Shashi Tharoor To Get Engaged To Sunanda Pushkar in Bangalore On June 27

Shashi Tharoor-Sunanda Pushkar plan engagement in Bangalore on June 27. Shashi will get formally engaged to Suananda Pushkar in the sprawling and luxurious Golden Palms Resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. This will be his third innings in married life. Shashi Tharoor was previously married to Tilottama Mukherji [Images] and then to Canadian citizen Christa Giles [Images]. He has twin boys from his first marriage with Tilottama [View pictures of Tharoor's children Ishaan and Kanishk].

Sources said that the engagement is to take place in the sprawling and luxurious Golden Palms Resort on the outskirts of Bangalore. The marriage is likely to take place later, probably around Onam - the harvest festival of Kerala.

The resort is owned by film maker Sanjay Khan who, according to local media reports, invited Tharoor and Suananda over.

The engagement is to take place on June 27, Sunday. Sources in the spa confirmed that the resort has been "fully booked" for June 26 and 27, but refused to comment on who had booked it or for what purpose.

According to media reports, it has been booked for the Tharoor engagement and that the list of guests would be handed over only on June 23-24. Sources also confirmed that nobody, apart from those on the guest list sent by Tharoor, would be allowed into the resort on the two days. "This is an internal affair," a source said tongue in cheek, obviously referring to the external affairs portfolio that Tharoor once held before the IPL storm over Suananda blew him off the seat in Delhi.

It was Sunanda Pushkar's 'sweat equity' that sent IPL 3 into a tailspin. Tharoor had to step down and Suananda had to give up her equity.

Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar are expected to arrive in the city a day or two before the engagement.

Every service at the Golden Palms including the security will be beefed up on that day, as Tharoor has invited a host of high-profile acquaintances from India and abroad. At least a dozen former cabinet colleagues are expected to attend the betrothal.

“We are yet to receive a confirmation about the engagement. Tharoor is now only a member of parliament. We are not expecting an advance intelligence warning or inputs on the event as we would in the case of a VIP. We, however, will be keenly watching over the developments as there will be a lot of VIPs coming down,” said a senior police officer.

Sunanda, who works as a director (sales) at Dubai-based real estate company, had been keeping Tharoor company for long. It was the IPL and her Rs 70 crore equity in Rendezvous Sports World, one of the owners of the Kochi franchise, that brought her to the fore.

Lalit Modi had tweeted that she had got the equity free.

Sources said that Tharoor would any day be getting a formal divorce from his second wife Christa Giles, a Canadian citizen who used to be a co-worker of Shashi Tharoor at the United Nations.

Sources also said that it was Sanjay Khan and his wife Zarine who invited Shashi and Sunanda to get engaged at the Golden Palms. Tharoor and Sunanda reportedly spent some time at the Golden Palms recently and loved the place.

But, ahead of his engagement with Sunanda on June 26 and 27, the former minister of state for external affairs is currently chilling out abroad. Tuesday was a day for a ferry ride from Victoria to Vancouver, with a discussion on his favourite topic — international relations. Although he is holidaying, preparations for his engagement are on in Bangalore.

Sunanda Pushkar belongs to a family from Bomai, 8 km from Sopore in the Kashmir Valley.

Pushkar's father, Lt Col (retd) P N Dass said that the family migrated to Jammu in 1990 after militants torched their home in the Valley. He said Pushkar's first husband was a Kashmiri man who worked for a hotel in Delhi. Following a divorce, Pushkar went to Dubai, where she married again. Her second husband died in an accident in Delhi, he said.

Pushkar, a graduate of Government College for Women, Srinagar, has two brothers, one of whom works for a bank; the other is in the Army. Her father retired from the Army in 1983.

Hailing from the Tharoor family in Palakkad, Kerala, Shashi Tharoor was born in London. His first wife was journalist wife, Tillotma and has twin sons, Ishaan and Kanishk. He later married Christa Giles, a Canadian, who worked with him in the UN. Now he is involved in a messy divorce with Giles. Source: India Syndicate

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