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Adnan Sami Talks About Being Accused By Wife Sabah Galadari of Abuse

A non-cognisable offence has been registered against singer Adnan Sami for allegedly harassing and abusing his wife Sabah Galadari at their residence in Lokhandwala in Mumbai, police said on Friday. Sabah, the daughter of a Dubai hotelier, is learnt to have registered a case at the Versova Police Station on Thursday night saying that Adnan hurt her with a cigarette butt. Sources said Adnan Sami filed a counter-complaint.

“Adnan’s wife approached the police on Thursday night and complained that her husband had harassed and abused her. A non-cognisable offence was registered against him, and she was advised to approach the court,” senior police inspector Kiran Sonone said.

Read on what Adnan has to say on the issue.

What was the reason for the fight?
Nothing, it was over my father who has come down. I just brought him here on Friday afternoon. I don’t know what’s wrong on the other front. I love her a lot. And, that’s why even after three years of separation, I married her again. However, it is her insecurity that has aggravated everything. I am emotionally screwed today and at a stage when after a lot of effort from the doctors, my father is able to come to my house. I only want to tell her that he is my father and not my mistress. So, if I give more attention to him, there is nothing to be worried about. I owe everything to him and I don’t think loving your parent is a crime.

Did the problem start because your son came to you after a long time?
Yes. It was an emotional moment for me when my son came. I don’t know why she threw a tantrum when she came to knew that Azaan is here. My wife was in Dubai that time around. However, the fact is that this is also her second marriage and she also has a son from her first marriage. But I never had a problem on the issue. It was only natural for me to think that she would welcome Azaan with open arms. But that was not the case. I am disappointed and hurt.

What’s the situation now?
I think she has made a mockery of herself in front of the police today. The cops asked her if I’ve hit her or hurt her anywhere. And, she said ‘no’. Then the cops asked where lies the issue. She made herself look like a fool, made me embarrassed and made the cops feel apologetic towards me.

How did the problem start?
My father was getting discharged, and I asked her to ask her friend to vacate the guest room as I needed the place for my parents. However, she had a major problem with my parents coming home. I can afford to keep them in any five star hotel, but Parampara bhi to koi cheez hoti hai. I owe them at least that much that when they come to Mumbai, they can stay in my house. She can show some respect towards them.

What had happened when Azaan had come over?
She was in Dubai when he came over. When I took Azaan to Dubai for the New Year, I had taken him to her house. She asked him to get out of the house. Even her servants behaved badly. One of them threatened that they will call the cops. I left the house and stayed with my son. I told my son not to be scared.

Do you think your marriage is on the rocks after this incident?
She feels insecure. But after the remarriage, I thought that she’ll know what I am and what has in store for her. I didn’t know that she’ll have a problem with the attention that I get. She has to understand that I am a public figure now. The problem is in a different zone right now. I can say that you mess with my family and with me. I love her, and will always love her.

So, there is no tension now?
There is tension. She is still at home. And, what she is saying is really humiliating.

Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth Shooting Shankar's Enthiram (Robot) in South America (View Pictures)

Aishwarya Rai and Rajnikanth had a long shooting schedule for Shankar's Enthiram (formerly titled Robots) in South America. They have shot at exotic locations in Brazil and Peru. Songs were also filmed on location. Here's a dekko of Ash in all her colourful finery on the sets…

John Abraham on GQ Magazine Cover (February 2009)

Kissing a man with stubble is a lot like going to a picnic. You don't mind going through a little bush to get there!

Well, one really does not have to be a psychologist or a psychoanalyst to read the minds of the million women whose mind must be playing with the aforementioned saying! The reason? Well, it's none other then the Johnny boy of Bollywood: John Abraham and his killer look that he is sporting on the cover of the recent issue of men's magazine GQ.

Even before you read the article, the photographs are absolutely enough for anyone to start worshipping this hot hunk with zero negative attitude! The entire interview is less of an 'interview' and more of an inner-view of this man, whose Greek God looks have already taken the world by storm! One can get to know what ails John, his take on the 'most frustrating thing about dealing with the media', his motivation, his style and motors and the most sensitively sensational question 'Is John a one woman man?' Check out GQ to know more.

