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Raees Crushes Kaabil On Day One at the Box Office. First Day Box Office Collections of Raees and Kaabil

Raees First Day Box Office Report Vs Kaabil First Day Box Office Report:

The Raees and Kaabil clash has turned out to be a very one sided affair on day one with Raees crushing the competition and taking a huge lead. Its unlikely that two major films released on the same day have seen such a big difference in collections on day one. The early estimates are around 21 crore nett for Raees and 7.50 crore nett for Kaabil. The star power of Shahrukh Khan has gunned down the star power of Hrithik Roshan. The latter also came out second best with the clash on Independence Day week as Mohenjo Daro grossed 8.80 crore nett on day one and the competition which was Akshay Kumar's Rustom grossed 13.92 crore nett. Still there the gap was reasonable but here its looking at a difference of over 13 crore nett just on one day.

Kaabil has performed below the mark all over with some circuits being practically being wiped out due to Raees. The film was never that hot but still a Mohenjo Daro type of number should have come at least as Hrithik Roshan is still one of the top stars. The film needs to pick up big time and that is just to avoid becoming a disaster as it needs double digit numbers for all the days remaining in its extended weekend just to stay afloat.

Raees has scored very well all over especially in Muslim dominated areas,the only area which probably should have done better is Delhi city and East Punjab. The film is not really for these markets and it is because of Shahrukh Khan that the film has at least good collections in Delhi and East Punjab even though they are not as good as the rest of the country. The scored very well in Gujarat, West Bengal and South India. There is a big holiday tomorrow for Republic Day and it should improve further but it will be the Friday-Sunday business that will determine how big the five day weekend turns out to be.

Raees Vs Kaabil: Box Office Report, Figures for the Opening Show

Raees took a huge lead against Kaabil in the morning shows across the country with collections more than double in many cities. The gap was bigger in the single screens where Raees took one of the best openings for a Shahrukh Khan starrer in recent times.

Raees is looking at huge numbers in Gujrat, Nizam / Andhra and West Bengal. The collections in East Punjab and Delhi city were not as good as the rest of the country probably because its a Gujarat based film. Kaabil has a lot of work to do the opening is on th lines of films like Shivaay and Mohenjo Daro which also clashed with other films and came off second best. But here Kaabil is likley to lose by much wider numbers than those films. The plus is that it is a big holiday tomorrow and that should give a lift in the evening. Below are the admit figures of first shows with the cinema counts taken from each centre listed next to the city.

Mumbai (45 Cinemas)
Raees - 7,521 admits
Kaabil - 2,543 admits

Delhi (25 cinemas)
Raees - 3,531 admits
Kaabil - 1,520 admits

Kolkata (15 cinemas)
Raees - 3,006 admits
Kaabil - 678 admits

Chandigarh (8 Cinemas)
Raees - 1,123 admits
Kaabil - 456 admits

Jaipur (10 cinemas)
Raees - 1,647 admits
Kaabil - 738 admits

TOTAL (103 cinemas)
Raaes - 16,828 admits
Kaabil - 5,935 admits

Kaabil Box Office Report: Below Average Boxoffice Opening/Performance for Kaabil

Kaabil opened to around 20-25% which is a below average opening and it is second best to Raees all over the country. The opening is 25% of Raees at places and at places which have opened better comparatively it is 50% of Raees. In some circuits its going to be a huge gap between the two films. The only plus is that Kaabil is a big film and collections will get better as they are so low especially in the evening as its a big holiday tomorrow. Still its unlikely the growth will be good enough to result in a first day number which can be called good. Then it will be about the big National holiday for Republic Day where it will have to make huge gains if it is to make any mark at the box office. The opening morning has turned out to be a very one sided affair as far as the big clash is concerned.

Raees Box Office Report: Excellent Boxoffice Opening/Performance

Raees took an excellent opening of 55-60% in its morning shows. It is the best opening since Sultan eclipsing the morning shows of Dangal. The opening at most single screens is better than Dangal and at places even better than Sultan which was a holiday. The multiplexes have also scored big even though the film looks more for mass centres but Shahrukh Khan is there so barring East Punjab which can only be called good, the multiplexes in other circuits are excellent. The clash and the release which is around 3400 screens will obviously curtail the final number a little compared to other big non holiday releases but occupancy for a non holiday are fantastic almost across the board. Gujarat is extraordinary due to the local base of the film, West Bengal which traditionally is a slow starter has opened well enough that it could be an all time opening day record in that circuit as evenings will be bumper due to the Shahrukh Khan factor.

