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Mamta Kulkarni Lives in Dubai With Boyfriend Vicky Goswami

She was known for her risque outfits. In fact, in September 1993, when the actress posed topless for a film magazine, she was charged under India's obscenity laws. But the outspoken actress lashed out at the masses calling them 'hypocrites'. Mamta Kulkarni, reveal industry insiders, is still as bold and outrageous as ever. And she has moved to Dubai and lives there with her boyfriend Vicky Goswami.

Mamta Kulkarni

However, what surprised us was the fact that the girl, who made Ranaji famous in Karan Arjun, still owns three spacious flats in Sky Anchorage Apartments in Andheri. What's more, the actress has no intentions of disposing them off in the near future either.

A source close to Mamta revealed that the actress is rather possessive of her property in Mumbai. "She sends about Rs 90,000 to the Sky Anchorage society every year for maintenance. Over and above that, she pays up to Rs 51,000 as property tax. The money is shelled out by her boyfriend Vicky Goswami, who she lives with in the UAE," said the source.

Mamta and Vicky have recently sent Rs 8,75,000 to the society that plans to start redevelopment soon. The couple even made nominations for their Andheri property. "Mamta has nominated her sister as the caretaker. This just goes to show that Mamta and Vicky are still very much together," added the source.

During the 1990s, Mamta Kulkarni was part of several blockbusters including Rakesh Roshan's Karan Arjun, Sabse Bada Khiladi, Aashiq Awaara and Krantiveer. However, after Rajkumar Santoshi's China Gate failed at the box office and the actress accused the filmmaker of having made indecent advances, her Bollywood career took a downturn. Acting offers dried up and she shifted in with her boyfriend Vicky in Dubai.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

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