Bigg Boss 10: Leaked video sparks rumours of show being scripted

Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss is often accused of being scripted. When Priyanka Jagga was kicked out last weekend, her brother claimed it was a scripted show and predicted that Bani Judge will eventually win the show.

In previous seasons, we have seen contestants alleging that the show was scripted after they were voted out. Now, a video has emerged on social media and is going viral. The video showcases the monitoring room of Bigg Boss - with people clued in to different cameras inside the house. Though the video shows no indication that the show is scripted, it has sparked rumours once again.

Will this ten-year-old show succumb to the rumours and finally reveal that it is scripted? Or is it just another set of rumours? Maybe, we will get to know someday.

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