’s cooking, Salman does have his days of indulgence in high-calorie favourites. But what follows is an extra one hour strenuous workout session in the gym. “Khao aur ghatao. Fir kuch farak nahi padta,” says the Khan who is loved and admired for his perfect physique.

A fitness freak, Salman is also a regular cyclist and loves to pedal his way from home to the sets and back. Cycling is one thing that he wants the youth to take up seriously. Salman says, “There is more than one reason why people should take up cycling. In Mumbai’s traffic, you will reach your destination faster by a cycle than in a car. People go to office by bus, autos and taxi and end up spending money. Why not cycle to work and save that money?

“Cycling saves your time, money and very importantly our depleting resources - petrol and diesel,” says Salman and adds after a brief pause, “It also makes for a great cardio exercise and keeps you fit. Not to forget, there’s zero pollution!”

A great thought and a cause, no wonder then Salman Khan’s NGO, Being Human has partnered with Sport 18 and ID Sports to organize the first ever Cyclothon in Mumbai. The event will be held on February 21st 2010, and the money raised through it will go to the NGO.

Salman also plans to introduce Being Human biking gear and t-shirts around the cyclothon and with that I just can’t help but ask him about Being Human clothesline and accessories. Salman’s reply surprises me, “I request my fans to not buy Being Human t-shirts available in the market. They are a copy and not the original Being Human stuff,” Salman further explains, “What happened is that when I started wearing the t-shrits and media clicked pictures, someone copied the design. The money you are spending on buying those t-shirts and watches sold on the streets thinking them as a Being Human brand is not going to the needy, but is landing in the pockets of some con artist.”

Now, if such a thing happened with an apparel giant, it would have raised an alarm over its losses, but Salman is calm about it all and has a plan in place already, “Now I will introduce a whole new Being Human collection. It will take three to four months.”

I ask him if seeing the copy of Being Human clothes being sold on Mumbai streets angered him. Salman flashes his sweet smile at me and shares an experience that gave him the inspiration to tackle such problems and situations in life. It was while shooting for ‘Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ video with little kids. “I learnt a very beautiful lesson from those kids. They couldn’t hear or speak, but still they were happy in life. Aur hum chotti chotti batoon se pareshan ho jaate hain... Headache, fever, minor bruises and just simple difficulties and challenges in day to day life perturb us, sadden us. Life is about positive attitude. End mein sab theekh ho jaata hai...,” Salman bids me goodbye with a wonderful thought.

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Video of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara [OLD VERSION]

Video of Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara [ NEW VERSION ]

Phir Mile Sur—The Song Of Unity & Secularism!

AND here it is, that great multistarrer we promised you yesterday and the day before. A new initiative to make the nation sing a song of secularism, brought to you by The Times of India Group and Vodafone Essar, is premiering exclusively on ZOOM from 7 am onwards today. Phir Mile Sur recreates the mood for an upbeat generation of united Indians. And what better day than R-Day to launch it? Filmed by Aarti and Kailash Surendranath (of KPC), this initiative has also been supported by Kingfisher Airlines and Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces. Go on, switch on your TV, tune in to ZOOM, and catch the national fervour. You don’t have to stand up when it comes on, but it would be nice if you did. Meanwhile, before that, hear what some of the proud Indians who made Phir Mile Sur have to say about the initiative.


I’m honoured that there’s been a gap of almost 23 years and still the makers of this wonderful commercial Mile Sur want to include me. Though circumstances may have changed, the words and the feelings of the song still remain the same. I feel good about it. The Times of India has always been involved in many such nationalist, social, moral movements and I have had the great honour of being a part of it. I thank ZOOM for this opportunity.


The first time I heard Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, I was around 20, yet the first thing that caught my eye was the visual appeal. It was more of a nonpreachy, personal patriotic song. It has a great secular feel and people are moved by it even now. I’m glad to be associated with this subtle yet powerful movement to be at secular equality with each other and stand united.


Phir Mile Sur is as patriotic and moving as a song can get. It’s a brilliant initiative and I’m glad to be part of it. It was something I really admired and I used to look forward to watching it. I say we should sing it every morning when we wake up.


I remember watching Mile Sur on TV and listening to the track. It was so inspirational. I was a kid in school and it was just overwhelming and impactful. It gave me gooseflesh.


I used to look forward to it to seeing all these luminaries and celebrities of the country. Almost towards the end, Dad used to be on it and I would excitedly look forward to that. I remember growing up thinking how cool it would be to be a part of it one day. Today, it’s even more wonderful, because I get to be part of Phir Mile Sur with my wife.