Kaabil Vs Raees at the box office: Raees Takes Huge Lead in Advance

Kaabil V Raees: Raees Takes Huge Lead in Advance

The big box office clash between Kaabil and Raees looks a bit of an anti climax as far as initial is concerned as the Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees has pulled a distance ahead. The advance of Raaes started late with some multiplexes only opening advance yesterday but it has notched up pre sales of 12.50 crore nett. Dangal was 16.50 crore nett, Sultan was 21 crore nett and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo was 15 crore nett but these were Xmas, Eid and Diwali releases respectively and all were solo releases and no fighting for shows which leads to the advance opening late. The advance is excellent at both multiplexes and single screens with the single screens at muslim centres in Gujarat and UP having chances to witness record collections on a non holiday. Considering the situation its a huge advance and that will be reflected in the initial tomorrow as its looking to beat Kaabil easily all over unless the on the day crowd changes the scenario.

Freida Pinto on Ex BF Dev Patel’s Oscar nomination: what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with.

Actor Dev Patel’s ex-girlfriend, actor Freida Pinto has congratulated him on earning an Academy Award nomination this year.

The 32-year-old actor took to social media to give a shout-out to Dev, who has been nominated in the best actor in a supporting role category for Lion in 2017 Oscars.

Sharing a black-and-white picture of Dev, Freida wrote on Instagram, “So proud of you, Dev! A fine example of what hardwork, focus, humility and crazy amazing talent rewards one with. Long time coming, so well deserved! @lionmov @theacademy #Oscars2017 #OscarNominations2017 #bestactorinasupportingrole.”

Dev and Freida met on the sets of the Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire and started dating after that.

The couple split amicably after a six-year-long relationship in December 2014.

Raees and Kaabil will release in Pakistan, Cleared by special panel.

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest Raees, which was released in India, the US and Britain on Wednesday, could soon hit the screens in Pakistan as it has been cleared by a special government panel.

The committee formed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to look into the screening of Indian films has sent a summary or official note to the Prime Minister’s Office on the film.

Sharif is now expected to issue a no-objective certificate (NOC) for the screening of Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil soon, the Dawn newspaper reported.

“We can expect that it will take at least two days after the NOC has been issued for the films to be screened,” a senior official at Hum Films, which is releasing Kaabil and Raees in Pakistan jointly with Eveready Pictures, was quoted as saying.

Raees and Kaabil could become the first Indian movies to be released in Pakistan after film distributors and cinema owners imposed an informal ban on Bollywood productions last September.

The move was made in response to the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA)’s ban on Pakistani actors, musicians and technicians working in India in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on an army camp in Kashmir.

Several Pakistani artists had to return from India as tensions between the two countries peaked. The tensions also resulted in Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, who plays a role in Raees, being kept out of the promotion of the film in India.

Shah Rukh, Salman have natural friendship, feels Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone feels superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan share a great bonding.

In 2011, Sunny participated in reality series Bigg Boss, which was hosted by Salman. The actor was on the show again for a special episode along with Shah Rukh, who was there to promote Raees which has a special number Laila O Laila featuring Sunny.

Asked to describe the friendship between the two Khans, the actress said in an interview, “They look like they are friends. Like they have known each other for so many years, which I believe they have. They both looked like they were having a great time. I was just like, ‘which one do I look (at)?’“

The actress, who performed the Laila song on the show, said she has a special bond with Bigg Boss, because had it not been for the show, she wouldn’t have been here. “After five years I was performing on stage. The last time I performed was when I entered. It’s always surreal, happy experience when I go to ‘Bigg Boss’ because that’s where it all began. If it wasn’t for them or Salman, I don’t think I would be here,” she said.

“I wanted to freeze time. There was Mr Khan and Mr Khan on either side of me. I thought it was amazing. I want to cherish those moments,” she added.

Sunny was on board the August Kranti Express along with Shah Rukh for the promotions of Raees, which hits the screens today.

She said she travelled in a train when she was five-year-old and was thrilled to be in it again. “I remember sticking my hands out, to grab bags of oranges when they sell you, the smell of burning wood and oranges, specially when you are travelling in the north,” she added.

