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Vivek Oberoi Spends Time at the Beach Every Morning with His Pet Dogs Duke and Ivy

Vivek Oberoi On his Pets: My dogs! Duke and Ivy

Every morning I go running on the beach at 5am with my pet dogs Duke and Ivy and when it rains its even more fun! They are the reason I am at the beach every morning. They actually run with me or rather I run behind them. While going they pull me, while coming I pull them back.

Duke and Ivy, are the world's most adorable boxers. I just come back home to them whenever I am stressed and they give me so much unconditional love. They always make me smile. I just love them! They are my stress busters.

Duke and Ivey play their own form of cricket, which is to grab the ball and just run like hell because they don't want to give it back ever. Especially Duke, he just likes to chew the ball into bits.

Salman Khan Leads Mumbai's First Ever Cyclothon, Bicycles in Tour de Mumbai

Salman Kick starts Mumbai Cyclothon, Being Human (The Salman Khan foundation) partners Mumbai Cyclothon !
Salman cycling at the event (More images from the event below)

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Promotional Pics of Mumbai Cyclothon with Salman (Posters)
Salman Khan On His Bicycle, Riding Away on the Streets (Pictures)
Salman Khan Rides on his Hayabusa Bike (View Pictures)

Mumbai is witnessed its first ever Cyclothon today and Salman Khan was the star attraction of the event as thousands of supporters lined up to catch a glimpse of him.

Cycling professionals from around the world are took part in Salman Khan's Being Human - Tour De Mumbai. It's was held around the Bandra suburb and continued till noon.

The city's first ever Cyclothon, consisted of two cycling events: the BSA Hercules India Cyclothon and Salman Khan's Being Human - Tour De Mumbai. The former was a Cyclothon for everyone and the second was a race for cycling professionals from across the world.

Starry cyclothon

There were cycling professionals from across the world who took part in the event for a cause. It was Salman Khan’s Being Human-Tour De Human event to promote conservation of nonrenewable resources of energy like petrol and environment.

It was on January 19, 2010, that the ‘Wanted’ boy actor had signed on the joint venture between Sport 18. Sports 18 is a sports marketing division of the Network18 group and ID Sports – a sports management company had joined hands with TI Cycles and the Being Human – the Salman Khan Foundation.

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan rides a bicycle before the start of the inaugural Tour de Mumbai Cyclothon in Mumbai on February 21, 2010. Argentina's Jose Juan Haedo won the inaugural Tour de Mumbai, India's first professional cycling race sanctioned by the sport's governing body.

Salman khan with his nephew Arhaan Khan (Arbaaz Khan's Son)

Videos from the Event (Watch Salman Khan on the Bicycle)

Salman on cycle Part I

Salman on cycle Part II

Salman @ Mumbai Cyclothon Race!

Salman Khan Promotes Mumbai Cyclothon, View Promotional Pictures Advertising the Event

That Salman Khan is a fitness freak is a known fact. Spending hours in the gym and often working out on his sets is not enough for this hot Khan. Many a times, the actor will take to cycling in the middle of the night to keep his fitness level high. The actor is known for often taking the cycling route to get to his sets at Film City in Goregaon from his home in Bandra. With his bodyguards following in his car, the actor makes his journey, often stopping to talk to his fans or sign autographs!

And now Sallu is asking you to join him. Backed by his Being Human Foundation, Salman Khan is now asking people all over the world to join him in India's first ever international cycling event - Mumbai Cyclothon.

Poster Promoting the First Mumbai Cycloton

“The Tour De Mumbai will be held at Bandra Reclamation on Sunday, 21st February. The whole reason Salman agreed to join this event is to promote the practice of cycling in the city. He wants everyone to get healthy, and this is his way of contributing,” says a close friend of the actor, “Salman is inviting all his fans – whether u are a cyclist or not!”

Salman Khan Advertises Mumbai Cyclothon

The ride will have participants from all walks of life, including amateur cyclists, cycling enthusiasts, working professionals, housewives and school children. The maximum distance covered will be 24 km. But we don’t think that will deter our superstar, who is used to cycling long distances.

The Mumbai Cyclothon — the Tour de Mumbai cycle race at Bandra Reclamation is promoted by Being Human — the Salman Khan Foundation, to encourage the practice of cycling in the city, he will participate himself “for quite a bit... but not the whole distance”. Riding besides amateur cyclists, enthusiasts, professionals, housewives and schoolchildren, lending muscle to the charity event, not to mention adding colour and festivity.

