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Shoaib Malik's First Wife Ayesha Siddiqui's Father Threatens To Sue Him

Shoaib’s Alleged Father-in-law threatens to take legal action against him if he went ahead to marry Sania Mirza without first giving a divorce to his daughter Ayesa Siddiqui, who according to him had married Shoaib in a Telephonic Nikah.

The father of a girl, who claims to have been married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, MA Siddiqui said he would sue Malik if the cricketer did not divorce his daughter before marrying Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, an Indian news channel reported on Wednesday. He claimed that the nikah of his daughter, Ayesha, with Malik was concluded over the telephone in June 2002.

MA Siddiqui said "Wedding conducted over the telephone is fully and completely legal and the marriage is autentic". He slammed the cricketer saying that Shoiab is still married to his daughter and that Sania would be his second wife not the first. He has said he will take legal recourse and take Shoaib to court as he has wronged the Siddiqui family. “As per law, Ayesha will be the first wife and Sania will be second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will seek legal recourse. I will sue Shoiab because he has wronged us,” Siddiqui was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

“I want a divorce for my daughter, because in accordance with the Islamic law, she cannot remarry until Malik divorces her,” he said. He said he would seek a fatwa from an Islamic scholar for the nikah’s annulment if Malik did not divorce her. “As per law, Ayesha is the first wife and Sania will be the second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will sue Malik because he has wronged us,” the channel quoted Siddiqui as saying.

Malik had earlier stated, "Yes I had a long relationship with her and we planned to get married. But no nikah ever took place and in the end our families could not reach an understanding on various things," Malik had said.

Siddiqui alleged Malik wanted to end the relationship not for the reasons he had stated but "just to gain goodwill and build his image."

Siddiqui said his daughter is "devastated and traumatised" by the whole issue and claimed she was hospitalised many times. He claimed that his family called Malik and his family umpteen times but they "refused to talk to us. Shoaib Malik never tried to talk to us even once. This behaviour has saddened us deeply," he said.

On his daughter's future, he cited a media report quoting a Maulvi as saying that rightly his daughter needed a "divorce" in order to start a "new life".

Pakistani players were even feted to a grand reception by the Siddiqui family in Hyderabad when the team toured Indian in 2005

Reacting to the news of the legal path that MD Siddiqui wants to take Shoaib's family dares Siddiqui to sue him.

Reacting to the charge, Shoaib's brother-in-law Imran said that Siddique was raking up a dead issue for cheap publicity.

"We have said it clearly in the past that Shoaib was never engaged to married to Ayesha. They were just friends and that friendship also broke off because of a problem," he said.

"But if Mr Siddique wants to dig up this issue again and sue Shoaib, he is most welcome to do so. In fact we would like to see him taking us to court on this issue," Imran said.

He also made it clear that as per Islamic laws, the girl's family should produce some evidence of Shoaib's 'Nikah' with her instead of making claims in the media.

He said the controversy would not affect Shoaib's planned wedding with Sania in Hyderabad in April.
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Sania Mirza to Marry Shoaib Malik in April

Sania Confirms Wedding at a Press Conference, Reception to be Held on April 15

"Please have mithai." With this nonchalant remark, Sania Mirza ended her press conference on Tuesday, held outside her Hyderabad home, to announce her marriage with Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Her whole demeanour as she answered questions thrown at her, which ranged from geopolitical to patriotic in nature, was that of a die-hard romantic who believed that wishes made under the shooting star would indeed come true. You could almost hear her singing the Eagles’ number LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE in her head.

"I'm very happy, my family is very happy with the occasion. The reception will be held on April 15. The venue has not been decided as yet. It is still weeks away, but I'm happy," she added.

Sania further said that she will continue playing for India, and will continue to be an Indian citizen despite her decision to settle in Dubai.

Sania insisted that she would continue to represent the Tricolour. “I am going to keep playing for India. He’s (Shoaib’s) going to keep playing for Pakistan. Inshallah,” said Sania. Since Shoaib is currently serving a one-year ban from playing for Pakistan, he definitely needs her prayers.

“Everything remains the same, except I will be married,” said Sania. In fact, this remains the main question. Will it? The decision has already raised eyebrows. But all Sania chose to say was, “We can all be one happy family. We are getting married. We are not also making any political statement. It’s a simple matter. We are getting married. We are very, very happy and our families are very happy,” she added.
She addressed the media with shrugs, giggles and laughter whenever serious questions were asked. She came out wearing the same casual red and white striped tee shirt which she was seen wearing earlier in the day at the Delhi airport. Accompanied by her mother, the 23-year-old had gone to the Pakistan High Commission and completed the visa formalities during a whirlwind trip to the national capital.

So what about kids, was the next question, to which Sania replied with a gasp, saying, “You guys are already thinking too far ahead. I will be participating in the 2012 Olympics.”

"We will settle in Dubai, it is a safe place to live in and it will be the middle base for both of us," she added.

