What Did Rakhi Sawant Say About Valmiki, What 'objectionable' remarks Did Rakhi Sawant Make against Valmiki

Last year, Rakhi Sawant had claimed in an interview that Valmiki was once a murderer but later wrote the Ramayana. The actress was giving an example of how people and their situations change. Comparing Valmiki to singer Mika Singh who had forcibly kissed her during his birthday bash years ago, Sawant said that like the Hindu sage, the singer had also now "changed" and was "innocent".

Video of the 'objectionable' remarks Rakhi Sawant Made against Valmiki, Rakhi Sawant's comments on Valmiki

Full Video of the interview where Rakhi Sawant made 'objectionable' remarks against Valmiki and compared him With Mika Singh

"I just gave an example from what I have read in my childhood. Just like Valmiki, who got changed from being a robber to a saint, Mika ji also has changed. It was just an example," Sawant told ANI today.

Denying the allegations, Sawant told the newswire, "I am not Salman Khan, I am Rakhi Sawant. You won't get anything by putting charges on me. I am a simple girl who does social work and work in movies."

Earlier today, Sawant told ANI that she did not know about the complaint filed against her. "I did not receive any notice or summon in regard to the warrant. I too got to know from the media this morning that police is coming to arrest me, because allegedly I told something wrong against sage Valmiki. I respect him and Valmiki community a lot. I don't know why I am being targeted," she said.

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