Shoaib Malik's First Wife Ayesha Siddiqui's Father Threatens To Sue Him

Shoaib’s Alleged Father-in-law threatens to take legal action against him if he went ahead to marry Sania Mirza without first giving a divorce to his daughter Ayesa Siddiqui, who according to him had married Shoaib in a Telephonic Nikah.

The father of a girl, who claims to have been married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, MA Siddiqui said he would sue Malik if the cricketer did not divorce his daughter before marrying Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, an Indian news channel reported on Wednesday. He claimed that the nikah of his daughter, Ayesha, with Malik was concluded over the telephone in June 2002.

MA Siddiqui said "Wedding conducted over the telephone is fully and completely legal and the marriage is autentic". He slammed the cricketer saying that Shoiab is still married to his daughter and that Sania would be his second wife not the first. He has said he will take legal recourse and take Shoaib to court as he has wronged the Siddiqui family. “As per law, Ayesha will be the first wife and Sania will be second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will seek legal recourse. I will sue Shoiab because he has wronged us,” Siddiqui was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

“I want a divorce for my daughter, because in accordance with the Islamic law, she cannot remarry until Malik divorces her,” he said. He said he would seek a fatwa from an Islamic scholar for the nikah’s annulment if Malik did not divorce her. “As per law, Ayesha is the first wife and Sania will be the second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will sue Malik because he has wronged us,” the channel quoted Siddiqui as saying.

Malik had earlier stated, "Yes I had a long relationship with her and we planned to get married. But no nikah ever took place and in the end our families could not reach an understanding on various things," Malik had said.

Siddiqui alleged Malik wanted to end the relationship not for the reasons he had stated but "just to gain goodwill and build his image."

Siddiqui said his daughter is "devastated and traumatised" by the whole issue and claimed she was hospitalised many times. He claimed that his family called Malik and his family umpteen times but they "refused to talk to us. Shoaib Malik never tried to talk to us even once. This behaviour has saddened us deeply," he said.

On his daughter's future, he cited a media report quoting a Maulvi as saying that rightly his daughter needed a "divorce" in order to start a "new life".

Pakistani players were even feted to a grand reception by the Siddiqui family in Hyderabad when the team toured Indian in 2005

Reacting to the news of the legal path that MD Siddiqui wants to take Shoaib's family dares Siddiqui to sue him.

Reacting to the charge, Shoaib's brother-in-law Imran said that Siddique was raking up a dead issue for cheap publicity.

"We have said it clearly in the past that Shoaib was never engaged to married to Ayesha. They were just friends and that friendship also broke off because of a problem," he said.

"But if Mr Siddique wants to dig up this issue again and sue Shoaib, he is most welcome to do so. In fact we would like to see him taking us to court on this issue," Imran said.

He also made it clear that as per Islamic laws, the girl's family should produce some evidence of Shoaib's 'Nikah' with her instead of making claims in the media.

He said the controversy would not affect Shoaib's planned wedding with Sania in Hyderabad in April.
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