Abhishek Awasthi Talks About His Fight With Ex-GF Rakhi Sawant on Zara Nachke Dikha-2

Abhishek Awasthi who started his career with Cinestars Ki Khoj 2004 and later became popular dating item girl Rakhi Sawant talks about his new reality dance show and his friendship with Rakhi Sawant.

How does it feel coming back on stage after Nach Baliye?
It feels great performing on such a big platform, especially in front of judges like Shilpa Shetty, Arshad Varsi and Vaibhavi Merchant.

Who is your favourite judge?
Undoubtedly Arshad Warsi because he talks sensibly and secondly because of my bias towards boys!

How tough is the competition?
The competition is tough because there are few very good dancers in the opposite team such as Sanjeeda, Rakhi, Rashmi and Sangeeta.

Who do you think is the backbone of your team?
It’s all about team work. I don't think there is one backbone of our team. We all have our strengths.

You are doing a daily soap too so how difficult is it to take out time for practice?
It’s really tough but we have to manage because if we want to survive in this industry, it's important to work hard and push your limits. Everyday I practice for two hours after my shoot.

How much do you contribute to your dance performances?
The choreographers are well experienced so it’s totally their call but yes I do give some suggestions and ideas sometimes.

Recently we saw you and Rakhi in an argument. How real was that?
Nothing is scripted in a reality show. Whatever we do is real. I never wanted to get into an argument with Rakhi but when I saw her blaming me indirectly for something that I wasn't responsible for, I could not stay quiet. I had to speak for my team and myself.

There was a rumour that Rakhi apologized to you and your mom. Was it just a publicity gimmick?
No one does such a thing on national TV for publicity; Rakhi has already attained a place in the industry and she does not need to resort to such tricks. What ever she did and said was real.

What kind of chemistry do you share with Rakhi now? Any plans to resume your relation.
We are just good friends and have no plans to be back together.

Do you think Rakhi had changed after Elesh’s episode?
Rakhi is just a friend and co-contestant so it hardly matters whether she has changed or not.

We have always seen your mom next to you, how attached are you to her?
My mom means a lot to me. She has always stood by me. I know it is all because of her love, support and blessings that I have achieved so much.

Any plans for marriage?
I am still looking for my Mrs Right. The day I find her, I’ll get married.

Do you think that the world around you has changed after success?
I have come across many changes; people now respect me, recognize me and above all love me so it really feels great. There is a famous saying that ‘Ugate suraj ko salam' (people respect only successful people).

What's next after Zara Nach ke Dikha?
Nothing as of now but I am hoping for some good opportunities to come my way.

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