Get over your newly-gained stardom, Shah Rukh Khan tells Indian media

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has come down heavily on the Indian media and said he was allowed to remain silent on things that don’t affect him or about which he has no knowledge.

In an interview to the Indian Express, the Raees actor targeted TV anchors, comparing them to stars who he said were yet to “get over their wonderful, newly-gained stardom” and asked them to take lessons from their Western counterparts.

“Why don’t journalists here behave the way their counterparts do in the West? You see journalists asking pointed questions to presidential candidates fearlessly and with facts. If the other person interrupts, they would stop and say, ‘It is his time’,” Khan said.

“Here, I want to tell the journalists that it is not your time, so can you please keep quiet. Can I listen to those two people you are asking questions to? Now, there are two journalists on the TV screen and both are talking over each other and the panelists, sitting there, are not talking. It is a strange space…”

He cautioned the media against trying to get cheap publicity. “Why do you want to join the bandwagon of faceless people on social media who just want to say a thing and become famous?”

Khan also criticised the media for taking things out of context, and asked if they were “always going to utilise snippets, bytes, pieces and words to somehow bolster your point of view?”

The actor was replying to queries that sufaced after Hollywood actress Meryl Streep’s hard-hitting speech at the Golden Globe Awards where she hit out at US President Donald Trump without even mentioning his name.

Following the speech, the Hindi film industry came under attack for not being vocal on political issues unlike their Western counterparts.

“What Meryl Streep spoke about at the Golden Globe Awards is related to what’s happening in the US, something she believes in, and has a comment to make. Before any journalist starts comparing, is there a similar situation here that you want me to speak about? No. If there is a situation that is different, I am sure people who want to speak will speak differently,” Khan said.

The actor said he found it very odd that when journalists start saying, “when will Indian actors start speaking like this?”

“Why would Indian actors speak about a situation that does not exist? If there is an agenda and situation you want us to speak on, then you ask us about it and, obviously, we do speak.”

He dished down some guidelines to the media that he felt could help draw a truce between the two groups.

“Somewhere down the line, if you have a point of view and a very strong one, you need to directly tell me: ‘I am doing this piece on you. Shah Rukh, would you like to comment, pro or against? Would you like to take a side on this point of view that I have?’ I might say that I agree with you, so I would like to make this statement. Or, maybe, I would say no, I don’t agree with what you are saying and you can go ahead and put it in your story. Every interview has become an editorial…”

Khan, who has been at the centre of many controversies, has been again at the receiving end of media scrutiny for the promotion of his latest film Raees.

While Khan was promoting his film by taking a train ride from Mumbai to Delhi, a man died at the Vadodara railway station after chaos broke out as 15,000 peopled rushed to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Khan also addressed the issue where he has been portraying more Muslim characters.

“You may write a piece from the point of view that I am doing three back-to-back Muslim characters. With due respect to my professionalism as an actor, I did not even know what my name was in Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I just went for two hours, did some shots and had fun with my friends, Karan, Ranbir (Kapoor) and Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan). I wrapped up around 2am and partied till 6am before flying back to Lisbon.”

Watch: Priyanka Chopra gets cast of Quantico Season 2 speak in Hindi

Quantico Season 2 returned to Star World and Star World HD on Tuesday night. To mark the comeback, lead actress Priyanka Chopra had a small surprise up her sleeve for her fans.

She and all her co-stars – yes we mean all – shot a cute message for their fans. And guess what, the magic of Pee Cee never ends because she has gotten the cast of Quantico Season 2 to speak in Hindi!

Cannot believe it? Well see it for yourself here as the cast has this message for all their fans, “We are very excited because Quantico has moved to Tuesday 9pm on Star World. Hum Aa Rahe Hai! Watch Out!”

See Priyanka’s message here:

Watch Quantico Season 2 every Tuesday at 9 pm only on Star World and Star World HD.

Catch Quantico Season 2 every Tuesday at 9 pm only on Star World and Star World HD.

Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik had the sweetest Twitter exchange: Kaabil vs Raees

Kaabil vs Raees: Shah Rukh and Hrithik had the sweetest Twitter exchange

Actor Hrithik Roshan reached out to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday, saying he hopes that the superstar “mentor” will be proud of his work in Kaabil. In return, SRK sent his best wishes to Hrithik for the release of Kaabil, said he wished they could have avoided the clash of their films at the box office.