An Interview With Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire

‘I’m bloody underage to go anywhere’ - Dev Patel

But 18-year-old Dev Patel did see the slums of Mumbai and they weren’t anything like he imagined they would be

Did shooting in India help you get in touch with your roots?
I don’t know how many people have asked me that — ‘getting back in touch with your roots’. We need a new phrase. See, we have this bread back home (in the UK) called Hovis Best Of Both Bread. You’ve got white bread and brown bread; white bread’s not supposed to be good for you and brown bread is good for you but no kid likes eating that. So, when I came to India, I thought they’ve made this bread that’s the best of both — it’s white bread with all the goodness of brown bread. Once I’d spent four months in India, I felt like that I was a British kid but I got to experience another part of my culture, which gave me the best of both worlds.

Have you seen any Indian films lately?
I was watching the trailer of this film on TV — Fashion? And it was very racy! I work in a racy teenage TV drama in the UK called Skins, and that was right up there with us!

Do you know the lead actress?
Priyanka Chopra? Yeah, I know her.

How much Bollywood do you know?
Oh, loads. I was on the sets one day and I didn’t realise how much I’d seen — my dad used to play this soundtrack when he dropped me to school in his car. So, it just came into my head one day on the sets and I went ‘Ek, do, teen’ and I said, ‘Hey, that’s one of Anil’s, right?’ And Anil (Kapoor) goes, ‘Aye, don’t be cheeky, okay?’ (Laughs) I was here earlier too, and I watched Ghajini. Aamir’s a great actor. And it shows how far Bollywood’s come. There are no stereotypes anymore.

How did your parents react when they knew you were going to India?
My mum actually gave everyone a heart attack because she was worried about a 17-year-old coming to a slum in India and staying away from home. But it was exciting, too. Before I was anything in acting, and when people from my community asked what subjects I’m taking in school, my mum said, ‘Acting,’ their faces dropped, and they went ‘What?’ But now I’m part of this film with people like Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan, and they’re like ‘Wow, what’re they like?’

Did you have any apprehensions about shooting in India?
The great thing was that Danny included me in the location scouts. When you’re reading a script in your bathroom in London, you just gotta imagine — and sometimes stereotype –— what slum life is gonna be like. But it was great that he took me there and dispelled my misconceptions. You get these charity ads in London to donate a pound a month to a child in India and you see this malnourished, depressed child on TV. I’d never been to a slum before and I got to see Dharavi, with a population of two million, and this slum in Mahim, and it’s not like that at all. It’s buzzing. And it’s people working — constantly trying to get about, there’s so much activity. And when you’re there, you witness a great sense of banter between everyone. Everyone knows everyone else. You see the kids walking past and someone passes this cheeky remark and they’re all giggling and laughing, and you know everyone’s been part of this big molecule.

Did you party in India?
Once we started rolling, there wasn’t that much time to party! And of course, I’m bloody underage to go anywhere. But yeah, apart from going on location scouts, they put me in a really dingy hotel. The guys saw this foreign kid with a bright red Bruce Lee Tshirt and trainers, and they’re like, we’re gonna make him wash dishes. And they took me down to the basement and I was there for four hours. I was one of these interns, and he was on his phone all day, and I was wondering when I was gonna get out. I literally did scrub dishes all day — that was surreal.

Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment Breaks Into Television With Ghar Ki Baat Hai

TV gets the chillies

The competition in television might just get hotter… literally. Beginning tomorrow, (Friday, January 30) Shah Rukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment production house breaks into television with Ghar Ki Baat Hai — a serial inspired by Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi. SRK is coming full circle after starting off on TV with Fauji, where he played the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Abhimanyu Rai. At that time, did he ever think of producing television serials? Says SRK, "As a company, this is our first foray into television production and I am equally thrilled and." Well, maybe, Ekta Kapoor's Balaji has some serious KKK-ompetition now.

Pavan Kalyan Gets Married to Renu Desai (View Wedding Pictures)

Yuvarajyam president and Chiranjeevi's younger brother Pavan Kalyan married his live-in companion of eight years, former actress Renu Desai on Wednesday. Pavan Kalyan and Renu Desai have a son Akira Nandan.

After a protracted legal wrangle last year, Pavan Kalyan had got a divorce from his first wife Nandini of Visakhapatnam whom he had married in May 1997.