Mile Sur is like an anthem for every child who grew up watching DD. This song is about oneness; it’s an important part of our country’s history. It’s feelgood, it’s emotional, it’s cathartic, and even after 20 years if you listen to the song it will have the same impact.


Mile Sur is such an iconic piece of music. I’m 28 now and this is something I’ve grown up listening to and watching on TV. After seeing all those musical greats and then, being a part of this, especially as a musician, is such an incredible experience.


We’re happy ZOOM and The Times of India have taken this iconic song and redone it to suit today’s tastes, because no one can do it better than them.


Mile Sur drew a sense of patriotism out of me; a sense of secularism and a reminder that we’re all the same. It was one of the more prestigious videos that came out, with the most eminent personalities in it.


It’s a brilliant concept that shows us how to get everybody on board and how to get everybody together. This song also underlines that we’re all on the same plane; that no one’s richer or poorer in emotion. No religion, caste, creed or colour is greater than the nation and the individuals of that nation. This song is like almost like a second anthem!


It was an exhilarating experience creating Mile Sur Mera Tumhara, which was a mosaic of many different celebrities from various walks of life and regions in India. Today, we feel the same emotions, after a span of two decades. So many things have changed in India — growth, prosperity, the economic scenario, however, as citizens of this wonderfully diverse country, our feelings for India have only grown stronger and Phir Mile Sur aims to showcase that. And after filming for over 60 days onlocation in prominent and historic sites across 13 cities of India and 30 days of post-production work, the video of the iconic song features a gift of love to the nation.


I remember Mile Sur being one of the first commercial message films my dad shot for. When I got a call to be a part of the new version, I was thrilled and called my parents, who were like ‘You MUST be part of it!’ It’s a great unifying thought for our diverse country.

A look at John Abraham's Maruti Gypsy King

John Gypsy Abraham
The avid biker shifts gears for now… buys a modest car

aaja meri gaadi mein baith jaa: John Abraham with his new Maruti Gypsy King

John Abraham loves bikes, so you'd expect him to add a new one to his collection, but he has now gone and bought a modest four-wheeler — Maruti Gypsy King — for himself.

Also View:

Salman Khan Rides on his Hayabusa Bike (View Pictures)

Salman Khan On His Bicycle, Riding Away on the Streets of Mumbai (With Pictures)

Jackie Shroff's Bike, Modified to Look Like a Skeletor Chopper with Skull Head

The Gypsy is white and the actor has requested some modifications in it. The actor admits, "I bought the car a few days back. The Maruti Gypsy was the first car that my dad had booked but we never ended up buying it. Gypsy is like one of those crushes you have in school and it is always special."

Making it useful

John elaborates, "Although it is custom-made, it is built with utility in mind. Swapnil Nalavade helped me with the modifications and the final outcome is exactly what I desired."

He adds, "I took advice from friends and Hormazd Sorabjee (Editor of Autocar India Magazine) before buying the car. He recommended that I get the new Gypsy King as it is 'the' car.

My first love remains...

But the actor's first love remains bikes, "A biker will always remain a biker. Motorcycling is in my blood. I just rode my bike last night. Since the gypsy has just come in, I have been driving around in it. It is like going back to basics. I have always been more of a SUV person. The previous cars of mine included Prado, Tata Sierra, and now Audi Q7."

When told that most stars use his current choice of wheels for their bodyguards and security staff, he laughs, "I am the biggest security for myself."

Modifications made

24-year-old Swapnil Nalavade who made the changes desired by the actor in his new Gypsy says, "John wanted an open Gypsy: a roof-top and a two-seater. I fitted in bullbars at the back and removed the rear seat. I have fitted in racing seats, which are normally used in imported racing cars. The car has got fitted in huge alloy wheels and huge tyres. An extra hood has been attached for the rainy season."

What is a bullbar?
A bullbar is a device usually fitted to the front of a vehicle to protect the car from collison damage. They vary considerably in size, form and function, and are made from welded steel, aluminium tubing, moulded polycarbonate and polyethylene materials.

Jackie Shroff's Bike, Modified to Look Like a Skeletor Chopper with Skull Head

Jackie buys 'bike ka baap'
Jaggu dada gets souped-up Skeletor Chopper with skull head at Rs 3 lakh, calls it the 'real bike'

bone collector: The bike has a silver ribcage over the fuel tank

Ghost rider: The modified two-wheeler

The modified two-wheeler

bindass: Jackie Shroff

Jackie Shroff is a ghost rider. No, the star has not sold his soul to the devil, but is the proud owner of a skeleton bike that, unlike the bare machine used in the ionic Nicholas Cage movie, has an iridescent silver ribcage for the fuel tank and a skull head to live up to its name. And Jackie calls his galloping human skeleton the "baap of all bikes."

