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Rahul Mahajan's Interview From Honeymoon at Maldives With Dimpy Ganguly

This is Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly's First interview From their Honeymoon, that they are enjoying at Maldives and Ireland. Here Rahul talks From Maldives about what he is doing at his honeymoon, what places he is visiting, about the massage he had at the Spa, Shopping, future plans, his dad Mr. Pramod Mahajan and ofcourse his wife, Mrs Rahul Mahajan - Dimpy Ganguly. Photographs From their honeymoon have still not reached us and are much awaited.

Wedded to the camera

We thought marriages were made in heaven. Wrong. Rahul Mahajan met his match in a TV studio. TOI-Crest gets up close with a man whose most private moments are fodder for public consumption.

Fresh from TRPing from his Swayamvar and topping that with a finale that the channel claims to be the season’s hightet ratings among reality shows. Rahul and his Bengali Bride are in the Maldives for a sponsored Honeymoon.

The actor readily agreed to be interviewed over the phone from the “beautiful but very hot” island, Maldives.

What followed was series of calls interspersed with dinner, lunch spa visits, shopping trips and other things that all honeymooners do. “We are going to buy Linen pants.” He said once “I had a great massage at the Spa he said another time. “Here, talk to Dimpy” he said on our final conversation.

Here are the scans from the Interview That Rahul Gave TOI from His Maldives Honeymoon
{Click on the images to view bigger size}

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