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Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza Love Story, Riteish-Genelia Romance Details


Ritiesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza talk about their romance ahead of their February 4 wedding

Ritiesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza are all set to tie the knot after dating for almost a decade. Their marriage is fixed for February 4 2012. In a candid chat, Ritz and Genie talk about their love story. Here’s a flashback into the prem kahani that has never been told.

Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D’Souza


Ritiesh: I was flying to Hyderabad for the test shoot of Tujhe Meri Kasam and I was told that my co-star would be there. I walked out of the airport and met Genelia’s mom. Then I saw this tall girl looking in the opposite direction, completely ignoring me. I was wondering, ‘Why is she behaving like this?’

Genelia (butts in): I did say, ‘Hi!’ I’d found out two days before that he was the Chief Minister’s son, so I assumed he was a spoilt brat, a typical politician’s son, so I thought I’d give him attitude before he did! (laughs) Otherwise, I am quite shy and reserved by nature.


Genelia: The minute I spoke to him, I realized he was a nice person. I didn’t know anything about films then but he made it look so easy. Also I found it very endearing that he was so respectful of my parents and elders.

Ritiesh: No one has praised me so much in all my life.


Ritiesh: We started working as strangers, then began understanding each other. Off the sets, we soon became best friends. I would discuss architecture with her while she would discuss college and exams with me. The beauty of a relationship is when you get used to a person; it is not sudden. It is just a process, and you don’t realize when love happens. After I came back from the Hyderabad schedule, I started missing her. I wondered whether it was right to call her or not. That dilemma lasted for a few days.

Genelia: I was completely floored by Ritiesh’s personality. I think guys like him are rare in today’s world. I love listening to him and enjoy his views. Falling in love was gradual. Every stage was played out correctly — be it friends, best friends or life partners.


Ritiesh: There was no great realization of love overnight, nor were there any great declarations. We didn’t need to tell each other anything. We were together for days, which went into months and then years.

Genelia: The gradual development of our love was so unbelievable that it surprised us. We just grew together. The best part is that we’ve never stopped being friends no matter how much our relationship has grown.


Ritiesh: Neither of us are terribly romantic, but we believe in special moments. Small things that have happened unknowingly have become romantic moments. This year on New Year’s night, we suddenly decided to stop at a coffee shop at 11.30 pm and spend some time together. We try and find happiness in small things.

Genelia: We enjoy life and each other’s company. We have a great time over coffee. My world is very small — includes my parents, Ritiesh and a couple of friends. When you keep your world so precise, you know what your priorities are.


Ritiesh: She is my flag-bearer. I draw unconditional support and love from her. Genelia’s love holds me together and to understand her love is something else. It is amazing.

Genelia: I love Ritiesh. He is a secure person and keeps encouraging me. At times, I get cranky but he’s always cool and handles things with maturity. I also love the way he conducts life and his willingness to listen first and then speak.


Ritiesh: I hate her memo r y. W h i l e t h e re a re c e r - t a i n things I may want to forget, she remembers everything. With time, some things need to be forgotten.

Genelia: What I don’t like about him is that he the world’s busiest man. Even on a holiday he will manage to be busy! He will call and tell me that he has these meetings and can meet me in between.


Ritiesh: We hardly fight. We have differences of opinion. I goof up most of the time but we never yell at each other. I am usually the one to make up first. To make up with a girl is an ever-evolving process! Genelia: I wait for Ritiesh to sort it out.


Genelia: He hasn’t proposed as yet… (giggles) Ritiesh: It’s an arranged marriage, so there was no need to propose formally.


Ritiesh: I have always been weak-kneed in front of her (smiles)! She was a teenager when we started dating, and I was in my 20s. We have grown up together, having gone from being really childish to having a sense of maturity.

Genelia: Formal proposals are mere rituals. It’s important to be happy with the person you are with.


Genelia: There’s no sparkler (she shows her bare fingers). He’s given himself to me, so that’s fine. Ritiesh is my biggest and only sparkler.

Ritiesh: Shaadi se pehle de doonga! (I will give before the marriage)


Ritiesh: Agar yeh kaam nahi karegi toh ghar kaise chalega? (How do we run the house. if she doesn’t work) Every decision that’s been made has been hers, but Genelia has always been gracious enough to discuss it with me. So whether she wants to work in films or not is up to her. Whatever she decides is okay with me.

Genelia: He’s always told me that it is my decision whether I want to work after marriage or not. Of course, I will prioritise my work differently post marriage.

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  1. Wow! I love reading ritiesh n Genelia's luv story. I am a great fan of both of them, I just luv seeing them together just as I love both kajol n Ajay. U r both terrific n rare ones to b desist from liking. I wish both of u a hapi n successful married life n may both of u b 2gether till only death bring u apart-ameen! I wish to c u again as co actors with anoda dashing n loving roles in ur up coming film together.


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