The star, who introduced Bollywood to the romance of the mean machine in his move Hero (1983) and to the boy-toy's adrenaline-pumping charm in Yudh (1985), has got the special two-wheeler designed to show people "what a real bike" is all about.
Priced at a whopping Rs 3 lakh, the 350-cc silver monster has been modified by Vardenchi, Mumbai's premium chopper shop.

"I love heavy bikes, but the sleek Hayabusas are not my style. I have been searching for the real bike for a long time. One day, while surfing the Internet I spotted a bike made of bones. I went to Vardenchi with the photograph and in three months they delivered this mind-boggling machine. It is the baap of all bikes in India," said Shroff.

Enthusiasts can watch Shroff riding the hot wheels in the opening scene of his upcoming movie Kirkit.

Nana Patekar at his Farmhouse in Khadakvasla Near Pune

Nana ke ghar...
Step into the actor's getaway home

Nana Patekar has two properties in and around Pune — a flat and a farmhouse in Khadakvasla near Pune, where the elusive actor escapes to, from the madness of the city. Recently Sangeeth Sivan (Nana's director in Ek) shot pictures of the actor in his Pune flat and farmhouse. This is the first time that Nana's private space has been captured on film.

Sivan says,"Nana grows rice, wheat and chana, etc. He sells the grown products and shares the money with his farmers. What is beautiful about Nana's flat and farmhouse are their unassuming simplicity and warmth."

The sprawling farmhouse has about seven rooms with a huge hall and is done up to suit the actor's simple taste. There is simple wooden furniture, terracotta floors and beamed ceilings to let the light in. There are many plants even inside the house. "Nana has designed each room himself according to his own basic style and needs. He has hand-picked every accessory or furnishing in his homes. His homes have the bare essentials and mostly you won't find any servant to open the door. In his home, you don't ask for tea but go to the kitchen and make it for yourself and Nana. Nana cooks excellent meals made from vegetables grown at his farmhouse. He takes great pride in being a farmer."

Apart from vegetables Nana even rears goats, hens, cows and bullocks at his farmhouse.

home away from home: Nana Patekar at his farmhouse

A Look at Arbaaz and Malaika Arora Khan's Home at Bandra (Pictures)


The 1,800 sq ft residence of Arbaaz and Malaika Khan is, according to the couple, an extension of their personality. Complete with a private terrace and other essentials, this house is the perfect haven for the actors.

The couple’s duplex flat, in Vida Apartments, is located in one of the most scenic and tranquil lanes of Bandra. "I bought this place in 1998, after my marriage, when I moved out of my family home at Galaxy Apartments. What attracted me to this area was its old-world charm and this is also one of the quieter lanes of Bandra," explains Arbaaz.

The Khan residence opens into the living room, which is to the left of the entrance. To the right, is the study area. The entire stretch of the living room is done-up tastefully in shades of beige and natural wooden brown. The living room also serves as the lounge area, where the Khans entertain guests and friends.

The living room has the dining area combined with it. At the extreme end of the living room, is a balcony and the kitchen. Moving towards the balcony, Arbaaz recalls how the skyline of Bandra has changed over the years. "Bandra has changed drastically over the last few decades. Over the years, it has become very crowded and polluted," he says.

Prod him about the process of designing his home and his face lights up instantly. "The d├ęcor of the residence was done completely as per our inputs. While the design and look were primarily Malaika's, I also gave several inputs during the designing of this house. We also frequently change the decoration at our place," he smiles.

The study area is complete with all the latest gadgets. "I spend the maximum amount of time in my study room as I like the feel of this area the most. I also have sittings for my film script narrations and other meetings over here," he says. The second tier of the Khan residence houses the master bedroom and their son Arhaan's room.

Khan says that his house gives him comfort and peace of mind, essential after a hard day's work. "My home, my space, is heaven for me. The sense of belonging and peace that I feel when I am at home has no parallel. This place has an inspiring and fulfilling aura and a positive energy about it, which keeps me going," he beams.

Meet Amitabh Bachchan's Pet Dog Shanouk.

