Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor May be Cast Together in a Yash Raj Film

In Bollywood, producers and directors are always looking for a magical cast that will deliver a hit. Yash Raj Films and Aditya Chopra, having finally convinced Anil Kapoor and his daughter Sonam to work together in a film, achieved a casting coup which earlier Rakeysh Mehra failed to do in Delhi 6 .

Anil Kapoor With Daughter Sonam Kapoor

Anil Kapoor doesn’t deny the buzz. He says, “Aditya has narrated an idea for me and Sonam in a film together. And I really, really like it. In fact, this is the first time that I’ve liked something which has been offered to both of us.”

Refusing to divulge any more details, Anil says, “I can’t tell you if it’s the role of father-daughter. But I can tell you that ideally when I do a film with Sonam, I don’t want us to be cast in real-life roles.”

Anil further reveals that he came close to sharing screen space with Sonam recently. “I was supposed to do a role in Anees Bazmi’s Thank You which Sonam is doing. At that time, Katrina Kaif was supposed to do the part. Once Sonam stepped in, I opted out. I wanted our combination to be really special when it happened.”

There was another reason why Anil opted out of Thank You . Anil’s role was that of Akshay Kumar’s buddy who encourages him to be flirtatious. “All I will say is, it was a role I wouldn’t have been comfortable doing with Sonam in the picture,” says Anil.

At the moment Anil is gearing up for a couple of months of intense competition with his own daughter. “That’s right,” he chuckles. “My home production Aisha with Sonam will be released in August, at the same time that my series 24 will be aired in India. We’re promoting 24 like any big film. You could say it’s Sonam versus me.”

Anil adds that Aisha was not designed for Sonam. “It was an idea that Sonam and my younger daughter Rhea came up with. If I hadn’t liked it, I wouldn’t have produced it. In our production company, no film will be made to provide a chance to any of us. If I wanted to do that, I’d have produced a film for Sonam as a launch vehicle and not handed her over to Sanjay Leela Bhansali.”

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