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Audio: Listen to Shahrukh Khan's Brawl/Spat With MCA Security Officials At Wankhede Stadium

According to reports SRK got into a fight with security officials and members of the Mumbai Cricket Association at wankhede stadium. Below is an audio recording of the noisy brawl between Shahrukh Khan and the MCA security personnel.

Shahrukh Khan's Fight With The MCA Officials Recorded in Audio

Transcript of the post-match noisy brawl at the Wankhede stadium involving Shah Rukh Khan and MCA authorities.

SRK: … Beep… Do you want to arrest me? Arrest me and take me now.

Other side: Use your language properly.

SRK: You use your language properly.

Other side: Ok?

SRK: You use your language properly.

Someone says: Police ko bulao (Call the police)

SRK: Kaun tha woh jo dubara… hai ***** ka ****.

Noise. Someone shouts: Everybody out, everybody out.

Other side: Inko baat karne ki tameej nahi hai (He doesn’t have the manners to talk properly).


SRK: Who’s saying to take me away, I stay here.


Someone says something to SRK.

SRK: Which officer?


SRK: Tell your official, wherever he’s from… BCCI to tell him to shut the **** up, don’t talk to me like that… wherever you are from, sir. Tell the ****** not to talk to me like that… see it is his fault… nobody will speak (shouting).


Someone says: Nobody will speak. C’mon take it easy.

SRK: Kya bole aap? Haath lagayenge aap?


Someone: Laga ke batayun?

Someone: Jyada baat mat kar ae


SRK: Arre tu beech main se hath naa. Door se ghar mein bolna, paas aake bol.

Someone: Ae bewada (You drunkard)

SRK: …tu peeche se mat bolna samne se aake bol ae peeli shirt ****… yahin gaad doonga ****.


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