Hair concern

When asked if she wanted others to emulate her and opt for such cross-border marriages, Sania said she was more concerned about her looks. “It doesn’t matter if someone emulates me. All that matters for me is how I am going to look on my wedding day. I am going be more worried about how my hair is going to be, rather than the Pakistan political issues. And Shoaib will be more worried about how his hair is under the cap!”

And the most important question – which team will she support when there is an Indo-Pak cricket match? Sania was at her diplomatic sweetest, “I will support India but I will support my husband too.” When asked about protests by some sections (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) in Hyderabad against a marriage between an Indian and a Pakistani, she remarked, “You should not talk like this holding mithai in your hands.”

designs on her DT got in touch with designer Nikhil Mehra of Shantanu and Nikhil to find out if, as has been reported, they are doing Sania’s outfit for the wedding as they’d earlier done for her engagement to Sohrab. Nikhil chose to be diplomatic, but did not deny the news. “We’ve known her for over two years now and she’s a very dear friend. Like doctors can’t and shouldn’t discuss their patients, we can’t say much either. I can only confirm that we are doing clothes for Sania, Shoaib and Sania’s mother for most occasions. She’ll look resplendent.”

Sania also informed that she has known Shoaib for the past six to seven years.
The mystery of how it all started between her and Shoaib had a simple explanation. “It was six or seven years ago. He made 92 runs out of 25 balls and just missed a world record. I liked it,” said Sania.

Video of the Press Conference, where Sania Announces Wedding Plans

Reaction In India and Pakistan to Sania Mirza - Shoaib Malik Wedding

Hours after Sania - Shoaib alliance news spread like wild fire, there are many a-heart on fire in India where the news has been nothing short of a set-back for the scores of hopeful youngsters and has ruffled the feathers of the hawks of India-Pakistan ties.

While the news has evoked frenzied celebrations in Pakistan where crowds turned in huge numbers outside Shoaib Malik’s house, lighting crackers and dancing to the drum beats, in India the general mood is far from rosy.

The Shiv Sena has not taken the development lightly and has cast serious aspersions on the duo’s compatibility, considering the personal turmoil which has grappled Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik in the recent past.

A report published in Sena’s mouth piece Saamna remarked, “India’s Sania Mirza has ditched her countryman Sohrab Mirza in order to Marry and settle down with Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik.”

Strong reactions have also been pouring in from the netizens across the globe.

Reacting to the developing story, Rajiv from New Delhi commented on, “India, is the second most populated nation and she (Sania Mirza) has to go and marry a Pakistani! Pathetic! No wonder she isn’t making any progress in her tennis rankings.”

Bharat from Noida, though, had a different opinion on the matter, “Hi, Congratulations to Sania and Shoaib. I really don't understand the hue and cry made on this matter. This is there personal decision and they should be supported for that. This marriage should be seen as a stepping stone for a better Indo Pak relationship. This also doesn’t mean that there are no good bachelors in India or bachelorette in Pakistan. This is just about two individuals liking each other. I wish both of them good luck and may there diminishing carriers take a U turn,” he commented.

Sam from Mumbai appealed to look at the matter not from the prism of India-Pak ties. “I am Indian Muslim and proud of being an Indian. I work out of India where I meet and do business with many nationality (people); there are even Pakistanis with whom we deal. If relationship between India and Pakistan is not good, (it) does not mean that I should stop talking to them or stop business… so it is b***** to say that to talk to Pakistanis or falling in love with them makes you anti – national. That’s one personal choice and when time comes, we all have to defend our motherland together,” he declared.

The decision of Indian tennis star Sania Mirza to tie the knot with Shoaib Malik has baffled people in her hometown Hydrabad and triggered a debate on her move in view of the controversy involving the Pakistani cricketer. Sania Mirza is perhaps the first Indian sporting celebrity to marry a Pakistani who is also a sports star in his country. The news of the marriage has attracted intense attention here.

"Sania and Shoaib will make a handsome couple. I wish her all the best," said S. Rashmi, a student.

The opinion was divided on whether the alliance would help strengthen people-to-people ties. "Marriage of the two celebrities would make no difference to Indo-Pak relations as they would have no influence on the powers that decide the foreign policies," said M.A. Amir, a software professional.

Though Sania's family in their statement said she would settle down in Dubai after the marriage and would continue to represent India in coming events, her relatives were tight-lipped on whether she would remain an Indian or accept Pakistani citizenship after a few years. "I don't think she will ever accept Pakistani citizenship given the strained relations between the two countries," feels Fauzan Hashmi, a student.

Sania's critics feel she has committed a "double fault" by breaking off the engagement with her childhood friend and then choosing a Pakistani, who allegedly cheated a girl from her own city after marrying her.

"Sania has made Hyderabad and India proud through her achievements but she should not have landed herself in a controversy by choosing a man who is accused of cheating a girl," said Sana Khan, a housewife.