Taking to Twitter, the 34-year-old star wrote to Shah Rukh assuring the superstar that he will inspire him with his act in Raees as he has done with his past films. Alongside Kaabil, Shah Rukh’s Raaes will also hit the theatres on Wednesday.
“Dear @iamsrk today as a mentor I’m sure you will inspire me yet again with #Raaes and as a student I hope you are proud of me with #Kaabil,” Hrithik wrote.
Dear @iamsrk today as a mentor Im sure u will inspire me yet again with  and as a student I hope you are proud of me with .
Earlier both the films were slated to release in the cinema houses on January 26. But then both the makers decided it to release the movies a day before.
The 51-year-old star took to Twitter to bridge the gap between him and Hrithik by saying the Sanjay Gupta-directed movie will receive a great response.
“@iHrithik wish could have avoided overlap of releases. That said... My love to you and @yamigautam dad and @_SanjayGupta. Kaabil wil be awesome,” SRK tweeted.
@iHrithik wish could have avoided overlap of releases. That said…my love to u & @yamigautam dad & @_SanjayGupta. Kaabil wil b awesome

Earlier in an interview with PTI, Hrithik, 43, said that his producer father, Rakesh Roshan, is “hurt” with the way things have turned out between them and Shah Rukh.

Aamir Khan To get Rs 200+ crore as his share From Dangal

The Aamir Khan starrer Dangal released in December last year to rave reviews from the critics and audience alike. The film which has till now held strong at the box office despite newer releases hitting screens has become one of the highest grossers.

In this special report we take a look at the economics of Dangal to analyse the profitability of the film for its makers. Collecting Rs. 381.05 crores after the fifth Saturday running at the domestic box office, the makers of the film stand to make Rs. 241.68 cr. as profit with a 322.24% rate of Return on Investment.

However, after removing the costs of distribution by Disney (around 30 to 35 cr.), Aamir Khan will walk away with approx. 200 to 210 crores as his share.

Understanding the Economics of Dangal and decoding the profits for Aamir Khan

Cost of Production – 60.00 Cr.

Cost of Marketing (P&A) – 15.00 Cr.

TOTAL COST – 75.00 Cr.

India Theatrical Box Office – 381.05 Cr.

Distributor’s share (A) – 170.20 Cr.

Overseas Theatrical Box Office – 198.71 Cr.

Distributor’s share (B) – 79.48 Cr.

Music, Digital, Merchandising, Licensing and Ancillary rights (C) – 12.00 Cr. (Includes only the cash part of the music deal)

Satellite Rights (D) – 55.00 Cr. (Sold to Zee Network)


PROFIT – 241.68 Cr.


The Box Office figures are compiled from various sources and our own research. The figures can be approximate and Bollywood Hungama does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However, they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).

Box Office Prediction: Kaabil to open well in the range of 10 to 15 crore; Kaabil Box Office Performance

This could well be the quickest release ever for Hrithik Roshan in a record time. Normally, a Hrithik film emerges as an event outing. There is at least a year that goes into production and then it has that magnum opus feel to it. Now, the superstar is taking a different route for his Kaabil, which is produced by dad Rakesh Roshan. It has been projected as a ‘small film with a big heart’ (a good marketing strategy) which has been given a larger than life treatment by director Sanjay Gupta. The film’s promos have seen good to very good reactions so far and very importantly, its songs have done well too.

All of that has ensured that by and large, Kaabil has been on a positive footing so far. Unlike Mohenjo Daro which had its fate sealed on the launch of the promo itself, Kaabil has been smartly upping the momentum with every passing week, something that has allowed it to release it at just the right time. For the entire team, it has been a gradual move towards the release and that should help the film take one of the better starts for Hrithik Roshan.

Day One of last few Hrithik starrers has been as below:

Bang Bang – 27.54 crore

Agneepath – 23 crore

Krrish 3 – 19 crore

Kites – 10.4 crore

Mohenjo Daro – 8.87 crore

Amongst these, the first three were festival/holiday arrivals and were also event releases. Even Mohenjo Daro was a holiday arrival but had to also face clash with Rustom. Now even Kaabil is seeing a clash but it won’t emerge as one sided as the last one which Hrithik faced. This time around the vibes are much more positive and a lot of good factors are going in its favor. The film would comfortably go past the day one collections of Mohenjo Daro this Wednesday and it would be one superb feat in case it manages to touch the 15 crore mark.

