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Kajol Features On The Cover of Men's Magazine M (January 2009 Issue)

After Priyanka and Tabu, it's now Kajol's turn to be featured on the cover of M, a lifestyle and luxury magazine for men.

Bringing it forward

Says a source, "Normally, the magazine features one big actress a year on their cover. They feature strong, independent, successful actresses. While they shot with Tabu last year; for the February 2009 issue they shot with Kajol. They loved her picture so much that they decided to use it and the interview for the January issue instead. Kajol, too, was also very accommodating during the shoot. Though she is known to be difficult, when she was shooting the lights went off but she did not complain."

Kajol adds, "It was great fun to shoot and to see how far you can go. It's great working with Jatin Kampani. I think he can make anybody look good, even me."

On the wishlist

Pranav Capila, executive editor, M, "Why wouldn't a men's magazine want Kajol on its cover? She's certainly been on our wish list for a while. She's one of our most talented actors; she's intelligent and independent-thinking and isn't afraid to show it; she knows her mind and through her life choices has proved that she isn't a slave to celebrity — she can take it or leave it. And of course, she's a knockout! We believe that's exactly the sort of woman our reader wants to see on our cover — someone who isn't just window-dressing to sell the magazine"

Classy yet modern

Capila adds, "I think Kajol's feature turned out great. Visually, we wanted to present Kajol as both classic and contemporary and Jatin Kampani's photos delivered that feel."

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