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Photograph of Monica Bedi With Abu Salem

Picture: Love lost - Abu Salem and
Monica Bedi in happier times
Monica Bedi, the glamorous former girlfriend of jailed gangster Abu Salem, says the don wants her to get married.

"Salem holds nothing against me. He told me to move on and get married if I wanted to," Monica said, soon after flagging off a vintage car rally in the Capital on Saturday.

This was her first public appearance following her exit from Bigg Boss. Monica was vehement in her protestations that there was nothing between her and Salem anymore.

'It's over'
"I feel no fear, love or anger towards him, and I hope to completely move on, soon. We're not in touch and things are over from his side, too," she said.

On reports of her romance with Rahul Mahajan, Monica said, "We're just good friends. We have been through a lot of trouble of the same kind, so he understands a lot. When I broke down in front of the camera, it wasn't planned, it was all natural."

Monica is planning to move into the Andheri apartment that MP and Bigg Boss co-star Sanjay Nirupam has arranged for her, and says she will move in with her mother in a few months.

Her family, she says, gets "hurt" at her public outbursts, but has always been there to fall back on. And what does she have to say to soap star Ketki Dave's allegation about the Bigg Boss being fixed? "No. By my experience, it was all spontaneous. I don't think it's fixed," she said.

Source: Mid-day

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