All it has to do is sustain the momentum between Wednesday and Friday, and emerge as a film with good content. If it manages to do that, it would be one exciting journey for Kaabil for rest of the weekend.

Box Office Prediction: Raees to open on the same lines as Fan [18 to 22 crore] despite clash

Despite clash with another high profile film Kaabil, Shah Rukh Khan‘s Raees is all set to take a very good opening at the Box Office. The film has heated up well en route release and there is good curiosity to check it out in theaters. Marketing and promotion of the film has been actually apt. It hasn’t gone over the top like Chennai Express or Happy New Year. However, it is not under-sold like a Fan either. It is somewhere in between, like was the case with Dilwale (which too had clashed, at that time with Bajirao Mastani) and hence the opening numbers too would be on the same lines.

Day One numbers of last few Shah Rukh Khan starrers (barring Dear Zindagi, where he wasn’t the central character) have been as below:

Happy New Year – 44.97 crore

Chennai Express – 33.12 crore

Dilwale – 21 crore

Fan – 19.2 crore

Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 15.23 crore

Now as things stand, Raees should open to numbers that would be closer to Fan [18 to 22 crore]. Actually even that would be good since a) this is a clash, b) this is a mid-week release on a working day and c) the genre isn’t as universal and family friendly, as like a Happy New Year or Chennai Express or even Dilwale.

The film has been playing on a good wicket so far and though presence of an out and out popular soundtrack would have further elevated its prospects, for those who have been hunting to catch Shah Rukh Khan in a different avtar would definitely be pleased.

One looks forward to a good biggie for Bollywood with Raees hitting the mark.

Movie Review: Raees, Raees Movie Review Starring Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan

There’s something about films based on gangsters, criminals and underworld… Have often wondered, why are several film-makers across the globe so fascinated by this genre? Though I am not a huge fan of this genre, I must confess, I have thoroughly enjoyed a number of crime sagas made in Mumbai: DEEWAAR, DHARMATMA, PARINDA, AGNEEPATH, SATYA, VAASTAV, GANGSTER, SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI… Helmed by some of the best names in showbiz, these films have tremendous recall value and left giant footprints on the sands of time, besides leaving an indelible impression on my mind.

There’s tremendous speculation about RAEES… That the story is inspired by true events… That it’s based on a real-life character… Frankly, I am not the right person to comment on the authenticity of characters/episodes depicted in the movie or verify the speculations, but as a moviegoer, I must confess, RAEES did transport me to its world.

A majority of films that highlight the lives of criminals/gangsters have a set template vis-à-vis the plotline: An ordinary person takes to crime, becomes a hotshot criminal, hobnobs with the rich, influential and powerful, but, eventually, the law decides to get even with him. RAEES follows a similar graph as well… the only difference being, this one is more realistic in approach than several films of this genre.

Director Rahul Dholakia depicts the power play and the cat and mouse chase between Raees and the honest cop Jaideep with flourish and that, in my opinion, is the mainstay of the enterprise. Having said that, I must admit, what takes the film notches higher is the terrific portrayal by SRK and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who breathe fire in their respective parts. More on that later!

Here’s the plotline in succinct…Set in 1980s, Raees [Shah Rukh Khan] is trying to beat the system and succeed on his terms. His natural flair for entrepreneurship and never-say-die determination while achieving his goals makes him both loved and feared. Enter Jaideep [Nawazuddin Siddiqui], a cop, who vows to eliminate crime… and Raees’ empire.

Recreating the bygone era is a Herculean task, but the toughest part is to involve the present-day audience that’s clueless about the characters and ambience of that era. While the production design recreates the atmosphere flawlessly, Dholakia and his team of writers [Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi, Niraj Shukla and Dholakia himself] ensure that the written material has the power to keep the viewer engaged and engrossed. Resultantly, the movie not only brings back memories of the 1980s, but also gives you the feel of the days gone by thanks to the characters and episodes highlighted in the narrative.