Sania Mirza is free to marry anybody she chooses. But once married, will she remain in India? Will she continue to be an Indian citizen? Will she be interested in playing? These are some of the questions that have to be answered before we look for a government response. If she remains an Indian citizen, and wishes to play, then she may represent India, nobody can stop her from doing so.

Controversies surrounded Sania and they in fact overshadowed her tennis career. Muslim clergy had taken strong exception to her dress on court and her reported remarks on pre-marital sex. She, however, denied making the remarks.
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How and When Did Sania Mirza - Shoaib Malik Romance (Love Story) Begin

It's an Indo-Pak love match that has created ripples on both sides of the border but no one seems to have a clue about just where and when did love blossom between Indian tennis queen Sania Mirza and dashing Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik. How did the cross border Love story start/happen. Where did they first meet and How long have they been dating.

A day after shocking almost everyone, except family, by announcing that they will tie the knot next month, speculation continues as to where exactly the romance began. Here we try to find the details.

Sources say the two first (?) met in Australia in January 2010 where Sania had just crashed out of the Australian Open and Pakistan had suffered yet another embarrassing defeat at the hands of Ricky Ponting's men.

Not a trip to remember professionally but personally it was to be a life-changing one at least for Sania, who broke off her engagement with childhood friend Sohrab Mirza at the end of that month, citing incompatibility.

The break up was stunning because their lavish engagement just six months earlier was still fresh in everyone's mind.

Neither Sania nor her family gave the exact reasons for the split but given Monday's announcement, speculation is rife that the 23-year-old Hyderabadi's meeting with Shoaib may have contributed to the break up.

It is also reported that Sania met Shoaib Malik again in Dubai in February during a tournament and then they began seeing each others. But, according to some Pakistani media reports, Sania and Shoaib have been in a relationship for the last six months. This had led to disruption in the Hyderabad girl's earlier engagement to childhood friend Sohrab Mirza. This is the reason why Sania Mirza's engagement with Sohrab Mirza broke. Finally, families of Shoaib and Sania talked and finalized the wedding between the two sports champions.

It is to be noted that at a press conference to confirm her wedding news with shoaib, Sania revealed that she has known Shoaib for the past six to seven years.

Ayesha Siddiqui, alleged First wife of Shoaib, said something similar in this video below:

Shoaib too had been luckless in love before meeting Sania and that incidentally also had a Hyderabad connection. The all-rounder was accused of marrying and dumping one Ayesha Siddiqui but Shoaib denied that, insisting that he was merely engaged to the said girl.

Both seem to be controversy's favourite child with Shoaib, a former captain of the Pakistan team, currently serving a one-year ban for indiscipline on the Australia tour and Sania battling a wrist injury besides warding off queries about just why she ended her engagement with Sohrab.

Sania's career has veered off towards the uncertain after a breakthrough 2005. She rose to a career-high 27 in the WTA rankings in 2007 but poor form and never-ending injury battles have seen her slide to 92 currently.

Ironically, the two would be getting married at a time when India-Pakistan diplomatic ties have frozen following the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

But they are certainly not the first cross-border couple. Former Pakistan Test opener Mohsin Khan had tied Indian actress Reena Roy in the 1980s but the marriage didn't last.

Marriage casts a shadow over Sania's career but given the support Shoaib is promising, the Hyderabadi seems set to continue her on-court life as well.

"I fully understand what it takes to be an international sports person and I will support Sania in her career as long as she wishes to play. Representing India at the 2012 Olympics is very important for her and I will be the proudest husband if she can win a medal for her country," said Shoaib.

Sania, who has lived in media glare ever since rising to stardom as an 18-year-old after moderate success on the WTA circuit, has pleaded for privacy.

"My wedding is inshallah going to be the biggest day of my life. I have been in the constant glare for too long and would appreciate the privacy at this very personal moment in my life," she said.

But given the massive interest surrounding her new relationship, quote-hungry journalists are unlikely to leave her alone.
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We Are Delighted With Her Choice, Sania Mirza's Parents' Reaction to Wedding

Sania Mirza with Parents, Mother Nasima and Father Imran Mirza.

Sania Mirza, whose much-publicized engagement to Mohammed Sohrab Mirza was called off earlier this year, met former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik in Dubai in February while she was playing a tournament there. They liked each other. The families took things forward and planned the alliance.

Reaction from the Familiy in India

Sania's Mom, Nasima said: "Marriages are made in heaven. As parents, we are delighted with her choice."

Sania's father, Imran, who has coached and managed her through her career, said: "This is a unique case where the husband and wife will represent their respective countries in sport."

Ranked No. 27 in the world, Sania's rating has plummeted after a debilitating wrist injury that saw her take a break from competition. Her treatment and rehabilitation drills continue. She will probably test her wrist in competition later in the summer, but is targeting a return for later in the year. "I hope to be fully fit to represent India in the Commonwealth and Asian Games that are scheduled for later this year," she said.