Livin' life, Big B-size
A kutte ki zindagi worth living. Meet Shanouk, Bachchan's pet

Care for a waltz? Amitabh Bachchan with Shanouk

Here is a dekho of an important member of the Bachchan parivaar — their pet dog, Shanouk. The canine's privacy is fiercely guarded by the family. On an earlier occasion, during his media interactions for Dostana, Abhishek Bachchan refused to have Shanouk's pictures clicked! But Big B can do what beta can't.

Canine care

As Big B keeps on mentioning about Shanouk on his blog (, several of the readers desired to see the doggy. In his post on May 16, 2009, Amitabh blogs:

"This is Shanouk in all his glory… Shanouk is expressing his desire for a close cheek-to-cheek waltz with his master, whom he loves to protect savagely. Told you he was bigger….. bigger than me on his hind. And even beyond if he were to stretch his front legs. That choreographed move has kindled a desire for more within Shanouk and as I write he hovers around the laptop, pawing my knee, and attempting desperately for a repeat. Well he ain't gonna get one. Not till I finish with the blog, anyway."

A Collection of Salman Khan's Being Human T Shirts

Salman khan with Slumdog Kid Azharuddin

Salman Khan Campaigning in his Being Human Tee

Arbaaz Khan and Salman Khan in Similar Being Human TeesMalaika Arora Khan sporting a Being Human T-ShirtKatrina Kaif sporting a Being Human T-Shirt

Some Unknown Facts About the VEER 'Pindaris'!

Anil Sharma's epic musical drama, VEER, starring Salman Khan in the title role of a prince, releases this Friday. The film set in the British Raj, is a period costume drama and has been promoted as a film based on fiction, rather than facts, much in the same way that Anil's Sharma's GADAR-EK PREM KATHA was, and even the film that released alongside GADAR, Aamir Khan's Oscar nominee, LAGAAN.

VEER's love story may be pure fiction but the tribe 'Pindari' isn't. Salman is shown to belong to the tribe called 'Pindari' which came into existence almost 200 years ago, during the end of the Mughal dynastic rule. They were warriors and as shown in the film were skilled in sword fighting, horse riding and were full of courage and valour, quite similar to the Rajputs.

The 'Pindaris' actually came from different parts of India and settled together as one tribe and helped the Maratha warriors fight epic battles against the Mughals and later on the British. They always fought for the independence of their mother land and preferred to die rather than accept defeat.

So, fed up was the then British General, Lord Hastings with the 'Pindaris' that he declared war against the tribe and fought for almost two long years in order to control these heroic warriors. The British, due to their sophisticated weapons and more manpower prevailed over the 'Pindaris' and in the end a settlement was reached in lieu of which the 'Pindaris' were given land and pension and were made to settle in and around Gorakhpur, presently in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Here's hoping to see a grand cinematic depiction of the 'Pindaris' and their brave deeds on screen when VEER releases later this week.


Salman Khan Jockeying, Participates in Horse Race at Mahalakshmi Racecourse

Pictures from the Event

Actor Salman Khan is going the distance to promote his forthcoming flick, Veer, a project that's very close to his heart. The actor was seen at the racecourse partaking in a horse race. Since morning, there was a buzz of Salman Khan coming to the racecourse and riding the filly 'Wild Rose'. Youngsters, adults and the aged alike braved the heat to get a glimpse of their favourite star.

Everyone present at the event - from chaiwalas to stall owners, from people placing bets to those who just came to engage themselves - everyone enquired about the presence of Salman Khan. "Salmaan aaya kya? (As he come yet?)" they asked each other, every five minutes. And then Salman appeared... Looking like a jockey to the T! The excitement was one to watch out for, the race course came alive with 'Veer' songs on the loudspeakers, and every television screen showcased the trailers of Salman-starrer 'Veer'.

Wearing a 'Veer' jersey, Salman, who probably was the sexiest jockey around, got atop his filly Wild Rose and emerged on the tracks alternatively waving to the cheering crowd and patting his horse! The actor did look a little apprehensive but wore a more relaxed demeanour once he managed to cross the finish line first.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he let us in on some secrets: My lagaam (rein) broke just before the race, and I was scared. I wasn't so sure if Wild Rose would be controllable, and wondered what if she went wild and took me riding for 15 rounds! Luckily, none of that happened. Also, I didn't win. I'm not fast at rising. My fellow jockeys helped me win. They purposely rode slowly so that I could be ahead of them."

Also present at the event were 'Veer' producer Vijay Gilani and 'Veer' actress Zarine Khan, whom many mistook for Katrina Kaif! Brother Arbaaz Khan and sisters Arpita and Alvira also cheered on Salman bhai, who was in his full element and basking in all the attention!

Video of the Event

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