Dholakia is not really known to be a hardcore commercial film-maker. One look at his body of work and you realize he tilts more towards realism than make-believe. But he does an about-turn with RAEES, for the film marries realism and masala wonderfully. The narrative moves seamlessly from romance [SRK-Mahira] to the game of one-upmanship as the criminal and cop collide. This is a big ticket film with SRK and Dholakia knows that the stakes are high. He maintains the realism, ensures that the pace and energy seldom dip… but, most importantly, he makes sure SRK’s legion of fans aren’t disappointed. He takes a leap as a storyteller, doing justice to the written material and extracting bravura performances from each and every member of the cast.


Blemishes? Oh yes! The first hour unravels at a feverish pace, making you thirst for the second half. But it’s here that the problem arises. The pace slackens soon after the intermission and the romantic song and a few sequences act as spoilers. Thankfully, the film picks up when Raees’ life takes a dramatic turn, which leads to a high-voltage climax.

The soundtrack is decent, although there’s minimal scope for the song and dance routine here. ‘Laila Main Laila’ and ‘Zaalima’ have already proved to be a favorite amongst the audience/listeners. In fact, ‘Laila Main Laila’ comes at a crucial juncture of the film and carries the story forward. Background score is effectual, especially the signature tune that has been used generously in the narrative.

The DoP [K.U. Mohanan] captures the locales wonderfully on celluloid. Editing [Deepa Bhatia] is taut. Dialogue are aimed at the masses. Lines like ‘Baniye Ka Dimaag Aur Miyanbhai Ki Daring’ and ‘Ammi Jaan Kehti Thi, Koi Dhanda Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhande Se Bada Koi Dharam Nahi Hota’ have found resonance amongst viewers already. I must draw attention to the lines delivered to Nawazuddin too; they will bring the house down, especially in the first half. Action sequences pack a solid punch.

The performances in RAEES are consistently remarkable. Shah Rukh is the scene-stealer as well as the show-stealer. Cast in a character that has grey shades, the film brings back memories of his award-worthy acts at the commencement of his career. Nawazuddin matches his co-star’s brilliance and delivers a magnificent performance. Both, SRK and Nawazuddin’s performances keep you invested in the storyline as well as the characters. Mahira Khan looks gorgeous and handles her part with confidence.

Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub sinks his teeth into a solid role [SRK’s confidante] and makes a big impression. Atul Kulkarni makes his presence felt with a committed performance. Sheeba Chaddha [SRK’s mother] shines in a brief role. Narendra Jha [Musa Bhai], Jaideep Ahlawat [Nawab], Utkarsh Mazumdar [doctor], Pramod Pathak [Chief Minister] and Uday Tikekar [Pasha Bhai] are perfect in their parts. Sunny Leone sizzles in the ‘Laila Main Laila’ number.

On the whole, RAEES is a sure-shot hit. To state that SRK is sensational would be an understatement. The love, adulation and stardom that he attained in his early films will be showered on him yet again in RAEES. A few more factors contribute too: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s winning act, the aimed-at-masses written material and of course, the gripping finale. As far as the BO is concerned, there’s no stopping this one. An outright winner. Just don’t miss it!

Shahrukh Khan And Hrithik Roshan battle it out at the box office This Week

This week will see Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan battle it out at the box office. Its an early release on Wednesday for both films with the big holiday falling on Thursday. There is just one holiday and not a holiday period where a clash maybe can be justified but this is how its played out and two big films will release on the same day. It is in real a Shahrukh Khan V Hrithik Roshan clash as the films do not have much of a supporting cast and the music of both films is not that big that it adds on the initial. Even the directors of both films do not have much of a track record. Rahul Dholakia of Raaes is untried at this level while Sanjay Gupta has many films (the last being Jazbaa) but limited success.

Hrithik Roshan clashed with Akshay Kumar a few weeks back with Mohenjo Daro against Rustom and came off second best and here the gap in the initial will be more as there is a huge miscalculation from the makers of Kaabil. The hero and the heroine are blind in Kaabil and the promos show this clearly so even if the film was solo it would have struggled to open. In fact till date no film with a blind male lead has ever grossed big at the box office. Its surprising that a big banner like Filmkraft have made such an error as Kaabil is more of a content film and needs space and time. The film has fetched high prices from distributors and that is probably why the film stuck to the date because a change would have led to distributors renegotiating deals to a lower price even though a date change would have benefited all. The film has huge table profits before release. Another problem is that its a content film but the director tends to make films inspired from the West or Far East and generally void of emotions so he will have to surpass the previous works in a big way for Kaabil to have the content to get big numbers.