Shoaib, however, can't play for one year for Pakistan as he faces a ban imposed by the national cricket board for breaching the code of conduct. Although no reason was given, Pakistani media speculated that he may have been involved in match fixing.

It may be recalled that Shoaib was involved in a marriage dispute with another Indian national, Ayesha Siddiqui, with whom he reportedly exchanged marriage vows with over the telephone in 2002.

Shoaib, however, has denied the marriage, indicating he had been cheated in the relationship, which was mostly carried out over the internet. Sania's family has downplayed the issue and made no comment on it.
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Shoaib Malik's Former Mother-in-Law Reacts, Says Sania News in Shocking

'Sania's News is Shocking' Says Ayesha Siddiqui's mother, and former Mom in Law of Shoaib;
The former Pakistan skipper Shoaib Malik allegedly married Ayesha in 2002; he later denied it

Picture: IN HAPPIER TIMES: Shoaib Malik with Farisa Siddiqui (Ayesha Siddiqui's mother) at her Hyderabad home in 2005.

Photograph of Ayesha Siddiqui

When news that Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza is all set to marry Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik broke yesterday, it took the nation by surprise. Though Sania's much-publicised engagement to childhood friend Mohammed Sohrab Mirza was called off in March, her relationship with Malik was kept under the wraps.

As the media went abuzz with reports of Sania and Shoaib's engagement, which were later denied by Sania's family, Farisa Siddiqui, the mother of Ayesha Siddiqui, the Hyderabadi girl who the cricketer was allegedly married to in 2002 was shocked.

'Breaking news'

"This is breaking news for me. I can't believe what TV channels are airing. I will speak to Sania's mother and get a confirmation about the marriage. I am shocked," Farisa told MiD DAY from her Banjara Hills residence.

When asked about Ayesha's reaction to Shoaib tying the knot, Farisa said, "My daughter and husband are not at home and will return later today. There is too much happening for me to comprehend."

The family had pressed the player to give a formal divorce in February 2008, after Shoaib claimed that there was no 'nikah' between Ayesha and him.

According to Ayesha's mother, she attended Sania's engagement last July and was invited by Sohrab's family, "I'm not associated with the Mirzas (Sania's family) in anyway." Farisa was not just upset, but also angry about the Sania-Shoaib alliance. "I can't believe this girl (Sania). She has seen what happened to my daughter, it was all over the news. Despite this she got involved with this man (Shoaib). It's sad that she's getting married to him; it's strange," she said, adding that she would have a word with Sohrab's family to find out why the engagement with Sania was called off.

Malik on Twitter

Thanks for all your support. And the news of me marrying to Sania is true. Inshallah will get married in April.

What went wrong with Ayesha...

Shoaib Malik allegedly got married to Ayesha Siddiqui through a telephone 'nikah' on June 3, 2002. But in a statement in Karachi on January 21, 2008 Shoaib claimed that no nikah took place.

The cricketer said his marriage plans with the Hyderabadi girl ended because both families could not reach an understanding on certain issues. "Yes I had a long relationship with her and we planned to get married. But no nikah ever took place and in the end our families could not reach an understanding on various things," Malik had said.

Ayesha's father M A Siddiqui had then said that the family would move the court if his daughter did not get divorce. Pakistani players were even feted to a grand reception by the Siddiqui family in Hyderabad when the team toured India in 2005
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Sania Mirza to Marry Shoaib Malik (Pakistani Cricketer), Wedding on April 16

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is all set to enter into wedlock with Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik in April, just two months after she broke her engagement with childhood friend Sohrab Mirza.

The media went abuzz with reports of their engagement. However, later Sania's family said there will be no engagement prior to the wedding. "A formal wedding reception has been scheduled within a month. There will be no engagement function" they said.

While Pakistan’s Geo Television broke the news on Monday, Sania’s father, Imran Mirza, told Indian media the wedding will take place within a month.

This news was confirmed by Imran Mirza, father of Sania, late on Monday night. “The couple will be based in Dubai, where Shoaib is a resident, and Sania will continue to play tennis once she recovers fully from the wrist injury that has marred her career in the recent past,” Imran said.

“My wedding is going to be the biggest day of my life.I have been under constant glare of the public for too long and would appreciate more privacy at this very personal moment in my life,” CNN-IBN quoted tennis sensation Sania Mirza as saying. “I hope to be fully fit to represent India in the Commonwealth and Asian Games that are scheduled for later this year,” she added.

Incidentally, Shoaib was earlier accused of/alleged to have married and abandoned another Hyderabad girl, Ayesha Siddiqui, in 2002 over the phone, even though the cricketer said he was merely engaged to her. Ayesha’s father had also tried to threaten Shoaib to give Ayesha divorce before proceeding ahead. He also dated (was linked with) Bollywood actress and ex-Miss India Sayali Bhagat.

“The news of me marrying Sania is true. Inshallah, we’ll get married in April,” Malik tweeted.