In August 2008, the divorce was formalized in a family court in Visakhapatnam with Kalyan agreeing to pay an alimony of Rs 5 crore as a one-time settlement. On Wednesday morning, the wedding ceremony of Pavan Kalyan and Renu Desai, was performed as per Arya Samaj rites at Pavan Kalyan's residence at Jubilee Hills in the city. Renu Desai had paired with Pavan Kalyan in two Telugu films `Badri' and `Johnny'.

Among his other family members, Prajarajyam president Chiranjeevi and his brother-in-law Allu Aravind also attended the wedding ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony, a beaming Renu Desai and Pavan Kalyan came out of their house in their wedding attire for a couple of minutes to pose for the media.

Only a motely group of friends from the film industry and family members attended the wedding.

Pavan Kalyan recently came under the attack of leaders of some political parties who suggested that he should first get married to his companion Renu Desai before talking about women's rights and their welfare as part of his political campaign.

When Pavan Kalyan's first wife Nandini had charged that Kalyan had got married a second time without divorcing her, Kalyan went on record saying that he had not married Renu Desai.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto at The 15th Screen Actors Guild Awards Ceremony

In more Slumdog Millionaire-related news, SM bagged the Outstanding Cast In A Motion Picture award (Best Picture Oscar, here we come!) at the 15th Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday (25th Jan). Dev Patel even got nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category (was that a supporting role?).

Oh and if you are into red carpet fashion and that sort of thing... Freida Pinto donned a pale bluish purple Marchesa gown. The 24-year-old actress finished off her look with Ballychampagne satin "Imahal" platform slingbacks, a Roger Viver clutch and Martin Katz jewels. Co-star Dev Patel suited up in a custom-tailored wool mohair bound-edge tuxedo by Burberry.

The complete list of 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards winners:

Theatrical motion pictures:

Best Actor in a Leading Role:
Sean Penn (Milk)

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
Meryl Streep (Doubt)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Kate Winslet (The Reader)

Best Motion Picture:
Slumdog Millionaire

Primetime television:

Best Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries:
Paul Giamatti (John Adams)

Best Actress in a Television Movie or Miniseries:
Laura Linney (John Adams)

Best Actor in a Drama Series:
Hugh Laurie (House)

Best Actress in a Drama Series:
Sally Field (Brothers & Sisters)

Best Actor in a Comedy Series:
Alec Baldwin (30 Rock)

Best Actress in a Comedy Series:
Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Best Drama Series:
Mad Men

Best Comedy Series:
30 Rock

Lifetime Achievement Award:
James Earl Jones

Anurag Kashyap Talks About Love and His Film Dev D, His Own Adaptation of Devdas

I want a hit... I need a hit!
Anurag Kashyap is changing in more ways than one... is it all because of love?

First Look Poster of Anurag Kashyap's Dev D

When I first met Anurag Kashyap, he was angry and angst-y. Less than a year later, he's almost a different person. He's calmer, and he's smiling! The last time I interviewed him, he went through two packets of cigarettes and half a bottle of whiskey.

Now he puffs two tokes of his rolled ciggie, and was having chai! What brought about the change? The fact that he has just finished making a romantic film Dev D (his take on Devdas), or because he seems to have found his 'Paro'? Read on to find out.

Who have you made Dev D for?
For Dev D, the target audience is for everybody who is between 15-30. Largely, the people who have brought up in a city. There are some chunks, which will connect with people from the villages too.

Is the movie a cynical look at romance?
Dev D is an extremely honest film and it looks at romance the way it is today, but surely not the filmy idea of it, no. It is as real as it can be and it is a musical.

What do you want the audience to walk into the theatre thinking?
Like always, I want the audience to walk into the cinema hall empty- minded. And walk out thinking about the movie.

Is this movie an attempt on your part to prove to people that you can make a commercial romantic film?
Dev D is not made to prove anything to anyone. This is more of an attempt to prove to myself that I can make a love story.

In the name of love: Anurag Kashyap with girlfriend Kalki Koechlin, who plays Chandramukhi in Dev D

What genre is it?
See the film is about love, lost love, identity crisis, alienation, soul-searching and it is about the youth today. But if you tell me to put a finger on the genre of the film, I would call it a musical!