Raees has Shahrukh Khan and a solid theatrical trailer which gives an impression of a mass film so the initial is going to come. There is a clash with Kaabil but initially it will no surprise if it is just a one horse race. The only problem with Raees is that it has turn out the sort of film that the theatrical shows it is. The director of the film has made a few films but very art like films (Parzania, Lamhaa) while the banner Excel Entertainment also make films with a different cinematic language and narrative be it Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dil Dhadakne Do, Baar Baar Dekho and the Rock On films among others. If the film is like the theatrical shows and a full out Hindi mass film with action, dialogues and Shahrukh Khan then it will be hard to stop. But if the treatment is like what the banner and director have given to their previous films then the public is no fool and will find out very fast and then its just about where the initial star power of Shahrukh Khan can take it.

The makers of both films are fighting for shows so the advance has not started at many places. In fact for Kabil it has hardly started anywhere while Raees advance started at some places over the weekend and has raced ahead. Its hard to judge pre sales due to the limited screens open for advance but most should open today and there will be a clearer idea of sales by the end of the day.

Too old for larger than life romantic films: Shah Rukh Khan

He may be called the King of Romance but superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he is now too old to do larger than life love stories.

He may be called the King of Romance but superstar Shah Rukh Khan says he is now too old to do larger than life love stories. The 51-year-old actor has often been hailed for ushering in modern day romance with films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai among others and when asked if romantic films do not interest the audience anymore, Shah Rukh said the language of romance is different now.

“I think the times have changed a lot in terms of the language. Romance hasn’t changed. I think people have less time. I also find this whole rightly-so pushed for equality I think creates more buddy-feel between men and women,” Shah Rukh said in an interview. “When you are buddies, you can’t romance. There is a whole wave which I notice with youngsters, because I have kids and some young actors and actresses talk to each other very differently,” he added.

The actor was speaking en route Delhi in August Kranti Rajdhani train, last night. He is visiting the capital to promote his latest crime-thriller Raees. Shah Rukh feels there has to be some tenderness and chivalry in romance which is classic old school. “Romance has to have a little formality. Whether it’s ‘tehzeeb,’ going down on your knees, whether it is saying couplets in praise of a girl. I am from that school, I still believe in it. “I think romance has to be formal. ‘Aur phir kya kar rahi hai?’ It can’t work like that, even if there is equality.”

The Fan actor says his forthcoming film with Imtiaz Ali will have a mix of both the world- the old world romance and the new language. “I think I am too old for a romantic film now, of that genre. May be the youngsters will have to find language which
has formality but still of today.

“May be in Imtiaz’s film it might be there because I am playing kind of my age, 40s, the lady of course Anushka is younger than me. There is this formality because he (Ali) belongs to that world, but the language is very Imtiaz. He is very modern thinking, has a different take on romance.” While the actor may say it is the buddy-feeling between youngsters today which is opposite to the old world romance, his film “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” popularised “pyaar dosti hai” to the generation of 90s.
When asked about the same, he said, “It must be, I am sure, for some it works. I don’t believe in everything that I do. My daughter calls me bro. I want to ask her, and everyone, do they say it to other boys also? I am not saying it’s wrong, it’s really cool.

“But romance requires a little bit of formality, space, enjoyment. From the days of walking on the beach holding hands, to under starlit night to full moon night. All the connotation of romance need time and formality.” Directed by Rahul Dholakia, “Raees” is set to release on January 25.

Rakesh Roshan won’t watch Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, will see Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil again

Hrithik Roshan had recently said in an interview that his father, Rakesh Roshan was hurt over the clash of Raees and Kaabil on January 25.

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan says he will be happy to watch his movie Kaabil — featuring son Hrithik Roshan — again, instead of watching Shah Rukh Khan Raees. Both films are releasing on Wednesday.

At a special screening of Kaabil held here on Monday, Rakesh Roshan was asked whether he will be watching Raees as it is releasing on the same day. But he said: “No, I will watch Kaabil once again.”

Hrithik had recently said in an interview that his father was hurt over the clash of Raees and Kaabil. A romantic thriller, Kaabil features Hrithik and actress Yami Gautam playing a visually impaired couple.