Sania reportedly met Shoaib Malik in Dubai in February during a tournament and then they began seeing each others. But, according to some Pakistani media reports, Sania and Shoaib have been in a relationship for the last six months. This had led to disruption in the Hyderabad girl's earlier engagement to childhood friend Sohrab Mirza. This is the reason why Sania Mirza's engagement with Sohrab Mirza broke. Finally, families of Shoaib and Sania talked and finalized the wedding between the two sports champions.

It is believed that Shoaib's mother met Sania's family in Hyderabad and finalized their marriage. The wedding ceremony of both the sports stars will take place in April, while the walima reception will be hosted by Shoaib on April 16 or 17 in Lahore, The News reports.

Video of the Geo News channel (which first broke the news) Reporting that Sania Mairza is to wed Shoiab Malik

Sania Mirza, Shoaib Malik Relationship to open a new chapter in Indo-Pak Ties

The sports community in India and Pakistan received a pleasant surprise yesterday, when Pakistan's Geo TV reported that India's tennis sensation Sania Mirza got engaged to former Pakistan cricket captain Shaoib Malik and will tie the knot in April.

While the news was verified by Sania Mirza's parents, it is set to open a new chapter in the soured relations between India and Pakistan.

Sania Mirza's career is on the decline after her broken engagement to her childhood friend, Sohrab Mirza. Shoaib is also going through a lean patch, as he is facing a ban imposed by the PCB for allegedly breaching the code of conduct.

While Sania's engagement to Sohrab Mirza was called off for some "unavoidable" reasons, Shoaib was involved in a marriage dispute with Ayesha Siddiqui from Hyderabad.

On late Monday night, Shoaib Malik confirmed his relations with Sania Mirza. "The news of me marrying Sania is true. Inshallah, will get married in April", he wrote on his Twitter account.

While the marriage is scheduled to be held in India, a grand reception will be held in Lahore, said the sources. Sania and Shoabi may settle down in Dubai, it is believed. Shoaib Malik holds a UAE passport.

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After three losses in a row, her team has now won four consecutive matches. And what’s the secret to this dramatic change of fortunes? According to Shilpa, it’s prayers. She tweeted before the match, “At the stadium, RR vs CSK. Sweaty palms not the heat jus do wat u do best,Pray!:)its been workin,and how!:)”

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Jaya, the wife of Amar Singh’s ‘family friend’ and ‘brother’ superstar Amitabh Bachchan, earlier remarked that Singh “should have suffered a little” and stayed on in the party. His absence was felt, she said.

Expelled Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Amar Singh, in a rally in New Delhi, has lashed out in response and said that he too felt her absence by his side, having expected her to stand by him. According to a television channel, he has also asked why Amitabh didn’t choose to do the same when he decided to quit the Congress over Bofors allegations 25 years ago.

Amar Singh on Sunday took a dig at actress Jaya Bachchan, saying he too misses her as she did not support him when he was expelled from the party.

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Jaya Bhadhuri

"Listen, Jayaji, I don't know where you are. I want to tell you that your brother-in-law was insulted. SP general secretary Mohan Singh said that Jaya Bachchan is just a showpiece and all film actors are just actors," he said.

"I want to tell you that Manoj Tiwari and Jaya Prada are with me. So I want to tell you that I am also missing you very much," Singh said, alluding to the fact that the two actors, who were part of the SP, came out in support of him. Both were expelled from the party for supporting Amar Singh.

Amar Singh was apparently hitting out at the actor-turned-politician as she on Friday denied that the SP was divided. But she had said that she "personally misses Amar Singh".

Jaya had also said she would think about whether to join him in any of his future political venture only after her term is over. Her term in the upper house of parliament will come to an end in July.

She defended party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav's controversial remarks on the women's reservation bill, saying he wanted a debate on the issue.

The SP chief last week said that the 33 percent reservation in parliament and state assemblies would lead to election of only women from elitist background, "at whom youth would whistle".

Amar Singh, who called superstar Amitabh Bachchan his elder brother and was seen together with the Bachchan family at all events, including family get-togethers and award functions, resigned from all posts of the party citing poor health in January. In his blog and interviews to media, however, he said the party did not treat him well.

He and Jaya Prada were expelled for "anti-party activities" a month later. It was speculated that Jaya Bachchan, whom he addresses as his sister-in-law, would also leave the party, but she did not.

Looks like the Bachchans, already reacting to son Abhishek’s posters being blacked out during the Earth Hour promotions in the Capital, have a new controversy on their hands in the form of a Figt with Amar Singh.
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Why Was Abhishek Bachchan Droped From Earth Hour?

Why Was Abhishek Bachchan Droped From Earth Hour? Asks Amithab.

An upset Amitabh Bachchan is wondering why his actor son Abhishek Bachchan, who was appointed the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) ambassador for Earth Day, was dropped from the function in New Delhi at the last minute. "Am I hallucinating, or is there a pattern in all this?", he asked in his blog.

