Shah Rukh Khan gets nostalgic about his iconic onscreen costumes, characters and 25 years in Bollywood

Over the span of almost 25 years, Shah Rukh Khan has portrayed many characters through his films. And a few out of these seemed to have remained with him forever. And as much as these characters left an imprint in the minds of his audience, they remain an integral part of SRK’s life too.

The actor took to his Twitter account and shared something special for his fans, something that reminded everyone about his long and enriching career. Shah Rukh will be completing 25 years in Bollywood in 2017. From playing a romantic guy to obsessive lover, a caring husband to a best friend, SRK has experimented with all kinds of roles. And along came several memorable characters too. The superstar was on a trip down the memory lane while cleaning the iconic costumes from his films.

Shah Rukh must have played over 200 characters on screen. But despite this, he feels he has not been able to be anything. Sure we don’t agree with this.

In the tweet, that he posted on Friday (December 30), SRK wrote, “Cleaning 25yrs of costumes collected from my films. From the ‘cool’ chain 2 Fan jacket. Nostalgic..i hav been so many ppl & still been none.” Well, lets take a walk back to trends of Bollywood’s King Khan.

Shah Rukh’s memory starts from the ‘Cool’ chain from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Fan’s jacket which still remain with him. Along with him even his fans remembered all the times when the actor gave serious fashion goals to everyone.

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