Rani Mukerji: Aditya Chopra is a better husband than a father

Rani Mukerji who is all set for a comeback with Hitchki, reveals that her husband Aditya Chopra is a better husband than a father, till now atleast

Rani Mukerji is back with a bang. She is all set to make her comeback with the movie Hitchki and has started prepping for the movie since last month. Rani took a break from Bollywood after she gave birth to her daughter Adira in 2015. The actress celebrates her birthday today.

Speaking of Adira, a leading daily asked Rani if her husband Aditya Chopra's involvement with Adira will increase now that she is back to work. To this, Rani replied, "I think it will be the same. Adi is too involved in his work. He probably leaves last from the office and now, I am trying to change that because he has to understand he has a child waiting for him at home. Now, every day, I manage his time so that he comes back at a time when Adira has not yet slept."

She added, "In the morning, he has his time with Adira. He has breakfast with her and he takes her for a walk. I am trying to inculcate that in him, so the bond grows and he keeps teasing me, ‘Once Adira grows up, she is going to be my baby and my girl. Enjoy the time now.’ He is crazy about her, but I would not say that his life revolves around Adira now. But I would say he is getting there."

On if Aditya is a better husband than a father, Rani stated to the daily, "Adi is a better husband than a father, definitely. Till now at least, and I hope that he remains a better husband. Men become good fathers by default, but it is very important for men to be good husbands. So, I’d want him to become a better husband all his life."

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