"You are perhaps aware that Abhishek has been appointed the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) ambassador for Earth Day, a campaign that has been initiated by WWF for the preservation of the earth. Many ads in the press have been announcing, with his photograph in place, that on the 27th of March let the entire country observe a simple ritual of putting off the electricity in their homes for an hour from 8.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m," Big B posted on his blog.

"At the India Gate on Rajpath a ceremony is being held today (Saturday) to announce the campaign and to make people aware of this most noble cause.

"An audio visual has been prepared with Abhishek where he is seeking a pledge towards preservation of the Earth and requesting people to switch off their lights for an hour. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs Shiela Dixit, and a prominent member of the ruling Congress Party, is attending the moment. A few hours before the show was to start apparently the audio visual featuring Abhishek has been asked to be removed and banner posters bearing his photograph as ambassador have been stopped from being. I wonder why??"

"Abhishek, who has been working so hard on the cause is obviously disappointed, especially since he had worked late into the night where he was shooting out of town to accommodate this creative. And I wonder. Am I hallucinating, or is there a pattern in all this?"

Big B was recently embroiled in a controversy when he attended the inauguration of the Bandra-Worli sea link's extension, leading to protests from some Congress leaders as he is the brand ambassador for Gujarat. Bachchan posted scanned copies of the official invite he received for the event on his blog, clarifying that he had been invited by a minister.

"I'm sorry if this post looks newspaperish ? but I just felt there were things that needed clarification. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Ashok Chavan, who was to join me at the literary fest tomorrow in Pune, has changed his program and visited the venue this evening, a day before he was scheduled to. And Bala Saheb Thakeray has in a rare public announcement, stated that 'Amitabh Bachchan is a true Hindustani'."

What is Master Manjunath of Malgudi Days Doing Now?

LIFE AND TIMES OF SWAMI: The mischievous, curly-haired 10-year-old Swami from Malgudi Days is today a high-flying corporate executive. Where is he at present and how does he look? Lekha Menon gets nostalgic with former child actor/artist Manjunath Nayaker Aka Master Manjunath.

Manjunath Nayaker Aka Master Manjunath

His impish smile and naughty eyes along with the haunting title music, won the hearts of millions of TV addicts. For the ‘80s generation, the name Malgudi Days and Swami brings back memories of a time when TV was a single-channel affair, conducted by families huddled around a set for their daily date with the 9 pm serial. And the denizens of RK Narayan’s quaint village (filmed by the late Shankar Nag) was on top of their must-watch list.

Picture: Master Manjunath as Swami in a scene from Malgudi Days

Almost three decades on, Malgudi’s Swami aka Master Manjunath, has metamorphosed into the smart-talking, jet-setting corporate executive. The former child actor is living it up in his new avatar as head of PR and liasoning of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project (BMICP); the arc lights having been long left behind.

“I don’t miss the movies,” says the 34-year-old Manjunath whom Mumbai Mirror caught up with on a ‘flying visit’ to the city. “I like films, cricket and travelling, but I thoroughly enjoy my job.”

For the record, Manjunath, who started at three, has been part of 68 movies in Kannada and Hindi. Of course, it was his role in Swami and Friends (also made into a full-length movie) that fetched him the maximum recognition — six international, one national and a state award. Swami... brings back fond memories for him. “We shot in a village called Agumbe for three months. I am still in touch with some of my co-actors,” he smiles.

It also landed him Hindi film roles most notably Agneepath (he played the young Big B). “Imagine me amidst these greats — Amitabh Bachchan, Rohini Hattangadi, Mukul Anand, Yash Chopra…it was a fabulous experience.”

So why did he give it all up? “Because I had been there and done that. At 12, I was attending film-festivals; I acted till I was 19. But then I questioned what I wanted from life.”

Ironically, it was during one such award ceremony at an international film festival in Italy that the moment of epiphany struck. “There I was, all alone with my award for friends or family to share it with. Organisers, then, didn’t pay to take your family along! I knew I had to quit.”

Finance was another factor that weighed on his mind. “Those days there were no endorsements or heavy paycheques, it was more of an ‘honour’ to work in good films. Hailing from a lower middle-class family, I had to get educated and find a job.”

Thus, like a true-blue South Indian boy, Manjunath removed the greasepaint to get into academics, doing his MA in sociology, diploma in cinematography and even his CA Foundation course.

The IT boom, led by Bangalore, attracted him next and then came a period of job-hopping working as project manager for portals like, a stint with a special effects company and so on. “I never stuck to a job for more than two years, till this one came along. It’s been 10 years here now,” he chuckles.

His job profile is interesting — from looking at legalities to handling the environmental cell to trouble-shooting for his company, he does “everything apart from cleaning toilets”!