You have a word like 'whore' in one of the songs. Did anyone object?
No-one did. That's how we talk! Don't you talk like that with your friends? There is nothing in the film, that was put in deliberately. The movie simply uses the language that we speak today and it also uses the situations that happen in our day-to-day lives. Dev D is my most accessible movie till date

You fell in love during making Dev D. Comment.
I didn't realise that I fell in love. Nothing happened until I finished the shooting and that's when you realise that something is amiss. On the sets even though there was a lot of proximity, we were working, partying and the whole crew was staying in one hotel. You don't realise something is happening till the team breaks up and everyone goes their own way.

How did you fall in love?
I have never denied it and I have never said that we are just best friends, but at the same time I wouldn't want to elaborate more on it. It is something very personal and very close to me and you can see the effect on me. I am very happy. It has made me calm and I don't get angry. I watch first-time makers' movies, I watch low-budget movies and I feel good about it and I feel good about people's achievements rather than what they couldn't manage to do.

You once told me that if your films do well or not at the box-office, it doesn't bother you…
If I ever said that I want to change that. I want my film to do well. I want a hit and I need a hit. I believe after my No Smoking experience, whatever film I make makes one or two rupees more that what was invested in it. Because I don't think anyone who wanted to break any box-office record ended up doing the same.

Like Devdas, would you give up everything for a woman you love and become an alcoholic?
I don't think so. What I don't like about Devdas are exactly those things I have changed in my movie. There has always been a streak of self-destruction in me but I always keep working on it. I don't like to give into depression and self-destruction, where it completely finishes me off. I have been on the brink of doing so and I have come back. Dev D is not about one character, it is about three people. The idea was to find parallels with Devdas and write a script. That's why we don't call it Devdas!

How do you look at Devdas — is he is a loser or a hero?
I don't think Devdas is a hero. As a matter of fact, I don't even like the concept of a hero in Indian movies either. A hero is a hero only after his journey is over. In Hindi cinema, we have a hero from the very first frame itself. Hero is a man of a personal quest and when he reaches the end of it, he is a hero in his own world. For me, a Chandramukhi is a hero, a Paro is a hero more than a Devdas ever was. But Devdas is not your eternal loser either; he is trying to find himself. It is a film about self-discovery and not a film about self-destruction.

Do you think Devdas is a today's story?
I don't know but Dev D is today's story. Devdas is very applicable in India because ours is a country known for its self-pity. We are the old people who celebrate self-pity in songs like Ghungroo Ki Taraha Bajta Hi Raha... When we are young, in a small town, we fall in love with a girl and she doesn't even know we exist and when she gets married, we get drunk, and we listen to sad songs

Anurag's fave romantic movies
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak
Ek Duje Ke Liye

In one line…Love means...
a lot!Love is... there to be found

Romance is...
being in love

Infidelity is...

Most romantic thing that a woman can do to you...
Just look into my eyes with that thing in her eye!

Most romantic thing you have ever done...
I have not done anything romantic!

Most romantic hero...
Dilip Kumar

Most romantic actress...
Meena Kumari

Is it possible to love two women...
I don't know. It is possible to sleep with two women, it is possible to think that you are in love with two women but this idea kind of bothers me! Actually yes, it's possible to be in love with two women if one of them is your daughter.

Classy Sonam Kapoor At The 54th Filmfare Awards Press Conference

Simple, Classy and Elegant Sonam Kapoor was present at the 54th Filmfare Awards Press Conference in New Delhi recently. Enjoy the pictures from the event.

Interview of Freida Pinto: Talks About her Red Carpet Style and Why No One Should Ask Her About Boyfriends

One film old and Freida Pinto already needs no introduction. Here she chats about her red carpet style and why no one should ask her about boyfriends

Freida Pinto: Living the million dollar life

WHAT do you do when you have to wait around for actors?" asks Freida Pinto after apologising for the two-hour delay. "I hate sitting around backstage and waiting for questions to be asked."

And questions are being asked — a lot, considering the buzz around Slumdog Millionaire. Did the 24-year-old model turned actress anticipate the movie would be this big? "Not at all," she gushes. "Everything Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy (screenplay writer) touch, turns to gold. But you can never anticipate this."