Salman is no stranger to cycling, this is something he’s been doing even while learning to walk, and now he owns several professional bikes that he uses to get around the city. Some are with 28 gears, some with 14, though he doesn’t use the gears so much. “Cycling gives me a kick,” he says recalling his BMX days as a boy when he would perform stunts, jumps and bunny-hops on the bike. “Anything that increases momentum is a high, besides which it’s a damn good form of cardio and the best way to prevent pollution. Everybody in the city can afford a cycle. Go on, get one, it keeps you fit, and in Mumbai’s peak hour traffic — you reach your destination faster. When I travel by car, I’m on the phone, but when I cycle to a shoot, I get my workout done on the journey, and my evening is free.”

People have often seen Salman cycling from his Galaxy Apartments residence in Bandra to location shoots at Film City in Goregaon. “It takes me around 54 minutes,” he says, “which is less than a cardio workout. And I cycle like the postman or a doodhwala, slowly, I don’t bhagao the bike.” He has advice for first-time cyclists. “The first three-four days, your butt will be sore, but that’s like in any other exercise. Don’t give up.”

He believes cycling helps people retain their youth for the longest while. “People past their youth, get it back once they get onto a bike,” he says. “For anything in life, if you have the enthusiasm and interest, there’s no way old age will get you.” And there’s one more thing cycling does for Salman Khan. It keeps him rooted and gives him a sense of being connected with life and reality. “In the future, if all that I have is gone, the cycle will still be there... so it’s best that I get used to it,” he smiles as he mounts his bike for a practice ride.

Salman Khan On His Bicycle, Riding Away on the Streets of Mumbai (With Pictures)

Trust the flamboyant Salman Khan to do something like this. Salman is known for being a fitness freak and his penchant for his bicycles is well known. The star usually cycles to his film's sets, he does so when he doesn't have to travel too far. However, on some occasions he is said to have cycled all the way from Bandra to Karjat.

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Salman at Mumbai Cyclothon (View Pictures)

Promotional Pics of Mumbai Cyclothon with Salman (Posters)

Salman Khan Rides on his Hayabusa Bike (View Pictures)

Eyewitness say that it is an unbelievable sight to see such a big star riding away in his usually bindaas style, wearing just his shorts and a T-shirt. He is seen chatting with other men who ride their respective two-wheelers on the Mumbai roads. He is unperturbed when everybody recognise him and try interacting with him.

Salman Khan Enjoying an Evening Ride on His Cycle

Salman Khan Strikes a Pose on his Cycle

Salman Khan With Aamir Khan on a Bicycle on the sets of Dus Ka Dum

Salman Khan in a Moustache, Shooting For Film Dabangg

Salman sporting moustache on sets of Dabangg

While his Gladiator act in Veer may not have set the cash registers ringing, it certainly hasn't affected Salman Khan. Sallu is busy shooting for his next film Dabangg directed by Abhinav Kashyap and produced by Arbaaz Khan. We came across some on-the-sets stills of the film and were in for a surprise to see Salman sporting a moustache. heard it right; Salman who apparently plays a police inspector would be seen sporting a moustache in this film. Even brother Arbaaz who stars in the film will sport a moustache.

The film also marks the debut of Shatrughan Sinha's daughter, Sonakshi Sinha. One will have to wait and watch how Sallu fans react to this new look of his.

Salman Khan Rides on Hayabusa Bike (View Pictures)

Salman Khan is often spotted on the streets of Mumbai riding his red Hayabusa bike. Below is a compilation of his images on his motorbike.

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Salman Khan On His Bicycle, Riding Away on the Streets of Mumbai (With Pictures)

Salman at Mumbai Cyclothon (View Pictures)

Promotional Pics of Mumbai Cyclothon with Salman (Posters)

Easy Rider - Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan strikes a stylish pose on his bike.

Salman Khan Speeding on his motorbike

Wallpaper: Salman strikes a pose on his bike.



Singer Shaan's Bandra Home (View Pictures)


His stylised and distinct style of singing has the world swooning over him. However, one look at singer Shaan’s Bandra house reveals a personal side that is largely simple and unassuming, contrary to the glamour that he lends to the lines onscreen. Known for his energetic voice, Shantanu Mukherjee, better known as Shaan, has lent his voice to many chartbusters like Musu Musu, Chand Sifarish, Jab Se Tere Naina, to name just a few.

