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Salman Khan On the Cover of Filmfare June 2012 Issue

Salman Khan Features On the Filmfare June 2012 cover. The issue carries an interview of Salman where he talks about his recent health scare, matters of the heart and being the box office messiah.

Excerpts From Salman Khan's Interview from Filmfare June 2012 Issue:

About his health: Aneurysm is an abnormal balooning of an artery. Its close to the brain so I can't get it operated on. If I do there are chances that I might slip into coma.

About his Dad: Salim Khan has produced me. I was his first production so I am ahead of everyone else. He not only produced me but also directed me in real life.

“There is nothing I have done that 75 per cent of others have not. You should also write about them. Why do you just write about one person- Salman Khan. Just because you know that he lives in the hearts of the people? You want to sell your magazine, your newspapers. You have a nice headline and caption. So people get curious ke ab kya hogaya. Actually, there’s not much to an incident but things are exaggerated to create curiosity as a sales gimmick.”

Salman Khan on the Cover of Filmfare June 2012 Issue

Salman Khan's Photoshoot for Filmfare June 2012 Issue
Pictures of Salman Khan On the Cover of June 2012 issue Filmfare

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