Shah Rukh Khan’s car hits photographer, actor rushes him to hospital

Shah Rukh Khan was heading towards the residence of Alia Bhatt to extend his best wishes on the occasion of her 24th birthday celebrations when the accident happened.

Shah Rukh Khan — the man who has the sobriquet of King Khan in the Indian film industry — is by no means a haughty king. Rather the superstar is a humble, down-to-earth man who loves his millions of fans just as they love him. And on Wednesday, the Raees actor gave a perfect example of his kind-heartedness and his sensitivity towards the common man.

On Wednesday, Shah Rukh reached the residence of his Dear Zindagi co-star Alia Bhatt to extend his best wishes on the occasion of her 24th birthday celebrations. As expected, the actor was welcomed by a mob of photogs. Unfortunately, amidst all the hullabaloo, one of the photographers hurt himself in the excitement to capture his favourite star. It so happened that Shah Rukh’s car was speeding towards Alia’s residence when photographers noticed him and rushed to click his pictures. A photographer, who according to the reports is a newbie, got so excited that he didn’t take into notice the speed of the car and the car’s tyre ran over his leg.

The moment Shah Rukh saw the incident, he stepped out of the car to make sure that the photographer is fine. He asked his bodyguard to take the lensman to the Nanavati hospital and also assured everyone that he will take care of the medical bills as well. An eye-witness of the incident told, “Shah Rukh was extremely polite and asked the photographers not to be scared as he will take care of the entire incident”.

“The photographer who got injured is a new guy and he got extremely excited seeing the actor. He tried his level best to capture Shah Rukh in his favour and didn’t realise that he will hurt himself as the car was moving at full speed. But thankfully nothing major happened and the situation is now under control,” the eye-witness added.

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