The special screening was attended by celebrities Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Ramesh Sippy, Sussanne Khan, David Dhawan, Javed Akhtar with wife Shabana Azmi, Ashutosh Gowariker, Ahmed Khan and more.

Talking about his son’s performance, he said: “Hrithik has given a wonderful performance. He has set a path for all the new actors to follow him, to see as an actor how good he is. I am proud of him not because he is my son, but (because) he is a fine actor.”

“I loved the film and Hrithik’s performance,” said Sonam Kapoor, while Anil Kapoor said: “The film will have a very good run at the box office.”
Writer Javed Akhtar found Kaabil — directed by Sanjay Gupta — an “outstanding” and “trendsetter” film.

Shah Rukh Khan spoilt me: Mahira Khan confessed she cried as she couldn’t promote Raees

Raees star Mahira Khan called the ban on Pakistani actors 'unfortunate.' She also said Shah Rukh Khan is 'magic' on the film sets.

Only lucky women get to romance Shah Rukh Khan onscreen. And the luckiest get the opportunity in their very first film. Pakistani actor Mahira Khan is one name we all envy. SRK’s leading lady in the upcoming movie Raees, Mahira all set for her big Bollywood debut on January 25. But what could’ve been her dream debut, turned sour due to the political turmoil between the two nations last year. Mahira has been barred from promoting Raees in India and with her team.

Mahira is already a popular name in India, thanks to her hit Pakistani shows like Humsafar which aired on Zindagi channel. And while Mahira has kept the buzz around Raees on her social media accounts, by sharing regular posts and tweets, she still yearns to be with her cast at this time.

Mahira spoke in length about her Bollywood film in a candid interview with Pakistani publication Dawn.

Mahira has expressed disappointment that Raees is not releasing in Pakistan. In the interview she said, “I want my country to see this. I want everybody to see it, every person in the world. My friends keep saying you did it, it’s enough, you can just keep it in a box somewhere… I do that, but there’s a part of me that says, no, I want everybody to see my blood sweat and tears for these two years, because it’s been tough and I want people to see it even if I fail at it. But if it’s one thing I’ve learnt over these two years it’s that there are somethings beyond one’s control. I mean you can save a scene, you can fix things later in film but there are somethings that are out of your reach. You just can’t do anything. But I’m dying for it to come here.”

Mahira, including other Pakistani actors like Fawad Khan and Ali zafar faced the heat last year after the unfortunate Uri attack. The tensions between both the countries became so intense, that all Pakistani artistes were banned from working in Indian film industry, and even had to leave all their future projects in India mid-way. Mahira said, “It was painful”.

“With this ban, it’s unfortunate. Six months ago, I was getting a new script every day. Cut to six months later and producers are saying there’s no scope, let’s go back to dramas.”

Mahira confessed of even shedding tears for not being able to experience all the high around the promotions of Raees in India and elsewhere. “I was coming here and the new song is out. Everyone was sending messages and I had tears rolling down in the car. Again. For the tenth time! And my hairstylist sent me a message saying ‘I think we should always say goodbye with tears because we always meet again when we do that.’ I don’t want to romanticize things but by the end of the two years we had people crying saying goodbye. And I am so indebted to all of them, especially my director Rahul Dholakia and the producer Ritesh Sidhwani, who have stood by me all through these two years, even at the worst of times.”

On working with Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira said, “He is magic really, honestly. He spoilt me for life. He used to tell me to do things this way, do it that way. At one point I asked him, am I not doing it right? He said ‘Look I am only telling you what I know, from my experience. You do it your way but all I want is when you see yourself on screen you don’t come to me and say, why didn’t you tell me!’ Other than that, he’s so bloody smart. There’s nothing you can’t talk to him about.”

“We’ve had amazing conversations. It’s so much fun to talk to someone who’s intelligent. It’s not just about films, he can talk about anything! Of course I’ve always been a fan. But if you watch his interviews, you can tell he’s witty, smart. It was a pleasure working with someone you can have a conversation with.”

Bagging a film with King Khan can be your career high. But in Mahira’s case it is become a dream come true, but in an unusual manner.

“I also want to promote the film. I also want to be in an interview with Shah Rukh Khan talking about it. Why not? Why is it I get told that that’s asking for too much? It isn’t! It is my right. This was also my film,” Mahira spoke her heart out.

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