Kangana Ranault has a thing for one liners Says Shahid Kapoor

Rangoon actors Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut’s war of words seems far from getting over. Even though Shahid claimed that everything was good between the two, the actor’s recent comments about Kangana paint a different picture all together.

In an interview to a leading daily, the actor once again took a dig at his Rangoon co-star saying, “Kangana has a thing for one liners…When actors start engaging in this table-tennis match through interviews, the focus is then on the actors and not on the film. I don’t believe in publicising a film or myself through this kind of activity… I choose not to discuss my problems in print. Some discretion is welcome. I wish her all the best. I wish she gets along with some co-stars. It will be good.”

The duo’s cold war began with Kangana mocking Shahid and claiming that her kissing experience with him was terrible and that sharing a cottage while shooting Rangoon was a nightmare. Shahid hit back at her saying she has vivid imaginations.

The comment obviously didn’t go well with the actress and she taunted him saying, “That he has borrowed from Hrithik. It is completely borrowed and Hrithik should have a copyright of this statement. I feel everyone should have their own statements and not borrow statements. But ya coming back to what I said was, that we were sharing this cottage and I like to listen to instrumental music and Shahid likes to listen to hip hop. So I didn’t say it was a nightmare but I just joked about it and how we used to then take turns”.

Ever since, there has been a back and forth of words and just when we thought everything had ended, Shahid proves us wrong with his statement. We wonder what Kangana will have to say for this one!

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