The cast themselves have great stories to tell like how the photo in the posters was shot separately while Dev was in London and they had to struggle to get that infectious smile he sports in the poster, while filming the movie. They seem to be enjoying each other's company too. Freida was lead actor Dev's "official tour guide when he was here," says Freida. Just before we sit to talk, she moves to take a call from Rubiana Ali who plays the youngest Latika. They are making plans to meet up with Dev and 'Danny Uncle' and coordinating outfits for the premiere of the film.
Just another great dress to add to her wardrobe of fabulous designer wear. "All have a special reason I picked them," she says when we ask her to choose her favourite red carpet dress. "But if I had to pick… I like all the Chanel dresses I wore till now — they just fit me like a glove. I also like the Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla saree I wore to the London Film Festival. It was a lovely muted tone." Though her favourite, she says, has to be the blue Ronald Mouret dress she wore to the Palm Spring Festival because it was so simple and exquisite. On the red carpet she was seen in colours from mustard to teal to white but look inside her wardrobe and all you will find is black. "My mother opens my cupboard and says 'it's like night in here'," she laughs. What you won't find in her cupboard, though, are bubble dresses because they are "completely out," says Freida, who loves the less-is-more trend.

Seen in Jean Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen and Christian Lacroix, Freida says there was no temptation to go with Indian designers. It's more about a dress befitting the occasion than the designer, she says, while insisting that Indian designers do a fantastic job. And rightly so, for the interview, she sports a black halter neck dress by Gauri and Nainika. Designer Nanette Lepore especially gave her the pair of black booties she is wearing with the dress because she has, "Big feet. I got two such black pairs!"

While doing the award circuit, she has walked along some of the greatest names in Hollywood including her idol Angelina Jolie who, she believes, along with Kate Beckinsale, carries herself with great poise on the red carpet. She also loves Mickey Rourke's look at the Golden Globes, with a chain hanging from his pant pocket, as it was very rock star like. Though she wishes she had gone up and spoken to Leonardo DiCaprio whom she has had a crush on since Titanic "My friends think I'm stupid not to have told Leonardo DiCaprio what a huge crush I've had on him. It was doubly special meeting Clint Eastwood as my mother is a huge fan of his. When you meet them personally, you realise that the industry is filled with real people," she says.

Yet walking the red carpets was no easy feat and this is where her experience as a model came in handy. "It helped me pose better on the red carpet," she laughs. "My signature pose is the look over the shoulder but I think the best pictures are the candid smiles."

With this sudden fame come her way, Freida says she misses normalcy. The good part about it is that those who had held grudges are now calling to congratulate her. She also has to keep reminding herself that she is now doing press and promotions in India and that people here are very different from those abroad. "Just now I was taking a picture with this guy and I put my arm around him and he said, 'Please take your arm off, my wife will not like it'," giggles Freida. She seems so open and chatty that we are tempted to probe a little. But she squashes any intention by saying, "I am very reserved and that might come across as being a cold b***h. Everybody wants to know about my personal life. What my mother does. Should I also tell you what my grandmother and great-grandfather did?" she asks sarcastically. That means no questions about boyfriends will be entertained. Ever.

Questions about the movie's chances at the Oscars are more than welcome. Now that the movie has been nominated, her chosen outfit would be something that she feels great in. "I tell my stylist in US 'you can give me as many clothes but when I wear a dress and go wow, it has to be that one'," says the girl who wants to be known as an actor and not a star. From the looks of it, though, critics and moviegoers will award this actor with stars.

Freida picks
Flats or stilettos: Flats! Its easier on the ankles.
Red carpet style or lounging at home on the carpet: After doing the red carpet, lounging at home on the carpet.
Vintage or contemporary: Vintage has its place but for everyday wear, contemporary.
Clutches or big bags: A big bag to put your clutch into. I have a big bag and my friends ask if I carry the world in it.
Chunky jewellery or small elegant ones: Elegant ones
Boho or chic: I do not do Boho, so chic.

Freida Pinto Flashed More Than Her Smile at the Press Meet of Slumdog Millionaire, Her Inners

Will someone please teach our girls how to wear minis and not flash their inners a la Britney Spears? It's possible, you know. Freida Pinto flashed more than her smile at the press meet of Slumdog Millionaire at Imax Big at Wadala.

Freida Pinto With The Team of Slumdog Millionaire at its Press Meet

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor Are Still Friends With their Ex s' Nihar Pandya and Sonam Kapoor

If Deepika Padukone has accepted beau Ranbir Kapoor's ex girlfriend, Sonam Kapoor into their close circle of friends, then he has matched the gesture by shaking hands with Deepika Padukone's ex boyfriend, Nihar Pandya.

