Being an actor is one of the most demanding jobs

Being an actor is one of the most demanding jobs: Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor talks about exploring opportunities, and the changing definition of stardom.

B-Town actors are not restricting themselves to Hindi cinema anymore. They are exploring opportunities in foreign film industries as well. Many have already tried their luck in the West and have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves.

On asking Shahid Kapoor, who’s in a great space in his career in Bollywood, if he also aspires to work in the West, the actor says, “I just want to do good films. I am open to different opportunities. Also, it differs from project to project, and opportunity to opportunity.”

While making his choices, Shahid says he doesn’t rely on what people have to say. “I never make a decision on the basis of what other people say, because what other people say and think can never be exactly how I think and feel. So, it is a choice. I believe when you feel about something very strongly, it has the power to change people’s opinions. And that is what cinema is about. I think the best movies are made when people get something they don’t expect,” says the Udta Punjab (2016) actor.

Does Shahid feel the definition of stardom has changed today? “Pehle stars ‘stars’ hote the. (Earlier stars were treated like stars). Now, it’s the other way round now. There was a time when people would request for a photograph, and only those who had cameras would do so. Now people expect a selfie. So, how has it gotten better? It’s become more and more intrusive,” says Shahid. “On a serious note, it is an actor’s responsibility to push oneself as much as one can — to try and be out there, whenever there is someone who appreciates your work. Also, I don’t like the word ‘fan’.”

However, at the same time, he feels it is the responsibility of fans and admirers to understand [where to draw the line]. “That’s the only way it can work. At times, you do feel it is intrusive because it is. But you have to learn to become better at dealing with it, as it is your responsibility as an actor too. Because you are in a coveted place, so you have to go out of your way,” says Shahid.

So, does he ever lose his temper? “Everybody does at some point. But I think more than temper, it is just tiring. But it is part of our job. It is a courtesy I must extend. It is definitely one of the most demanding jobs,” says the actor.

The actor will next be seen in Padmavati, co-starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

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