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Adnan Sami Talks About Being Accused By Wife Sabah Galadari of Abuse

A non-cognisable offence has been registered against singer Adnan Sami for allegedly harassing and abusing his wife Sabah Galadari at their residence in Lokhandwala in Mumbai, police said on Friday. Sabah, the daughter of a Dubai hotelier, is learnt to have registered a case at the Versova Police Station on Thursday night saying that Adnan hurt her with a cigarette butt. Sources said Adnan Sami filed a counter-complaint.

“Adnan’s wife approached the police on Thursday night and complained that her husband had harassed and abused her. A non-cognisable offence was registered against him, and she was advised to approach the court,” senior police inspector Kiran Sonone said.

Read on what Adnan has to say on the issue.

What was the reason for the fight?
Nothing, it was over my father who has come down. I just brought him here on Friday afternoon. I don’t know what’s wrong on the other front. I love her a lot. And, that’s why even after three years of separation, I married her again. However, it is her insecurity that has aggravated everything. I am emotionally screwed today and at a stage when after a lot of effort from the doctors, my father is able to come to my house. I only want to tell her that he is my father and not my mistress. So, if I give more attention to him, there is nothing to be worried about. I owe everything to him and I don’t think loving your parent is a crime.

Did the problem start because your son came to you after a long time?
Yes. It was an emotional moment for me when my son came. I don’t know why she threw a tantrum when she came to knew that Azaan is here. My wife was in Dubai that time around. However, the fact is that this is also her second marriage and she also has a son from her first marriage. But I never had a problem on the issue. It was only natural for me to think that she would welcome Azaan with open arms. But that was not the case. I am disappointed and hurt.

What’s the situation now?
I think she has made a mockery of herself in front of the police today. The cops asked her if I’ve hit her or hurt her anywhere. And, she said ‘no’. Then the cops asked where lies the issue. She made herself look like a fool, made me embarrassed and made the cops feel apologetic towards me.

How did the problem start?
My father was getting discharged, and I asked her to ask her friend to vacate the guest room as I needed the place for my parents. However, she had a major problem with my parents coming home. I can afford to keep them in any five star hotel, but Parampara bhi to koi cheez hoti hai. I owe them at least that much that when they come to Mumbai, they can stay in my house. She can show some respect towards them.

What had happened when Azaan had come over?
She was in Dubai when he came over. When I took Azaan to Dubai for the New Year, I had taken him to her house. She asked him to get out of the house. Even her servants behaved badly. One of them threatened that they will call the cops. I left the house and stayed with my son. I told my son not to be scared.

Do you think your marriage is on the rocks after this incident?
She feels insecure. But after the remarriage, I thought that she’ll know what I am and what has in store for her. I didn’t know that she’ll have a problem with the attention that I get. She has to understand that I am a public figure now. The problem is in a different zone right now. I can say that you mess with my family and with me. I love her, and will always love her.

So, there is no tension now?
There is tension. She is still at home. And, what she is saying is really humiliating.

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