In a new-found maturity, the couple has made peace with each other's past. No insecurities

Last week, Deepika attended the Slumdog Millionaire premiere at the behest of Sonam. A common friend reveals that they even hang out with the same group. "Ranbir, Sonam, Deepika and her ex-boyfriend Nihar Pandya have been out together. The truth is that Ranbir has no issues with Deepika being friends with Nihar. She, in turn, is cordial to girls from his past. They are very secure in their relationship to feel threatened by people from each other's groups."

The source adds that Deepika recently called up Sonam and congratulated her on the music of Delhi-6. "They are regularly in touch with each other on SMS. In fact, Deepika loves Sonam's dressing sense and makes it a point to compliment her. Ranbir and Sonam's friendship hasn't changed. In fact, it has only grown stronger."

Harman Baweja Shares All Personal Secrets in An Interview

Skinny legs turning jelly before a speech in the school auditorium, sitting next to a crush and not able to utter a word and beating the fastest boy in school at race... Harman Baweja shares all... almost!

WHEN his first film released, he was often seen at events with a pink teddy bear. This time he flashes the 'V' sign. "Photographers ask me to," he defends himself with a laugh. After his first film Love Story 2050 failed to impress, he is geared to hit a six with his upcoming film Victory. Here's Harman Baweja, in a back to the past mode... with his personal victories.

Being an athlete
Two memories: Our PT sir Cyril D'Souza and beating Rahul Motashah, the fastest runner in the school, in a race. It was in eighth standard. I shocked everyone. Then they made us run again and I could not beat him. (Pulls a face) But Cyril Sir saw potential in me and he started training me. I represented the state in 100 metres and long jump. I only won in inter-house competitions. Outside the school, I never won a gold.

Beg to differ
In school, for some strange reason, I always used to dress up as a beggar in fancy dress competitions — sometimes lame, sometimes a leper. I never won the first prize, only second or third. My classmates started teasing me. I never thought it would catch on in a negative way, but what the hell... (Laughs)

Crushes and gushes
(Instantly) That's definitely Pavitra Poojari… oh, she was this Bhagyashree-Maine Pyar Kiya heroine material, very fair and beautiful. And mind you, we were still in class five or six. Once, during the reshuffle, my class teacher Priti Chhaya made me sit next to her. That was the day! Unfortunately, I never had the courage to speak to her.

Head start
In Jamnabai Narsee School, all the contestants were required to give a speech in front of 1,500 students, 15 trustees and all the teachers. I was contesting for assistant head boy. Our skinny legs used to turn jelly in front of the audience. When my turn came, I went on stage and lit a matchstick. Pehli bar toh jala hi nahi kyunki mera haath kaap raha tha. Thankfully, it lit the second time. And I said — 'This is the glow of Jamnabai. If you want this glow to go on, choose me, or else…' I blew out the flame. But the flame had already extinguished (laughs). The following year, I was campaigning for head boy. I saw six of the 14-odd nominations had something in their hand. They were following my trend of making an impact. One boy came with a trumpet. He blew it onstage and said — 'I can blow my own trumpet but I won't because you know of my achievements'. Right after that, he started listing his achievements. (Laughs) By the way, I became the head boy that year. Two years later, my sister became the head girl. Siblings becoming head boy/girl was a first in Jamnabai.

Becoming Mr Mithibai
In college, Siddharth Kannan hosted the Mr Mithibai show. He was very nasty to contestants. I had participated. He asked me a trick question: Kannan: If you kissed your girlfriend and she became a frog, what would you do? Me: I would kiss the frog back. Kannan: Why? Me: For two reasons… one, in the hope that she may turn back into my girlfriend; and two, I would still love her, whether she was a frog or a donkey. I won the title! (Laughs out loud)

Personal triumph
I went abroad for hotel management studies when I was 16 — Switzerland and then America. At that impressionable age, I had people sitting in my room and smoking up. But I never once touched it. The reason was a man I met years ago on a train journey to my native Chandigarh. I don't remember if he was telling me or someone else, but he had said that smoking starts with just one puff and then there is no stopping. Some things stay etched in your mind forever. This was one of them. The last thing my parents would have liked to hear is 'your son is a druggie'. That, on a personal front, is a big victory — not succumbing to peer pressure.