But Manjunath doesn’t mind. He has a life apart from the hectic corporate schedules. “We have this group of childhood friends, Ninnengen Ovans (What’s your problem?). Every week we meet and have a wild time, going all over Karnataka on road trips, watching movies etc.”

Does Agumbe, alias Malgudi figure on the list? “Absolutely,” he says. “It’s about an hour’s drive from Manipal. It is still pristine and untouched, a tad underdeveloped but still as beautiful.”

Manjunath’s dream is to make the village famous on the tourist map. “I am trying to push the government to declare it a heritage or tourist site, it would be the ultimate tribute to R K Narayan and up the village’s profile too.”

Interestingly, despite the fame that the character fetched him, Manjunath says he still hasn’t read the book. “I have this image of Swami in my brain which I don’t want to change,” he says. He needn’t worry though, for in one of his rare interactions with the author, he got his most cherished compliment. “RK Narayan told me I was exactly what he imagined Swami to be. That was the ultimate acknowledgement.”

These memories, says Manjunath, are enough to last a lifetime, probably the reason why he was never tempted to face the camera again. “Malgudi Days worked because there was so much beauty in its simplicity. Every kid could relate to it. Unfortunately, technology has killed that creativity and innocence among children these days. About the TV scene today, the less said the better.”

However, the cinema bug isn’t entirely dead yet. He harbours a secret desire to get behind it, “probably for a hard core commercial thriller.” But currently, he has, what he calls, “one solid plan” — to enjoy life as much as possible, have all the fun before I get too old. Travel, be with friends, enjoy my job, contribute to society — basically do things that make life worth living.”

A Video Interview with Master Manjunath

Video of an Episode From Shankar Nag's Malgudi Days, featuring Manjunath as a Child Artist

Photographs of Master Manjunath as Swami in Malgudi Days

Deepika Padukone Walked the Ramp on Day-5 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone walked the ramp on the Fifth day of the ongoing 15th edition of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WLIFW) Autumn-Winter 2010 here on Saturday. Designers G Pia Fleming and Namrata Joshipura showcased their collections on the 5th day, with Padukone being their showstopper.

Pictures of Deepika Padukone Walking the Ramp on Day 5 of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WLIFW) Autumn-Winter 2010
Deepika Padukone
Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone presents a creation of Indian designer Namrata Joshipura, at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2010 in New Delhi.

Deepika Padukone during the designer G Pia Fleming show at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi.

It was a lethal mix of Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone and the grandeur of a musical on the ramp which stole the show at the fifth day of Wills India Fashion Week. Fashionistas were treated with a double delight when music and technology was combined with fashion by designers Namrata Joshipura and by G Pia Fleming with Deepika's starry touch.

The actress sashayed down the ramp for both the designers but it was the enchanting musical with techno effects and lighting while the show which kept the audience hooked in the Fiama Di Willis sponsored event.

Fleming's collection, showcasing mostly evening gowns, in the palette of whites, greys and off-whites, was inspired by the Broadway musicals of New York. Her motive is to present a collection for the red carpet at Indian award ceremonies. Padukone wore a cream-coloured gown designed by Fleming.

"I think both their collections were completely different. Pia's was a lot more floral, lot more girly. Even in terms of colour, I think there were more pastel shades, whites, grey and off-white. Even the mood of the show was a lot more dreamy and musical," said Padukone.

The WLIFW-AW 2010, hosted by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), will witness the participation of 130 designers, 75 of them also presenting shows and among whom 19 are debutants. The fashion extravaganza will feature 43 shows.

Neha Dhupia Walks the Ramp For Designer Jaya Rathore on Day-4 of WIFW

Jaya Rathore showcased her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, A/W'10, on 27th March in Delhi. Renowned models, along with Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia, showcased the collection on the ramp on Day 4 of WIFW.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia presents creation by Indian designer Jaya Rathore during the Wills India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2010 in New Delhi on March 27, 2010.

In a complete departure from her glam doll image, actress Neha Dhupia turned traditional as she walked the ramp for designer Jaya Rathore in a bridal outfit.

The actress donned a red and orange bridal lehenga with the dupatta over her head, looking very much like a demure bride-to-be.

"I was surprised when Jaya mam called me to walk for her very Indian collection, since I am seen wearing more of dresses and western outfits. I am feeling very beautiful, very elegant and ethnic right now. Its something I have never done before, I almost feel like crying," said Dhupia.

The designer's bright and colourful collection was a representative of the Indian vibrant colour palette with more of golden, green and red and orange.

Koena Mitra Walks the Ramp for Joy Mitra on Day-3 of WIFW 2010

The day three of the 15th Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2010 saw some of the stunning collections by designers including Pankaj and Nidhi, Tanvi Kedia, Preeti Chandra, Joy Mitra, Shilu Kumar and Vineet Bahl. Koena Mitra Waked the runway for fashion designer Joy Mitra.

