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Shilpa Shinde impresses Salman Khan's mother, hits a jackpot

Shilpa Shinde hits a jackpot, impresses Salman Khan's mother

Bigg Boss is on a reality show which has a vast viewership, and it is not only the commoners but also celebrities who diligently follow the show and are always quick to give their opinion on the housemates. Similar has been the case for this season and the interesting set of contestants was one reason why people were hooked on to the show.

And though Vikas Gupta has garnered a mixed response from the viewers, Hina Khan has always received flak from people for her behaviour in the house. But one contestant who has emerged as everyone’s favourite on the show has been Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai actress Shilpa Shinde. In the house, Ship has had the best journey, for she was never seen fighting yet she managed to drive people crazy in the house.

And her this quality won many hearts; also Shilpa’s caring nature added some brownie points on her list. With so close to the finish line, Shilpa is touted to be the winner this season, and with what an online portal has revealed in its exclusive report might just be an indication that the actress has stricken gold for herself. As per reports, host Salman Khan’s mother Salma Khan is a big fan of Shilpa Shinde and wants to see her win the show. A source close to the Khan family has told the portal that,” Salman’s mother is really impressed by Shilpa. She wants her to take the trophy home.”

Well, considering Salman is quite close to his mother, who is impressed by Shilpa, there are high chances of her winning the show. And we hope connecting the dots is not very difficult. All through the season, Salman has been accused of favouring Shilpa even when she was in the wrong and now we know why he did so.

With this news, Shilpa’s fans will surely be on cloud 9. However, after impressing mummy Khan looks like the ticket to Bollywood is not very far from the telly town actress after Bigg Boss

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