Family strength
Recently, we had a reunion of the whole family from my mom's side. We had some 46-47 people in the house. I don't have a house that can squeeze in that many. There were gaddas everywhere. I would get up in the morning, hop across people and go to the bathroom. Half of them would still be sleeping with their chaddars, some were eating on the bed while a crying child was being fed. It was cool. I used to call it a refugee camp. People were sleeping in whatever space was available, even in front of the toilets. It's cool to have a family like that. Touchwood.

Films and controversies
Love Story 2050.It was made out to be a national calamity. What's the big deal? Unfortunately, people enjoy others' failures.

Priyanka and your break up.
In the span of five years, we have broken up six times, got engaged twice and she has proposed marriage to me once. Once we had even broken up and then got engaged. How is that possible? I prefer not speaking about it.

What's the point? Why should anyone put his or her relationship out in the open?
So, you are still seeing each other?(Forcefully) No, I am not saying that. I have never said that.

Priyanka hosted your birthday party with the whole family.
Ya ya ya.. that was in Priyanka's house.

Why don't you talk about your relationship?
Kya hoga? And that doesn't mean I am saying there is a relationship. (Laughs)

Okay, Amrita Rao and you…

So it's just to create a buzz around Victory?
I hope so.

One report said that you wanted this story floated around and Amrita got upset.
Arre, Amrita is not upset. Just today we were together giving radio interviews. I have been extremely guarded about every relationship, including Priyanka. I have always dissuaded people from writing about Priyanka and I. Then why on earth would I float around something as frivolous as Amrita and I?

Go on…
Such rumours will never benefit a film. If it did, Tashan and 2050 would have been blockbusters. And Jab We Met should not have worked at all because the lead actors had split by the time the film released.

Impressed??? (Laughs)

AR Rahman and Sukhwinder Singh to Perform at Oscars, Invited to Open Awards Night

The new flavour of the West, A. R. Rahman is all set to give a live taste of his musical magic at the Oscars ceremony this year.

Rahman along with Sukhwinder has been invited to open the 81st annual Academy Awards night, on February 21 in Los Angeles, with the Oscar nominated song Jai Ho.

Meanwhile, Rahman is working on the song to modify it to have it in sync with the live orchestra for his stage performance.

And that's not all, ace lyricist Gulzar, who wrote the lyrics of Jai Ho is also expected to make an appearance at the gala award ceremony.

Jai Ho along with O Saaya has been nominated in the Best Original Song category this year. Rahman has also been nominated for giving the Best Original Score for Slumdog Millionaire.

An ecstatic Sukhwinder tells us, “I’m waiting for an official confirmation, till then I cannot comment on it.” Interestingly, the trio of Rahman, Gulzar and Sukhwinder had earlier worked together on ‘Chaiyya chaiyya’ from Dil Se, which was included in the Denzel Washington starrer Inside Man.

John Abraham Spotted at Police Gymkhana, Mumbai, Shooting for Hook Ya Crook

Actor John Abraham all padded up for a shoot at the Police Gymkhana, Mumbai on Saturday. Abraham is shooting for David Dhavan’s Hook Ya Crook

SRK Spotted at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is greeted by his fans at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Sahar, on Saturday (25th Jan). The actor returned from London after finishing his shoot for Karan Johar's My Name is Khan

Freida Pinto Blogs About Her Experience As the Heroine of Slumdog Millionaire

Oscar Nominated 'Slumdog Millionaire' experience. Freida's Blogs
About Life Then and Now

They say that a moment can change your life. Well, mine sure did in that one instant when I came on board the team of Slumdog Millionaire. Working with Danny Boyle has probably taught me what 10 acting schools couldn't have in a lifetime. Each day while we were shooting, I'd stumble across something new, I'd learn something that I didn't know before. I think I grew up most during this past one year when I was shooting for Slumdog and then during the adulation we received once the movie was released.

For an ordinary student from St. Xavier's College who always dreamed about being an actress to actually having that dream fulfilled is simply unbelievable. I was an active participant in my college's drama club and I remember I won an award for best supporting actress in an inter collegiate fest for a very difficult role. I still have that trophy and during the months when I struggled to get a part, I'd keep assuring myself that I had it in me to reach for the stars.

