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How Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas monetised their wedding, from brand deals to social media plugs

How Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas monetised their wedding, from brand deals to social media plugs

From shout-outs to Tiffany & Co to wearing Ralph Lauren, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding is a textbook in striking brand deals.

It was no fluke that Priyanka Chopra chose to celebrate her bridal shower at Tiffany & Co’s flagship store in New York City. Nor was it a fluke that Nick Jonas shut down the London story to purchase a Rs 2.1 crore engagement ring for her. The couple’s upcoming wedding has seen a slew of brand deals, making them a handsome amount of money in endorsement deals.

An E! News report dives into the several deals Priyanka and Nick have struck ahead of their wedding, and the ways in which they’ve endorsed products. Priyanka’s friends, Anjula Acharia and Mubina Rattonsey, threw her a bridal shower at Tiffany’s Blue Box cafe in October. The party saw Priyanka’s mother, Madhu Chopra and future mother-in-law, Denise Jonas in attendance, as well as her Hollywood friends, Kelly Ripa and Lupita Nyong’o and Bollywood friends Neetu Singh and Sonali Bendre.

Meanwhile, Nick celebrated a sailor-themed bachelor party by posing with a bottle of Elit vodka, a deal estimated to be valued at $150,000 (Rs 1,06,70,250). He gifted his groomsmen LimeBike scooters, as he mentioned in another Instagram post. “It’s a rapidly growing brand,” the report quotes Talent Resources founder Mike Heller as saying. “It was a great way for them to get their name out there. If Nick got paid for this, it likely wasn’t much or it was in the form of a donation. In this case, it was the right brand and the right talent coming together.” Talent Resources is an influencer marketing and experiential events agency, the report says.

Priyanka posted images of her large diamond ring on social media, Talent Resources’ Matt Kirschner says isn’t about her making money, but about building brand value. “Well, I’m sure Tiffany is a mix of financial compensation and also product barter or trade, if you will,” he says in the report. “For people like her, it’s not just about money. It’s about finding a brand that makes sense for her. She doesn’t need their money. She makes plenty of money on her own.”
Priyanka also collaborated with Amazon to design a special wedding registry, which cost $14,000, but for which Amazon pledged to donate $100,000 (Rs 71,13,500) to UNICEF. Priyanka is a UNICEF ambassador.

To their credit, their social media posts have identified this as paid partnerships. “I had so much fun building a wedding registry guide with @amazon. They have everything that you need in one place! Amazon has also made a $100,000 donation to UNICEF, a charity that is extremely important to me!!! For wedding registry inspo, take a look at my guide (link in bio)!” Priyanka had written.

The report also speculates that Priyanka and Nick will wear Ralph Lauren on her wedding day - the couple will be married under Christian traditions on December 3, after a Hindu ceremony on December 2. Priyanka and Nick first met at the 2017 Met Gala, while representing Ralph Lauren.

The couple will tie the knot in a five-day affair in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace, beginning on November 28.

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