Sports keep kids away from vices that can ruin their lives: Sohail Khan

Sohail Khan believes that kids must be motivated to participate in sports and also encouraged to do what they enjoy doing the most.

Actor-filmmaker Sohail Khan is known for his love for kids and sports. Being a sports enthusiast, Sohail believes that kids must be encouraged to participate in various games as that inculcates discipline in them.

“I have always been involved in sports since my childhood. I used to actively participate in various games, play football in school and cricket in local clubs. I feel any sport keeps the child in me alive. I genuinely believe children should be motivated to actively participate in sports, as it not only keeps them fit but also helps them stay away from the vices that can ruin their lives,” says Sohail who still plays football and had even bought a cricket team for Celebrity Cricket League.

Ask if Sohail has plans to organise any sports related activities for kids, and the 47-year-old says, “Yes why not! I would love to. Now that I have the idea, I may do something soon.”

Sohail also feels that kids today are lucky to have many platforms such as singing, dancing and comedy shows on television to showcase their talent. “I feel getting a proper platform to showcase what they (kids) can do best is very important. The appreciation they receive boosts their confidence. Being a father of kids aged 16 and six, I can relate to it and strongly feel that children shouldn’t be pressurised but must be inspired to do what makes them happy,” he says.

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