Doting Father SRK Wants To Quit Smoking & Drinking So That He Can Spend More Time With His Kids

Doting Father SRK Wants To Quit Smoking & Drinking So That He Can Spend More Time With His Kids

An ideal husband and a doting father, Shah Rukh Khan never ceases to amaze us. His standing as one of the biggest Bollywood superstars remains unbeaten but above that, he is an even amazing human being.

Just a few days back, he won our hearts all over again when a photographer got hit by his car at a party and the actor without second thoughts rushed him to the hospital and bore all the expenses.

The Dear Zindagi actor was a guest at the Indian Today Conclave recently. During the session, SRK went on to reveal that he is planning to quit smoking and drinking. In fact, he is looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle so that he can spend more time with his children.

Asked if being an old parent he feared not getting enough time to spend with AbRam, his four-year-old son, he said, “Yes, that’s an issue, that thought comes in my head, it came last night. One way to look at it is to keep yourself healthy. The presence of a little child at the age of 50, it is a good thing. It makes me come alive, it makes me see innocence and love in a different way”.

He went on to say that he wants to spend the next 20-25 years of his life with his kids and this is why he is keen to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Having said that, will I be there to do the same thing that I did with my older kids? Yes, that is a worry. So that keeps you smoking less, drinking less, exercising more. I am planning to give up all (smoking, drinking, etc) and try to be healthier and happier,” he said.

Talking about his childhood, he said that he was 15 when his parents passed away and that he holds that against them. However, he doesn’t want his kids to do the same.

“I don’t want my children to hold that against me that I was not there,” he said.

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