Pictures:Koena Mitra turned into a fashionable Radha for fashion designer Joy Mitra's collection showcased at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) on Friday (26th March 2010)

The otherwise bold and sexy item girl Koena Mitra turned into a fashionable Radha for fashion designer Joy Mitra's collection showcased at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week on Friday.

The collection was aimed at depicting the human side of Lord Krishna and had contemporary silhouettes and forms with earthy shades. Koena says she loved walking the ramp in Joy's creation, which was a black and red lehenga choli, with heavy gold embroidery.

"A collection requires a lot of thought and it is evident in Joy's collection. He takes up challenges and comes out with unpredictable designs," Koena, whose look was completed with a golden and a green dupatta over a black choli, told IANS after the show.

Joy Mitra says he added red to the showstopper's outfit for Koena's sake. "Koena loves red and I had made it a point to include it in her attire," he said.

The 28-year-old actress, who started her modelling career during college and has done several commercials, says fashion means "being yourself". "Fashion to me means being yourself and having lot of fun. I have never followed any trend. I like to wear traditional outfits. Whenever I get a chance I opt for traditional wear like saris," she added.

The designer, who has a penchant for fusion wear created skirts, fitted churidaars, kurtas, saris and tunics in brocade and wool. The colour palette was dominated by black, olive, maroon, brown and teal.

Among those seated in the front row was actress Neena Gupta along with her designer daughter Masaba.

Esha Deol and Hema Malini Walk the Ramp at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW)

Hema Malini with Daughter Esha Deol Walks the Ramp Showcasing designers Rocky S creations during Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week - Day 3 in New Delhi.

Esha Deol at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week press conference, New Delhi.

Bollywood actress Esha Deol, looking beautiful in designer Rocky S' bridal lehenga-choli, said walking down the aisle in any designer's collection is a far fetched dream for her as of now.

Asked when she would be walking down the aisle, instead of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) ramp in Rocky's creation, Esha laughed, and said: "Well! I would rather be a runaway bride".

The young actress matched steps with her evergreen mother, veteran actress Hema Malini, who was the cynosure of all eyes at the closing show on the third day of WIFW. While Esha sported a splendid maroon and green, heavily embroidered lehenga-choli, Hema stole the limelight with her grace in a similar coloured sari teamed with an embroidered burnt orange coloured blouse.

"It was wonderful walking the ramp. Rocky has given me a beautiful sari to wear. It has a wonderful combination and it was very nice walking with Esha," Hema told reporters.

Esha, who did not look even a wee bit nervous while walking the ramp with Bollywood's 'dreamgirl', said: "This isn't the first time that we are on the runway together. But I am thankful to Rocky for having given us such lovely outfits to wear."

"I was a little nervous walking in this heavy ghagra, but thankfully I had my mother to hold onto," she added.

Rocky, who is among Bollywood's favourite designers, didn't have to think twice before judging who among the mother-daughter duo looked best. "Definitely Hema Ma'am!" he said, and added: "Esha is my friend but I'll take Ma'am's side." When Esha made a sad face to that, Rocky was quick to add: "Actually, both of them look gorgeous."

Rocky's collection was a sellout among the audience for his use of bright colours and eclectic combinations like blue, red, teal, pink, peach, burgundy, green with a heavy use of borders, motifs and tassles. The outfits were primarily suits, saris and lehengas in silk, georgette and brocade. The range starts from Rs.10,000- 1,15,000.

Aamir Khan at Star CINTAA Superstars Ka Jalwa Show on TV

It is a rare treat for fans of Aamir Khan as they witnessed his first performance on television in 10 years! Aamir Khan's stage act involves his 3 Idiots co-stars Kareena Kapoor, Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. It will be aired on 28th March on
Star Plus channel

Pictures of Aamir Khan's Performance at the Star CINTAA Superstars Ka Jalwa Show on Star Plus Channel.
Aamir Khan Performing on the show

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor

The '3 Idiots' perform on stage: Aamir Khan, R Madhavan and Sharman Joshi

Ritesh Deshmukh

Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy at an interview

Thus, come this Sunday, that is the 28th of March and Mr. perfectionist, Aamir Khan will be seen dancing to the tunes of his hit film ‘3 Idiots,’ along with the other stars of the film, Sharman Joshi, R.Madhavan and the hot Kareena Kapoor. All the magical numbers from the film right from ‘Zoobi Doobi, to All Izz Well’ shall be performed on stage. This will be those rare occasions when Aamir will be seen performing on stage for any function, that too on the small screen.

The perfectinist actor provided us with one more instance of his dedication - he had postponed the shoot due to a serious leg injury but nevertheless completed it on recuperating.

The program titled ‘CINTAA’, Super Stars Ka Jalwa, will have a total of 52 actors performing; there will be a total of 6 episodes aired on Sundays. The first one was telecast on the 21st of March on Starplus. The show to be telecast for two hours every Sunday has been co-produced by Sohail Khan Entertainment and Seventy Event Management.

A Video of Aamir Khan Performing at Superstars ka Jalwa

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