I believe hard work, patience and determination have brought me to this point in my life. I also believe that we can never have enough ways to keep in touch with people. And I think that networking sites are here to stay no matter people say. We all lead such busy lives that I can't imagine anyone actually sitting down to write a letter and then go post it! The Internet has brought us closer than we would have ever imagined and I think networking sites come in extremely handy and are a fantastic way to be in touch with friends and family. I've found so many of my lost friends on networking sites that it's simply unbelievable.

iTimes is among the best platforms for us to touch base with people we've lost contact with or even if we just wanna have some fun with friends. It's a cool site to be a member of and has all the features that regular Internet users like me would want in a networking site! I think that fan clubs are a great way to gauge the reaction of your fans. I believe that fans are an actor's greatest support system. Positive reviews or criticism is always welcome as long as they're genuine. I'd want as many Indians as possible to see Slumdog Millionaire. And I'd want them to see it with an unbiased preconceived opinion.

Posted by Freida on Fri, 23 Jan, 2009 [source:]

Read What Kangana Has To Say On Shekhar Suman

Shekhar Suman is talking non-stop about his son - Adhyayan Suman’s girlfriend Kangana Ranaut, now look what Kangana has to say about daddy Suman. Check out her interview.

Do you think Shekhar Suman should have been so critical about Chandni Chowk to China and ask Akshay Kumar to apologize?
Shekharji shouldn’t have said it. Those who live in glass houses should not cast stones at others. Why make such a comment? It’s not possible to give a hit all the time. And if a star can’t do that, you can’t go about ripping him apart. You can’t kill a star for not delivering.

You are reported to have had a tiff with Shekhar Suman over Satyajit Ray and commercial success…
I seconded Mohit (Suri) when he got into this debate. There is no point in making a film and then saying that the audience isn’t ready for it. If people don’t like a film, then it’s you who isn’t ready for the audience and not vice versa. I find no reason to criticise that audience and term it as being silly. Movie-making is a business. You can’t invest Rs 50 crore to make a film and then not have it generating business.

With such glaring differences of opinion between you and Shekhar, isn’t it difficult for you to be in a relationship with his son?
I don’t care. I’m not in love with the father.

The Real Slumdog: Resul Pookutty, Nominated For an Oscar in the Best Sound Mixing Category, Talks About His Rags-to-Riches Story

Resul Pookutty

Sound designer Resul Pookutty whose work for Slumdog Millionaire has been nominated for the Oscars, says he is the slumdog. "Villakkupara, the village that was home to me received electricity when I was 17. I grew up studying physics by a kerosene lamp, and listening to the 8.30 pm drama show on Aakashvani every Sunday. After graduating from the Film and Television Institute in Pune in 1995, I came to Mumbai. It wasn't easy finding work. I lived in a tiny MHADA flat with eight others in Andheri and walked from Juhu to Andheri station every day. To say that I'm grateful to this movie and to Danny Boyle, isn't putting it lightly," says Resul, who has received a nomination in the Best Sound Mixing category at the Oscars.

"I don't have any expectations, but I am certain A R Rahman will bag two trophies," he said. How does he react to critics who say Slumdog Millionaire is not an Indian movie? "The editor, the director and the cameraman aren't Indian. There was also one person from South Africa, the lighting head was from London and someone who brought the camera from Germany. That's it. That was the international crew in our movie. Everyone else was Indian. It's not fair to say the film is not Indian. Director Danny Boyle could have had technical staff flown in from anywhere in the world, but he chose us. And for that, my country, my city and I are being talked about the world over. There isn't any greater honour," smiled Pookutty.


>> Mumbai: My city
>> Sound: Everything in life
>> Slumdog: Special
>> Family: Very dear to me
>> AR Rahman: Mutual respect
>> The Oscars: Ultimate honour for a film technician
>> The CAS awards: Nothing beyond them
>> Favorite movie: Black
>> Favourite actor: Amitabh Bachchan
>> Favourite actress: Rani Mukherjee and Konkana 'Koko' Sen

Indian Premiere of Slumdog Millionaire (News and Pictures)

The cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire pose at the Indian premiere of the film at Big Cinema, Wadala, last night (22nd Jan).

Slumdog finally comes to India
balle, balle: Co-director Loveleen Tandon and Freida Pinto show director Danny Boyle (below) how to do the bhangra
Anil Kapoor welcomes Aamir Khan
A R RahmanDanny BoyleAamir Khan, Danny Boyle and Anil KapoorCo-director Loveleen Tandon

Video of the Premiere

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