Located on the seventh floor of Warden apartments, off Turner road in Bandra West, Shaan’s 4,500 sq ft residence is nothing but elegant. “I was looking for a nice place, when I spotted this house. The house with its three levels, instantly appealed to me and was a welcome change from the earlier two BHK house that we had,” says the self-proclaimed Bandra boy.

Done-up as per his guidelines and designed by his childhood friend, the house has an earthly feel with white and shades of brown. “My house gives you a very down to earth feel and this is exactly what I wanted,” says the singer. “When we bought this house it was in a raw condition and by the time we finalised it, we could visualise the entire d├ęcor,” he explains.

The house opens to a lounge area. “We decided to give the lounge a very causal look and my designer friend suggested we have it as an area for lounging around when friends come over. All thanks to my wife Radhika, this house has come up exactly the way I had visualised it,” he says.

The formal living room, on the left side of the entrance, has warm and soothing colours of burnt sienna and ochre yellow. A huge mirror greets you as you relax on the unassuming, yet contemporary coloured couches. The dining area is concealed behind the staircase and is connected to the kitchen.

The staircase has been done up in immaculate white and has recessed lights leading to his master bedroom and his children Soham and Shubh’s room.

The master bedroom is uncluttered and largely seems to be, as Shaan jestingly says, ‘a mafia don’s bedroom’. Complete with a sliding TV and music system facing the master bed, the red and white combination of the room adds grandeur to it. The walk-in wardrobes with sliding shutters lend to the Spartan look of the area.

Above this level is the terrace, which gives a breathtaking view of the Bandra skyline, along with a riyaaz room in one corner.

The Bandra horizon, Shaan notes, is not the same as it used to be several years back. “Back then we used to know everyone in our neighbourhood by their first names and now we don’t even know who stays in the building,” he says, reminiscing of the bygone times. However, he always wanted to be around in the locales he grew up in and so, chose to stay back in the suburb. “I always loved the peace and tranquility of Bandra,” he says.

Salman Khan With Zakumi, Official Mascot of the 2010 Football (FIFA) World Cup in South Africa

Salman Khan is planning to go to South Africa between June 11 and July 11, to catch the 2010 FIFA World CupTM action live in the host nation. The Bollywood hunk, who's grown up playing the sport, is looking forward to the world's largest, most-watched football extravaganza. It's being staged across eight provinces and nine cities, with almost half-a-million visitors expected to experience the spectacle firsthand. While between 35 and 40 billion "cumulative" television viewers worldwide will follow the matches live on screen. "Sport speaks a universal language," says Salman.

Agreeing that the FIFA World Cup is the most awaited sports event in the world, Medha Sampat, country head - India, South African Tourism, says, "There are many attractively priced tour packages available in the market (with match tickets) and we are looking forward to welcoming many Indians to South Africa in June-July this year. Given our expertise with hosting large scale international events, we promise a memorable experience!"

Even without the attraction of watching world class football stars like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo live, South Africa is unmatched as a holiday destination. It's game lodges guarantee sightings of the 'Big Five' - the lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard. While Cape Town, its premier tourism destination, has the vibe of a big city with lots of scenic beauty, good food, terrific shopping, and adventure activities such as the highest bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge and shark cage diving among others! Other attractions in South Africa include Ushaka Marine World in Durban, Sun City, Johannesburg, the wildlife safaris in Kruger National Park, Port Harbour in Port Elizabeth, ostrich rides in Oudtshoorn, the Cango Caves adventure in Knysna.

Salman, who's been to South Africa many times on film shootings, played around with Zakumi - the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. A leopard with green hair, Zakumi gets his name from 'ZA', the international code for South Africa, and 'kumi', which means 10 in various African languages. His motto: "Zakumi's game is Fair Play" while the tournament's official slogan is 'Ke Nako' - 'it is time'. Time for South Africa to change the world's perceptions as it hosts a football spectacular that is African and first-class in every respect.

Here's a Look at Salman Khan Shooting for His Cop Flick Dabanng

Salman walking around without shirt on the sets of Dabanng

Salman khan cycling to the film shoot

Salman in Cop Uniform, ready for the shoot

Here's a dekho of Salman Khan shooting for Dabanng at United Mills, Parel on Wednesday afternoon. The actor was spotted walking around the sets bare-chested before he slipped into his character -- of a cop.

The film is his brother Arbaaz Khan's production. Shatrughan Sinha's daughter Sonakshi makes her B-Town debut with the project. Sallu even cycled from his home for the shoot.

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