Uday Chopra-SRK twitter battle: Did you know the meaning of these words?

Uday Chopra — best known for playing Ali in the Dhoom series — is popular on Twitter for the existential posts he sends out way too frequently. On Tuesday afternoon, he tweeted one such gloomy thought, saying he had weltschmerz. However, little did he know that it would initiate a dialogue between him and Shah Rukh Khan, with each trying to flaunt their extensive vocabulary.

Little-used words like ennui, anhedonia and pedagogery were freely used in the five-tweet conversation. Though we doubt if Uday has got the last tweet right, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to discuss the beautiful words that English borrows from other languages — words that should be used more often in our everyday conversations.

So here we list 10 such words (including those used by Uday and SRK) with their meanings and origins. We’d be glad if you incorporate even one of these in your active vocabulary.


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