Tom Cruise to shoot for 'Mission: Impossible 6' in Mumbai

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is expected to arrive in India in October for two major schedules to shoot portions of sixth instalment of 'Mission Impossible'; a desi stunt director may call the shots

Although Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise wasn't part of the Indian schedule of 'Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol' in 2011, with a body double enacting his portions alongside Anil Kapoor in Mumbai and Bangalore, reports of the actor arriving here to shoot for the sixth instalment have been fast gaining credence.
A source close to the production tells mid-day, "The team will shoot in India for a month, later this year."

The locations will be chosen depending on the stunts conceived. Of the cities being considered, Mumbai will be a prime location [for filming]. They're also looking at Rajasthan and Kerala, but details are yet to be finalised. From a co-ordination point of view, [shooting in Mumbai] makes work easier for the crew."

The Hollywood unit will recruit the Indian crew that was associated with the 2011 instalment, and arrive here for a month-long recce in June. Filming will kick-off in Paris, followed by a schedule in London, after which, Tom is expected to arrive in India in October for two major schedules. "The details of the Indian schedule will be finalised after the first meeting with the [Indian] crew. The [Hollywood] team is also in talks with Mumbai-based casting agents to scout for local talent for the film's supporting cast," says another source, adding that the unit will consider approaching an all-Indian art direction and styling team and a leading Indian stunt director. "With a good portion of outdoor shots, India will make more than a blink-and-miss appearance this time," the source adds.

Tom, who was in the country in 2011 only to make it for the Ghost Protocol premiere, will film for two weeks this time around. The sixth instalment of Christopher McQuarrie-directed 'Mission Impossible' will have an emotional undertone, which, according to the director, will offer viewers a glimpse into what Ethan Hunt "the person is like".

The actioner which is set to release in July 2018, also stars Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.

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