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Sania Mirza's Ex Fiance, Boyfriends, Link Ups and Relationships

LOVE SIX AND DHOKHA: The attractive 23-year old tennis star has had quite a colourful stint off the court, having been linked with quite a few poster boys.

Sohrab Mirza:
Sania was engaged to childhood friend Sohrab in July last year. She called off the engagement six months later, citing incompatibility.

Adil Mirza, father of Sania Mirza's ex-fiance, wished good luck to the ace tennis player following her engagement to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. "I spoke to Imran (Sania's father) and congratulated him. It is a happy thing. I wish best of luck for them," Adil Mirza told reporters. He also said Sania's engagement to Shoaib Malik will not affect the ties between the two families, which is an old relationship. Adil said Sohrab Mirza was aware of the development and he would wish Sania on her engagement.

Mahesh Bhupathi:
Yes, though Bhupathi is credited to be her mentor, it did not stop speculations that there was more than professional camaraderie between the two tennis aces.

Sania Mirza – Mahesh Bhupathi was one couple which not just rocked on court but made waves even outside it. The couple always gathered lot of media interest considering Mahesh’s estranged relationship with his wife.

Riding high on their chemistry, India culminated its finest Grand Slam with a big win at the 2009 Australian Open Mixed Doubles Championship in Melbourne.

The relationship reached its peak after Bhupathi was openly seen with Sania. The relationship reached a point where Mahesh Bhupathi took all the decisions related to Sania’s fitness and availability for any tournament.

Much before the news of her marriage with Shoaib Malik broke, it was Mahesh’s relationship with Sania which had casted doubts on her engagement with Sohrab Mirza.

Shahid Kapur:
Shortly after his break-up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid admitted to have gone on dates with Sania. If reports are to be believed, Shahid is the first guy Sania formally dated.

Sania and Shahid were seen cuddling and dancing together in five star hotels. The Sports-Bollywood link gave paparazzi plenty of fodder to thrive on. Shahid and Sania were enjoying time together. It was reported that once Sania and Shahid spent nearly eight hours together on the sets of director Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminay.

But as always, Sania Mirza went on to give the same name to the relationship – ‘Good Friend.’

Yuvraj Singh:
The two partied together at an event and photos taken sparked off rumours that the two were seeing each other.

Navdeep Pallapolu:
At one point Last year rumours were rife that the popular South Indian movie star was getting serious with Sania. In an interview, Navdeep even confessed that the two were very good friends and hung out a lot together.

Navdeep had said, 'We are friends, meet in gym and also hang out together but I won't speak much over the matter'. According to reports, Sania had also said that Navdeep is just a ‘good friend’

Marat Safin:
A non-practising Tatar Muslim, this retired Russian tennis player was Sania’s first crush.

When she stepped into the international tennis circuit, Sania had her first crush on Marat Safin, the ace Russian tennis player. She even befriended his sister, Dinara Safina. However, not much was heard about this relationship afterwards. The last couple of years Sania remained busy on the circuit and despite her whirlwind tours across the world, nobody was able to pick up anything about her love

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